Wednesday, 7th February

“I hurt but I’m not being beat today” are powerful words to live by. One of my messages I received today off someone with a lifelong serious, very painful every day condition. I am proud of her although I won’t mention her name to a soul.

She is one of my heroes of the day.

Most of you have got all sorts of stuff going on privately in your life, and we salute your courage, understanding and toughness to get through such testing and often back breaking emotional situations.

We love you coming in the gym each day, it’s sincerely appreciated.

We have many messages on a daily basis, and I encourage more of you to share your ways of how you overcome adversity, because the more we learn, the better we understand and the more you keep rising to new levels of achievement, often against the odds.

Take one day at a time, chances tomorrow will be even better if you tell yourself that your daily rituals will become better.

Eating better breakfasts, drinking more water and hanging out with more positive people could transform you on its own.

Get energy in your body, get positivity in your soul and the world is your oyster. Simple habits done daily can set you up for a great future, no matter what pain is overshadowing your life right now.

Do your best every day, it will become like a snowball running down the hill. First though, you must start, and make tomorrow the beginning of something wonderful in your life. Get up earlier, get your mind right and see how far powerful actions will take you.

Wednesday, 7th February

Don’t become the “one day” I will do it person. One day you will get fit, one day you will eat well, one day you will get that job, one day you will start that business, one day you will “eventually” get it done.

Time is running out for all of us, with each passing day, we all have less left.

But if you exercise most days, our remaining days can increase a little more, and we can live them with increased ambition, leading to us doing more with the fragile time we have left.

If we eat healthier, we hopefully can increase the number of days left and avoid as many illnesses as we can.

All of us understand we are not perfect, and disease proof, but it IS our responsibility to DO OUR BEST to be healthy, not only for ourself but for those closest to yes too, they DEEPLY want to see us well, and also we are able to help them as much as possible too.

The one day is finally here for you and the clock is ticking. Time is ticking and it gives you yet another opportunity to do great things. Please seize the moment now.

The greatest shame and waste is leaving your opportunities pass you by until time makes you realise it’s too late.

Saturday, 3rd February

We all get caught up in thinking about things, that eventually bother us.
The hardest step is to start “letting go” of things. If we don’t, they OWN us.
How many of you have a manager in work who causes stress in your life often?
How many of you have someone in your social circle who quietly snipes at you, sometimes without anyone noticing, often making you feel guilty or miserable for doing good things?
How many of you are angered by others, and you think that revenge is the only answer to make you feel better and “get back” at those who have wronged you?
Letting go works big time because if you decide not to OWN the insults or jealousy or bitterness thrown at you, then the person GIVING it in fact owns it and has to live with consequences.
Living with that inside is horrible and can have serious effects on your health, so let it go and allow someone else to have those awful emotions that can crush you inside.
The manager at work is a bad manager if they stress you out often. They get less out of you, they are often bad managers to others and your organisation is suffering majorly and if they have enough bad managers, the whole organisation will be destroyed in no time.
This manager has probably deep unhappiness running through their lives both at work and most likely at home where it starts. They have resentment to most things in life, and it’s a matter of time before they are moved or forced to quit.
Show you are better to everyone at work, show your true talents because they will always shine through even when you think nobody is looking. You are the one your employer, or your future employer will really count on in the future and eventually be rewarded, even if it seems remote at times right now.
Tough situations shape our character for the future, and although it may not seem like that now, you are already creating massive resilience within you that will help make you outstanding at whatever you do in the future.
Here’s a saying on revenge. “If you seek revenge, then you had better dig two graves, one for the person you want to hurt badly and one for you”.
Revenge stays with you and your actions will only bring you down. Stay away from those who bother you so deeply. Their actions eventually bury them to a place they are unable to return from emotionally, and you should never envy that.
Look at people who are intent on delivering hurt to people’s lives on a consistent basis. Do you really want to be like them? They are usually universally disliked and ridiculed often. Leave them own their gifts of unhappiness, guilt, negativity and misery.
The moment you let things go is the moment you set yourself free from everything bad because it won’t affect you anymore.

Friday, February 2nd

Whatever religious or non-religious persuasion you have, you must develop or have faith in what you do, and what you WANT to achieve.

There comes a point in life when we hope one special thing will happen, but we can’t just “hope” for good things to come into our lives, because that magic thing never usually comes.

We must be prepared to keep our end of the bargain, we must do the work, and it’s only then that our faith can pay off, often in a big way.

Faith, self-belief, trust in our actions must be with you every day.

I was driving home in the heavy rain tonight, and that funny orangey looking moon was right there, and it looked inspirational in the murkiness of a cold dark wet Thursday night. This showed to me that there is goodness even in the darkest of situations.

We shouldn’t let the rain ever affect us, because it’s going to bad most days in the winter, and we need to protect our brains from the negativity that can poison us if we let it.

To get a bulletproof attitude and mindset, you need to practice it, you need to keep your faith every day that great things will indeed happen IF you keep the deal you made your own personal handshake on.

Don’t put a time limit on it, because you need to get your brain conditioned first and it takes time. Good thoughts come with day in day out practice, and you know by now how vital your environment is in shaping what you think, and indeed what you do and achieve.

Trust in yourself, keep the faith strong within yourself no matter how many times it’s tested, and every time you stay the course no matter how bad your day is, you become much tougher and more resilient with each passing day.

One day at a time is a great strategy.

Thursday, 1st February


Creating an effective environment for health and wellness


It’s very easy to find yourself fighting food cravings and binges when your environment doesn’t support your goals.

Studies show that will power is not something you have in abundance and certainly not something you can muster up at will.

Just like in a car, the petrol tank is full in the morning and slowly over the course of the day, the amount goes down and down, the more you drive, until you fill up again. Will power is therefore very high first thing in the morning and then goes down and down throughout the day.

By late afternoon, when your body is feeling tired and possibly emotional after a hectic day, will power is in low supply.

It’s therefore imperative that you work with this knowledge. Instead of fighting your own instincts, and trying to muster up the willpower, simply make the environment work for you.

NEVER keep junk food in the house for instance. It’s very hard to eat a bag of crisps at 11pm after a few wines, if they are not in the house. It’s also very hard to drink the wine if you don’t have it readily in the wine rack.

ALWAYS keep healthy snacks in the house. Yoghurts, seeds, nuts and fruit are excellent quick snacks that will tide you over during moments of cravings.

ALWAYS keep healthy snacks on you too. A few pieces of fruit or nuts and seeds are great if you have a tendency of grabbing chocolate and crisps in the petrol station on the way home.

These types of junk foods and drinks are lovely as a treat, but you have to create the environment which will help you keep them as a treat. Consider having one or two nights a week when you can have these as a treat, shopping for them on that particular day and then throwing away any leftovers.

Enjoy your day,