Wednesday, 26th September

Here’s a big word we all share at our gym.


I am truly honoured to share the gym with so many outstanding and giving individuals. Our place couldn’t survive without all of your respect for each other.

Putting the weights back after you is respect so the next person can find them and nobody can trip over them.

Respect is saying to the next person, do you want to share the bench? Do you want to work in between me?

Respect is leaving the place clean after you. Nikki does an incredible job, wizardry in my view how it always looks so great, respect her incredible work and we all get to experience a super clean and shiny gym.

Respect is sharing our vision. We have been in perpetual re-investment that last few years, and treating all the new stuff with respect so they keep working super-well and last a lot longer.

Respect is doing your best at the gym. Don’t show up half-hearted, you have it within you to do incredible things. Also, respect is doing you best with your food. Eating rubbish means you have a lack of respect for YOURSELF. Don’t be selfish with your health, I’m guessing a lot of people are relying on you in life so don’t leave them down and don’t leave yourself down.

Respect is a two way street, from monday to friday I’m in continual busy my ass mode, and I expect the same from you.

Respect makes you a better person, a person who can lift others around up when you most need it.

We are all counting on each other to be great when we are each other’s company and we all must support each other. Anyone who doesn’t reach these standards doesn’t belong in our tight family of deep respect. You will know that by now loud and clear.

When those standards drop, then all our standards drop. Our vibe is always super positive, and to keep it so high respect must always run through us deeply.

A big thank you to all you special people changing your life daily and just as importantly, others’ lives too.

Wednesday, 19th September

Every single one of you tells me that sometimes, you didn’t feel like coming down. BUT afterwards, you ALWAYS feel a lot better.

When you want something BADLY enough, you will get it if you are willing to put the work into getting it.

If you are prepared to make sacrifices for your health, then you will make the time for the gym full stop and please no excuses on this one.

We have made enormous investments in the gym over the last few years, but what matters to me DEEPLY is your results, your state of mind change and you feeling good about yourself-this is what matters end of story.

You can tell yourself endless stories why you haven’t made it this week or last week, but it all comes down to how deeply you want your health and mind to feel good.

Can we try something? All the new machines at the gym can give you HECK OF A SWEAT in just FIVE minutes?

Can you just try that? and then walk out if you want.

How’s that for a deal. That 5 minutes will affect your brain chemistry, and is guaranteed to make you feel MUCH better, and it may even put a big smile on your face.

Great transformations, great stories of courage and achievement start with the smallest of efforts in the RIGHT direction.

That’s my challenge to you, don’t give up on yourself and I sincerely want you in our incredibly inspirational environment.

Challenge on, or have you given up on yourself? If so, even more reason to make time for a session at the gym. Your life, your decisions, your happiness.