Thursday, 1st February


Creating an effective environment for health and wellness


It’s very easy to find yourself fighting food cravings and binges when your environment doesn’t support your goals.

Studies show that will power is not something you have in abundance and certainly not something you can muster up at will.

Just like in a car, the petrol tank is full in the morning and slowly over the course of the day, the amount goes down and down, the more you drive, until you fill up again. Will power is therefore very high first thing in the morning and then goes down and down throughout the day.

By late afternoon, when your body is feeling tired and possibly emotional after a hectic day, will power is in low supply.

It’s therefore imperative that you work with this knowledge. Instead of fighting your own instincts, and trying to muster up the willpower, simply make the environment work for you.

NEVER keep junk food in the house for instance. It’s very hard to eat a bag of crisps at 11pm after a few wines, if they are not in the house. It’s also very hard to drink the wine if you don’t have it readily in the wine rack.

ALWAYS keep healthy snacks in the house. Yoghurts, seeds, nuts and fruit are excellent quick snacks that will tide you over during moments of cravings.

ALWAYS keep healthy snacks on you too. A few pieces of fruit or nuts and seeds are great if you have a tendency of grabbing chocolate and crisps in the petrol station on the way home.

These types of junk foods and drinks are lovely as a treat, but you have to create the environment which will help you keep them as a treat. Consider having one or two nights a week when you can have these as a treat, shopping for them on that particular day and then throwing away any leftovers.

Enjoy your day,

Thursday, 31st January

We realise there are a lot of you feeling unwell through the huge number of colds, viruses, flus around. It is the nastiest winter for some years, and we sincerely hope you get well soon.

A positive that has come out from it is that A LOT of you have shown an increased dedication to your food, and boosting your immune system.

Bottom line is that if you don’t feed yourself well, and eat more junk most days than you need, your immune system WILL be weaker that’s for sure.

Eat as many fresh foods as you can THROUGHOUT the year, and you will be stronger to fight off these terribly germs.

Nobody is totally immune of course, but doing the best you can for yourself and your family is something YOU MUST do to protect yourself AND those closest to you.

One thing’s for sure, when you are unwell, the whole world looks a whole lot bleaker, and we want your lives to come back to normal as soon as possible.

Any help you need, please let us know as your health is our absolute priority. YOU ARE what you eat, never forget that

Tuesday, January 30th

Love your energy and stay in your zone.

It’s much easier to stay where you are if you have had some success already, and keep your momentum going, so much easier to keep going remember that.

The hardest point is the stop starting that some of you go through, that is the real hardship and once you stop this vicious cycle, simply by carrying on and showing up regular, then you will get a lot of tension and frustration OUT of your life.

We can ALL have a nice cup of coffee all day and bitch about what’s wrong with the world, how the cards “haven’t fallen our way”, and how we never get opportunities. You will find that misery loves company, and you will always have plenty of takes to talk negatively about life.

If you want to stay in this zone of no hope, then that’s a choice. Plenty of you have been in last hope saloon, and battled through that and become a champion.

I can tell you until I’m blue in the face to keep going, but deep down you know this. You know that astounding feeling that exercise gives you, and you may wonder how some of you become “stop starters” in the first place.

Have a moment of truth, skip back to that time when exercise made you feel alive again, and the great things it brought you in life.

Everything in life suddenly looks rosier when you exercise and eat right. Don’t rely on anyone else, take real responsibility for your actions and don’t blame “circumstances” because lots of us may have unfortunate things happen in life, its our reaction to those blows that defines your character don’t forget.

I see people taking endless opportunities daily, and others who make up stories on why not to take them.

Which one are you?