Tuesday, 28th November

Resilience is the word invented for end of November and into December training. If you are in a normal office/work/social setting, you won’t get many still pushing themselves hard with around 3 weeks left to Christmas.

My guess though is that if you are still training, you think independently and you are your own person.

Christmas is coming but you know how important being healthy is during this time. A lot of people may rely on you, your kids, other family members and work colleagues. You may have a lot to people to answer to but you know you can offer them so much more when you are fit and healthy.

You know you get your “mind right” when you are lifting in the gym, and once those sessions are done then everything else in your world seems to fall into place. You may be in your 50’s but exercise is the real secret to you keeping your ambition and standards so high in life.

You develop resilience by fighting through moments of doubt and indecision, and have the guts and determination to still eat well and fight through your workouts throughout those times of doubt, knowing better times will come as long as you keep going.

You have learned that exercise is your sanctuary, when you have quiet time, gather your thoughts, have time away from the pressures of life, then re-charge and come back fighting at 100 miles an hour. You have learned that even electronic devices operate poorly on low power, so re-charging has been a daily need for you.

You may have thought about quitting many times, many may have questioned your sanity hitting the gym this time of year, but you have too much evidence, too strong results to show that your life would never be so positive if you didn’t exercise.

Developing resilience means you are made of sterner stuff. It means you don’t listen to conventional thinking, you are definitely not one who follows the crowd no matter what.

This is the time of you to show exactly what you are made of.

Monday, 27th November

Stronger bodies happen when you lift more.

Stronger minds happen when you do something that scares you and often. Some of you getting to the gym may be the scary part.

When you’re in a dark place, getting out of it is hard, seemingly impossible.

You need to see the gym as your “church” though, the place you go to cleanse your mind of the bad stuff, the bad bits that go through your mind all the time.

The gym has a cleansing effect because for a small amount of time, you need to concentrate on other things that demand your immediate attention.

Everyone lives with a certain amount of baggage of some kind and how we deal with it is of paramount importance. Leave it build up inside of you and the all the bad stuff builds up, until it becomes hard or impossible to move.

Training gives it a nudge, smashing your training sessions so they are tough gives it an almighty kick that for a time blasts it out of your system.

This is when regular training sessions, done with a good intensity will eventually clear your mind, making you dominate your situation instead of the bad situation dominating you.

There is a time for aggression in life and it’s very much appropriate in the gym with a load of iron underneath you. Working out hard regains your focus in life that you may have lost, working out regularly gets you back in control of a situation that threatened to take over all your thoughts.

Make training your church, and visit it 3 times a week to make you feel better than you have done in a long time.