Monday, September 12th

Don’t ever be tempted to stop reading positive messages every day.

Don’t be tempted to believe that of this somehow won’t work for you.

Your fears are NOT real, they are just emotions you can and will master.

Don’t believe what we teach is somehow only for “a chosen few”, those who have money and the time to implement it. This is for ALL of you. Never has there been a place with such equal real life opportunities and zero favouritism. Let’s hit it hard every day.

Your mighty vision of what you always wanted to be will release the talent within you to achieve it. You must first have ambition though, and be prepared to work hard for it.

If you fully commit today to being better, then my guess is that in 6 months time, you will have wished you started earlier.

This monday, make your commitment to being better and achieving even greater things your priority. Commit right now to the habits that will transform you and literally change your life.

Friday, 10th June

Your magic starts happening when you start to DO, to BE and you do things CONSISTENTLY.

All the talking in the world will never make up for this. If you want to see talkers, just look around you in any pub, cafe, college, workplace, just about anywhere where people are sitting around often for hours just “talking” about things, how things “should be”, and if they had such “luck” or “different circumstances” they would be successful too.

The less time you spend talking and the more time you spend doing, will directly affect your success rate, your possibilities in your life will suddenly go up, your positivity will go up because you are not dragged down by others negativity, and you will suddenly WANT to become someone who DOES because you will that you CAN become successful with consistent action.

Getting the magic going in the first place can be the hardest part. Getting someone to move in right direction is hard, but getting someone to take the first step can be monumental.

Once you do it though, it will become like a runaway snowball, one good thing will build on the next good thing, then the next positive thing, and all of these will build on each other to become something of value, something big that has momentum behind it, and will become soon a habit of yours that you won’t want to stop.

The snowball will become an avalanche.

We talked about best practices the other day, the habits you need to practice every day to become better. That hour you need at the start of the day to get your mind right, to get active straight away and plan your day with positivity.

Planning your meals, hanging around with positive people and influences, and scheduling in all of these things including a great workout in the evening if you missed it first thing.

Good days can happen through intention, if you get used to planning more, scheduling good habits into your life and the company you keep on a daily basis becomes very positive, with many people encouraging you when you tell others of your new positive plans.

To become more, you have to do more on a daily basis, and don’t stop until you reach where you want to go.