Friday, June 1st

If you are a salesperson, and you fail to get sales times after time, then you tend to lose faith in yourself, and tend to stop even attempting to make sales, your confidence goes, you wonder if there’s even a point, and its very likely you will never try selling again as its “not for you”.

So you hit the gym, you are super enthusiastic and hopeful. You make progress but for one reason or another, you struggle to make sessions, and it soon becomes easier “not to come”.

Every time you try to make the gym, you get sidetracked. The next time you try gets harder to get your kit on, the time after you may drive down to us and it becomes a major test even to talk through the door, several of you have been known to turn around.

You stop trying, you give up on yourself and you may hate it anytime fitness is mentioned on TV. You have lost your motivation, and you are in a deep rut. The gym is “not for you”.

I see this many times. That salesperson if they tried a different and more relentless approach, they could have won their days. I was terrible, awful at sales, until I lived with purpose and believed 2000% in what I was doing and offering people.

Those of you stuck in a rut, you need a different approach, something that will actually work.

Reach out to those close to you telling them it upsets you being unfit and unhealthy. You feel down, and you need to get out of it. You need positive people around you, to lift you of the thick fog that you cannot see out of.

Make your appointments at the gym HAPPEN. Like I say, your health is much more important than anything else, SCHEDULE it in, you need it 3 times a week for 30 mins to start.

I want to be ringing the bell for you when you come next. I want to see the pride on your face when you have climbed out of the emotional hole you may be in right now. I WANT to see the face on you when your kids tell you that you have inspired them and you are beaming with pride.

I want to see you running 200 miles an hour at the life you really dreamed of, and enjoying every pulsating moment.

What are you waiting for!!!

Thursday, May 31st

Getting you to make the connection between exercising/eating well and feeling better is one of my main mighty tasks. I know deep down when people get it, and results are usually a key indicator.

But results over longer timeframes matter more. You can exercise for one month, get some results but if you crack on your eating, and pledge privately to “beat the system”, then cracks in your results start to happen.

Then you start blaming yourself, you “aren’t good enough” to exercise, exercise “is not for you”, and so on, when the heart of the matter is always you need to KNUCKLE down and eat healthily and make a true lifestyle change.

For example, if you aren’t prepared to get white bread out of your diet, then you are always going to be swimming in quicksand in terms of progress.

If you are yet to discover 100% that exercising has. a direct effect on your mind AND body in a hugely positive way, then it had better hit home soon.

It will make the difference between MAKING WORKOUTS and finding excuses TO make them, rather than inventing or accepting reasons why you can’t.

Telling those closest to you how vital your workouts are to you is a massive start, and a key component.

Telling those close to you that you don’t need white bread etc in your house and them accepting would be a massive help.

Talk to the close to you, don’t fight it, those who love you will truly support you.

Get your mind connection right with exercise and food, and your results will last for life and often be incredible.

Wednesday, May 30th

Here’s a VITAL MUST READ post that WILL impact your day and thoughts right now.

EVERYONE who has achieved success with us has worked hard. They have got through tough sessions they thought they couldn’t, they have FITTED in sessions even when they thought they didn’t have time.

They have not only battled their bodies, but sometimes had even bigger battles with their minds. We salute them and their incredible stories.

For those of you who haven’t long started, and work, family life or whatever time related activity is getting in the way, the easy temptation is to quit and say “I will be back” when things get “easier”.

I don’t really believe things will get easier at all because life is TOUGH. But here’s the thing I want to tell you!!!!!!!!!

If you say “I will be back”, then often it will NEVER happen because your momentum is GONE unfortunately. All that courage you had to start with will have to be plucked up again. It can be an agonising process.

We have MANY of you who quit, then couldn’t get your courage to start back until TWO YEARS later, and then you tell me you are so gutted you let TWO YEARS pass!!!

You imagine HOW GREAT you would now look and feel IF you had kept it up. If you stand on that cliff edge, then you MUST PULL BACK and start to realise that you can be INCREDIBLE.

We al have 168 hours in the week, get to bed earlier, get up earlier and pack more in your days EARLIER in the days when you have ZERO distractions.

I want you to make the most out of EVERY DAY, have incredible weeks and months, and for you to NEVER REGRET one more day, one more month and definitely not TWO LONG YEARS or MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Message me or even better, get your behind to the gym for the ultimate inspirational medicine!!!!!!

Tuesday, 29th May

Mastering a few basics will give you the true “secret” to the success you really want. Instead of trying to do ten things at once, and not doing ANY of them particularly well, just concentrate on doing a few things well, that undoubtedly will give you great success.

Drinking more water every day doesn’t sound that hard, but how many of you forget to do exactly that? Which leads to tiredness, irritability and mediocre performance? Mastering this habit is huge part of your success, do it until it becomes second nature.

Are you showing up to the gym 3 times a week? Or are you once a week one week, then 3 times the next, then we don’t see you for 2 weeks? If that is you, MASTERING showing up 3 times without fail will transform your body and mind. Do it so often that it becomes second nature.

When you go shopping for food, do you put mostly nutritious food in there, or is half your trolley rubbish like white bread, sugary or “diet” drinks, ready meals, processed hams or lots of full fat cheese? 

You need to make your choice, that “rubbish process half” will get eaten, don’t pretend it won’t. Your shopping trolley needs to be mostly GOOD food that will nourish your body and not make you feel like crap. 

Again try mastering this habit until it becomes second nature.

Don’t look for gimmicks and fads, and trying to do ten things at once. 

Concentrate on getting a few VITAL things right or your progress falls flat on its face. You will only be able to master a few things, but that would mean you become ultra successful at what you do.