Saturday 8th August

We open monday inside officially after 21 weeks closed due to government instructions, but we return in a position of strength.

There will be 34 already well-established classes taught by me outside as usual, this is a fantastic environment for everyone and we owe an enormous debt of gratitude for YOUR support, many said they wouldn’t work but YOU MADE them work and now they are a permanent and well-received part of what we do. 

Inside the gym will be a booking system too. Many of you have booked already and have your arranged regular slots. As stated in previous messages, you will be temperature tested before you enter the gym, you will be shown how to wipe everything down after you with our chlorine and other sanitising sprays throughout the gym. We have operated this system already outside and we are very well versed in the process and it’s natural to us now.

We have been cautious on the numbers allowed in every hour and your safety is our number one concern.

Social distancing will be enforced inside just like outside. This will be monitored at all times. As long as everyone is sensible, it can work very well indeed. Personal responsibility will be very much encouraged at all times.

Emma Williams’ class makes a welcome return too every friday 630pm, so whoever wants to book into that class, you are welcome to do that directly with Emma or I can pass your request on too.

Our children classes too are going enormously well and all parents should be enormously proud of their children’s great efforts.

There still will be online videos going on at every day monday to friday and we are now at over 800 videos, and we continue to have enormous support and usage of our online system., and we owe you enormous gratitude for keeping that going so strong and still expanding.

I will still be one on one training very early on certain days.

There is new equipment at the gym, we have invested heavily in outside equipment and mats as you will know too, there is MORE on the way which is exciting, and It is clear we are very much focused on continuous improvement and being the best WE can be. That will never stop.

Thanks you for your enormous support and look forward to seeing you all,

Keri and family 

Thursday, August 5th

Break down your situation and use concrete evidence on why things are working out for you or against you,

If you show up for your exercise on schedule, give it your best, even at times in the session you find it a big struggle (nobody said it would be easy), then you will start to 100% feel a lot better, we have too much evidence to say this is true.

If you are on first name terms with your local takeaway, you watch and  talk endlessly about soap or boxset plot lines online, you spend most nights like this and you know the fast food menu off by heart, then you have a lot of sludge in your body and your motivation must be firmly planted on the floor with no sign of it improving.

Carry on like this for an extended period of time, and appointments with the doctor and all sorts of pills for the pain are a very likely outcome.

Only YOU can do something about it.

I have seen endless amounts of people come back to our classes with bad knees, hips, backs and motivation to get back into it as depressingly low levels.

Then they book in and HAVE to show up. The first few sessions they take 3-4 mins rest in between when they can’t go on. The next few sessions see more improvements and suddenly energy comes back into their lives. The spark has been ignited.

The grimace turns into the odd smile, and the sluggish, hunched, nervous walk in, turns into a proud walk of achievement after every session.

What you usually feel can be broken down by what you take into your body, both physically and mentally. 

If you have someone battering you down mentally every day with intense negativity, then you don’t stand a chance keeping a positive perspective. You HAVE to get them out of your life or at least limit their influence.

Doing your best every day with what you KNOW works is the only way you will ever achieve peace and happiness, and the satisfaction you are living life with no regrets.