Friday 28th June

Mindset is all important all year round, but there are moments when circumstances will test us.

Moments arrive in our lives when our commitment to exercise is severely tested, and how much being active is engrained in us or not.

The reality is that there is no substitute for time served in the gym. There are no limits and the only limits are the ones that are self-imposed.

There’s not a moment I don’t think I can better as the years go by. We should all have barometers on our progress.

Mine are usually I can still run up the steepest hills at the weekend, if I can still throw the same kind of weights around anymore.

As any coach would know, you don’t get the same kind of ample training opportunities when you are training everyone else.

So yesterday I saw jeremy jenkins and the boys bench pressing. For a large time in my life I used to do 8 reps with 100kg, now I know I’m a long way off that. I now will make it a crusade to get up to 100kg for one rep. It may take some time, but I’m going to get there.

This is the VALUE of being in an ASPIRATIONAL and POSITIVE culture every day. You just want to do more because you see others out-performing you in a positive way, and you remember what you are actually capable of.

One lady told me this week that she’s trying to flip tyres, and feeling a little weak, UNTIL she saw Kay Owen throwing tyres around next to her in her 80th year and that soon sorted her mind out to do more!

I want this culture, it helps me and it should help you.

I want you to be your best and our atmosphere should and will help you.

It’s a tough day in the sun but my long road back on the bench press starts later!!

Let’s dream big in any weather and any circumstance!!

Tuesday, 25th June

Your mood has to have the strongest link between what you eat and drink.

Everyone I have spoken to about it struggles massively with their mood, feeling down, being low in energy when they don’t exercise or don’t eat good quality food full of nutrients.

I know lots of you reading this will agree with me because you have admitted it yourself.

The spark to always get you out of that rut is exercise. When you exercise, you want to sip for fresh food, stuff that will actually do you good.

You don’t want to blow all that effort in the gym but putting rubbish back into your body.

Your mood will have a HEAVY and often dramatic influence on your life.

When you are in a good mood, everything seems to be on the table, all possibilities can be achieved and you will have a go at anything.

When the dark mood (or “black mood” some of you call it), then you can’t be bothered to do anything. The word “really”? comes up as a standard answer and you can often turn into a bratty teenager in a temper tantrum.

The danger of this is that these black moods can turn into a permanent spell of life being seen as one big chore, rather than the absolute gift it is.

Pills don’t often sort this out, nobody wants to be on uppers and downers all their lives, but I do know that moving more helps, getting out in fresh air helps, exercising with real purpose REALLY helps, and nourishing your body with good food daily really acts as powerful MEDICINE.

Your moods dictate everything, get yourself prepared daily by testing your body, then reaping the enormous benefits of feeling so much better through exercise and eating right.

Monday, 24th June

You know you’re on top of your game when things become easier, you start to crave the hard work in the gym, and the feeling you get afterwards is incredible. It’s about personal pride and you better be showing it when you pull on our red t-shirt.

You know you haven’t been training much when weights you did before no problem are suddenly a big struggle.

You get stiff from workouts you previously got through with ease.

If you are missing workouts, then you are never going to be on top of your training.

If 3 workouts aren’t going in every week, then your gym life will be one of struggle and one of constantly struggling to keep up.

When you miss workouts, when the settee becomes more of your friend than a workout, you’re on a slippery slope.

Talking yourself into missing workouts after work can become a bad habit. You know you SHOULD exercise, you feel better after it yet you let yourself be talked into saying “one more workout missed won’t mean anything”.

Your standards tell you everything about your progress.

You either keep your standards very high and show up, or you cheat yourself out of the high energy future you really should have.

When you put our red t-shirt on, we expect big things out of you in all ways. You need to be working hard, you need to show respect to everyone, you need to be reaching new heights regularly and most of all you should be showing a great deal of pride in all you do.

The rest of your week starts here, set the bar where your standards are and never drop under them. The rest will take of itself.

Thursday, June 20th

Everyone thinks they will live forever. We all think we have all the time in the world, until you get older and realise time may be shorter than we think.

We never realise we have a deadline until something happens to make us do things in double quick time. Urgency only often happens when trouble hits and we have to get ourselves out of a situation.

Being timid is a trait we all have. “Playing it safe”, “see what happens”, take our time” are phrases we all use, until we realise our opportunities have often come and gone, and we moan we should have done this, could have done that and we would have done it after all “if this had happened”.

Timidity is often a smokescreen for making excuses-time after time.

The realisation we haven’t got all the time in the world must come at you like a lightning bolt right now.

Think of the legacy you will leave.

Are you going to be the one who went for it every time? Or the one that is always “timid”, thinks they have all the time in the world and always puts off doing things you know that will change your life for the better?

Going for it, finding a way and taking action everyday is a valuable habit to develop, and a life-changer.

I urge you to be frustrated by your lack of action if that is the case. I urge you to be fed up with not achieving what you really know you can.

Get angry, channel that aggression into the weights, absorb the new found energy and drive that will give you back and be the person that never feels timid ever again.

Being timid is a waste of a life, we all have a certain amount of time left, once you realise that you will never waste another day.

Find the courage to show your true talents, and be ready to have a good go at everything everyday, you have NOTHING to lose, and EVERYTHING to gain.