Tuesday, 21st January

Running back Raheem Mostert keeps a list of the SIX teams that got rid of him before he signed with San Francisco 49ers and looks at it for motivation before every Niners game. Mostert set a play off record Sunday of 220 yards running and is a true study of perseverance, grit and determination, and never giving up.

The San Francisco 49ers are in the Super Bowl, but over the last few years, almost everyone would have bet against it.

I remember the glory days of the 49ers in the 80’s and early 90’s. There was a run brief success in 2012, but for the most part its been a dismal run full of false dawns and losing seasons. A once great team on its knees in all ways.

Then they approached a deep thinker of a coach called Kyle Shanahan, a good general manager and they concentrated on getting the organisation right from the bottom up. Creating the right culture was going to take time.

Three years ago they only won ONE game with Shanahan.

Two years ago they only won TWO games and there were deep worries.

Last year they won four games but were much more competitive in most games. Coach Shanahan was getting much MORE out of players who are considered as “average” at other teams just like Raheem Mostert was.

They added positivity constantly to the team and real characters such as George Kittle, not only a great player but someone who would say exactly what he thought, to his team and the media. Kittle is the heartbeat of the team, has a WWE like personality, has enormous never say die positivity and with him on the team, anything became possible.

His personality became infectious.

They added great experience from cornerback Richard Sherman, a super bowl winner who brought enormous self-belief to the team.

They have brand new youngsters such as Nick Bosa who has terrorised the league’s quarterbacks making the 49ers defence the most feared in the league. Self-belief was spreading fast within the team, the only ones that didn’t know it was the so-called “experts” in the media.

Despite smashing all before them in the play offs, the 49ers are STILL not favourites, that belongs to Kansas city. They like it like that because it keeps the chip on their shoulder, and I’m guessing that’s exactly the way they like it.

The 49ers have become a great team by transforming average players who had great potential but for whatever reason could never fulfil it. They got the players to believe in themselves, adopt daily habits that would eventually make them great over time, and the coach made them believe they could run through brick walls.

Your daily habits, self-belief, using rejection and disappointment as FUEL and not seeing it as the end of the road are key elements in transforming your life and getting what you really in life.

They recently did a TOP 100 list of players in NFL history. The judging panel ALL said that ALL of the top players had overcome ENORMOUS adversity and failure to reach the top. The ONE thing they ALL had in common.

Expect things not to work out all the time, expect disappointment as part of the journey, and realise how vital a supportive environment will be to make sure you succeed and most of all be happy.

Monday, 20th January

Overwhelmingly good day at the gym today.

There’s were not massive amounts of time for talking because there’s so much to be done. That means there’s a great attitude but real concentration at all the work that needs to be done.

When you walk through the door, you need to get stuck in. THE biggest compliment I can ever give you is that you gave EVERYTHING, let nothing at the gym and really give your heart and soul-there were MANY of you who gave everything today.

The start of the week is ultra-important, attitude determines everything in how far you go in life, and making it to the gym early in the weeks counts big time.

Third week in January and we mean business. Always room for people who want to work hard in my book. I love working with individuals who are prepared to give their training everything without compromise.

No excuses, no talking a good game, just showing up and smashing every workout. Always judge people by their actions, not what they pretend to say or do.

Show your character, show your grit and show the talent you got deep inside of you.

Still early in the week, tomorrow is another day, and never too late to make a statement on how you want you life to go.