Friday, April 12th

The finishing line you imagine in your mind where special things are is usually just beyond the point you really want to give up. Your mind will play tricks with you just as you’re about to achieve something special.

Your own “finish line” is getting into great physical condition you can be proud of, it’s getting the job of your dreams, it’s starting the business you always had as a hobby but you knew you could do incredible things, it could be you as a grandmother developing so much energy now that it’s no problem to have days of incredible action and it’s no problem keeping up with your grandkids anymore.

Whatever it is, it means an awful lot to you, and you need to keep going despite your frequently doubting yourself, and have maybe friends who hold you back.

That point where your negative friend advises you to stop coming, what’s the point anymore they say? First of all, look at the person who gives you that advice, and that will tell you everything you need to know.

The person who advises you to stop going for your goals, those special moments in your life that you deeply desire, is no real friend and is only a reflection of their inability to stick to anything and achieve anything memorable with their own lives.

To pass the finishing line, to achieve your own personal Everest takes cool thinking in times of most pressure, and it means leaving all the negative people behind once and for all. The closer you get to achieving great things, the stronger your mind needs to be.

You need to pause sometimes, breathe and take in how far you have come, how much you have achieved in a short period of time, and how the process of just showing up all the time contributes so heavily to the success you now have in your life.

The greatest times of your life are waiting, all it means though is pushing through the times when you think you can’t do it. That resolve will prove you do have mental toughness after all, and once you have that, then absolutely anything becomes possible.

Thursday, 11th April

Big dreams happen in empty gyms, they happen in early mornings and late nights when NOBODY is watching, they did for me when I first took over the gym. 

It’s pretty lonely when there’s not many people coming in, and you’re not exactly flavour of the month. My father was suffering from dementia and declining fast and I was left to pick up some pieces, to change people’s minds and get the gym going properly again.

It’s hard to think positive when you’re not bringing in hardly any money, and nobody much has heard of the gym, and those who have have a set opinion of it that was hard to shake. Developing tough skin was something I had to learn all over again.

That was 9 years ago and it’s well-documented how far we have come since then, it frequently blows my mind. It didn’t matter how many years I did personal training with a flat out schedule 7 days a week before that or how well that was going. It would have been MUCH easier to stick in that world, but I knew there was deep work to do that could impact a much wider range of people. My calling was waiting, I knew it.

This was another project, bigger than I thought it would ever be, but the more I got into it, the more potential again I saw.

Burry Port is the ultimate “tell you like it is” type of place! You won’t fool anyone in burry port, this is no place for “cowboys”, and that’s what we love about it.

To change things in your life, you need sacrifice, self-honesty of your situation, be prepared to get stuck in, and be prepared to do all the “little stuff” that makes a big difference over time to people’s lives. The little stuff is what provides the real magic for people, care for everyone at the gym and they reward you with incredible progress.

To start something great in your life you need to do the right things with no fanfare and don’t expect much feedback to start with. 

If you really want something bad enough, you won’t have any problem getting up at 5am every morning to do unseen work that nobody sees, and do it until it works, not a few mornings, YEARS of mornings until you do it naturally.

You won’t have any issue with putting unseen work in on your body to make sure you have huge unstoppable energy levels that can make you achieve any project/dream in your life.

You are either a “sticker” or a “potcher”. Stick with your training, stick with eating right and stick hanging out with the right positive people in your life.

Up to you how much magic you want to create in your life. Life is waiting for you to shake it up and make way for your very own huge impact.

Tuesday, April 9th

There’s a magic moment you get as a trainer when the very first person agrees/wants to train with you. They don’t usually believe in you 100%, but they are willing to give you a chance.
Speaking as a trainer, I would be very nervous, but looking back on it, the person you are training is too because they are taking a chance too.
They may have had a negative experience in the past getting fit or simply not known how to go about it, so on top of everything else, you need to be at your best to convince this new person that you are any good, and you can deliver a different and positive outcome.
You give them everything, you hope they sort of enjoy it, and you lay down foundations for them that you know you must do. Some of the stuff may not be pretty, but unless you do things right every time, their weaknesses in their back for example will never get fixed.
You hope they come back, and the first time they smile is a big relief.
So after all of those many individuals later I have trained, and many years later, I still get this excited feeling when the new member decides to give me us the opportunity again.
My nerves are nowhere near as bad, but I still love those magic moments when a new member is buying into what you do. EVERYTHING has to go into them, not just first time but EVERY time, and never take anything for granted.
The feeling that someone wants to keep coming back to train with us is hugely rewarding, and as a trainer constantly motivates me and the gym to become better.
We are building a team of high quality trainers at the gym, and I know they absolutely share these values.
When someone wants to train with you and trust you with their health, it always feels incredible but you have to repay that trust by giving them everything every single session, and keep over-delivering for them no matter what.

Sunday, 7th April

The “old you” is not possible, because life will change you.

Lots of you have stared down huge difficulties in your life in the past, and maybe now too. You needed people to believe in you at your lowest point, and thats what you have with us at the gym, we believe in you and we believe you can overcome anything.

There were times of darkness, but now you have smashed through those dark times and brought fresh new light into your life, encouraging you to take MORE action and developing more self-esteem, to get back to where you think your former self was.

The reality is though we can never get back to our former self, because experiences change us so much that we HAVE to become new people developing new skills and new levels of resilience, often becoming better versions of the way we used to be.

Life will often attack us from all angles, and it’s how we respond to adversity that ultimately makes the big difference, and results in us being changed as individuals forever.

You do have chances to succeed, no matter your challenge no matter how overwhelming your difficulty.

Stay in the game, keep fighting.

Wade through the thick mud and find your way forward. You WILL finally see light and you CAN get there.

We all get huge challenges, testing times that seem that they go on forever, but those times will eventually break, and when they do, we realise that sticking it out made us stronger after all.

Embrace the new person you have become through the strength you now have, and how that new person thinks better, bigger and lives a higher quality of life.