Thursday, 5th July

Your day is dictated by every hour of the day.

Getting up late is a bad start, and makes you in a rush for the rest of the day, AND makes you irritable!

Miss breakfast or eat a sugary breakfast and you have a huge spike in energy upward, then the most depressing low.

Start off with sugar, and your body will crave sugar, and a lot of coffee usually too.

Get into work and if you rely on buying food at work, then its unlikely you will ever get in shape. Prepare better food the night before, and you will be ready to feed yourself properly.

The company you keep or listen to during your day will make or break your day.

Lots of you are being told right now “why go to the gym!!! It’s too warm!!!!” Truth is that you are only showing them up, and their lifestyle choices are being exposed.

You won’t get ONE person who is fit and healthy and happy with their life telling you not to go to the gym, that’s a fact.

If you skip the gym on your way home, you won’t sleep as well, your irritability won’t be worked out and you will likely not feel at peace at home. Not working out is known to rise anxiety levels without you even realising it.

All I know and seen over the years makes me say that relationships work better when both partners exercise. Your love life tends to work far better when you exercise, and exercise affects everything positively at home.

These are the facts, make your choices on where you want to be and how you want your life to turn out.

Thursday, 5th July

Let’s take off the gloves, and if it hurts some people, I apologise, but it really needs to hit home. If I don’t say this then I am cheating you, and lying to you about the truly incredible future you can have if you can JUST take some more action.

This is ONLY BECAUSE of the success so many of you have had and proved so many people wrong.

Many of you find it tough to turn up at times, emotionally, physically, scarred from past experiences, and you automatically think that when sadness hits your life (and it hits us ALL), then the best course of action is to lay low, do nothing and somehow “let it pass”, and then only good things can happen.

In my experience, and I have trained a LOT of people over a lot of years, you need to get into the mix and flush those sadness and emotional stress out of you.

Nothing truly makes sadness go away totally, but you can rid of a lot of the toxic stress that can kill you over the long term.

Those of you who have come so far, so incredibly far, you need to look at yourself, write down how you feel right now, and what action you took today, or lack of it.

Will that lack of action bring you happiness, the deep joy in your life, or just prolong your unhappiness?

Hopefully, you realise we give you every inch of our support, and more, but PLEASE keep to your end of the. bargain.

Show courage, show your heart and drag that potential out of deep within your stomach, because if you don’t try then you will be guilty of leaving yourself down, and the inspiring future you can really have.

Are you really prepared to let these vital moments go, and slip back again into negativity, malaise and mediocrity, or are you going to stand up and continue your road to do something truly memorable in your life.

Your new life is waiting for you, but to get there you need to change the way you think, and push yourself through the anguish and come out the other side full of pride and say to yourself and others “yes, I achieved that and it was all me and it literally changed my life into the great one I have right now”.

Wednesday, 4th July

Healthify your diet starting today!

Changing your diet needn’t be a massive chore that causes you pain and discomfort.

Make some easy swaps today with minimum hassle so that you start adding more nutrients into your body starting today!

  1. Add a nutrient rich cereal to you breakfast meal.  Cereal can provide you with fibre as well as carbs and therefore energy to start your day.

Great examples 

Porridge made with water or milk 

No sugar museli


Wholemeal toast

Chia seed puddings

Quinoa porridge

Buckwheat porridge 

You can make these with either dairy skimmed milk or try a non dairy option such as soy, almond, hazelnut or even coconut.  My favourite by far is almond milk.  Add a topping of either sliced banana, handful of berries, sliced apple or pear and a small handful of seeds.  Tasty, nutritious and very filling!

2.  Replace your usual biscuit(s) with two pieces of fruit

This may take a couple of weeks to get used to, but stick with it!!  The trick is to choose fruit that you really enjoy and get rid of the biscuits from the cupboard pronto.  You will not be sorry if you start this little habit.

3.  Replace biscuits and crisps with unsalted raw nuts and seeds.  These provide good fats which are beneficial in many ways including your skin, hair and keeping you insulated.

4.  Add a protein rich snack to your afternoons.  Sugary snacks mean a big slump in energy after an hour or so, meaning that you will soon be looking for more sugary snacks.  Great examples are plain yogurt such as greek, even half a tin of low sugar baked beans will do.  If you like them, a protein shake can be refreshing blended with some fruit, which will ward off hunger pangs until dinnertime.

5.  Get into veggie crudites.  Carrots, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, celery, mixed peppers, even thinly sliced mushrooms make for a lovely, healthy snack especially if accompanied with a tasty dip such as hummus or guacamole.

6.  Try some popcorn.  Enjoy nibbling on crisps and other salty snacks?  Try and buy some plain unpopped popcorn and make your own!  Popcorn is surprisingly healthy, provided you don’t buy the caramel, sugary versions.  Add your own toppings such as cinnamon, coconut sugar, a little pinch of sea salt or even kurma curry powder and a pinch of garlic powder.  The options are endless and kids love to hear them popping in the microwave!

7.  Get into smoothies.  A great way of eating good food easily and without hassle is to make your own green smoothies.  Adding spinach, an apple, a banana, pear, 1/2 avocado and optional 1 tbsp chia seeds means a complete meal in a glass.  They are surprisingly tasty too and will provide your body exactly what it needs in terms or greens which help to increase your energy and your consumption of phytonutrients.

8.  Swap sodas and pop for water flavoured with fruits or herbs such as mint

This makes a huge difference to your energy levels, mental clarity and weight loss.   Again, it will take a while to get used to, but making the effort will mean you reap all the rewards.

9.  Get into eggs – Eggs are a whole protein and adding around three to your diet each week will give you a lot of nutrition.  Eggs are also beneficial for children and very quick and easy to make after a long day at work.  Always keep a box of fresh eggs in the kitchen for quick emergency meals, so that you can avoid the takeaway or pizzas as much as possible.

10.  Enjoy lettuce sandwiches.  Do you have a lot of weight to lose?  Are you always almost falling asleep after a big carb rich sandwich or baguette?   Wrapping a large lettuce leaf around your filling means you get all of the benefits of a sandwich without the excess carbs.  This method is particularly good on days when you are not training and possibly spending more time being sedentary.  

Get started on these easy swaps today for increased health and vitality.