Tuesday, August 13th

We all need people in our corner, someone to back us up, someone to encourage us, someone to make us go out and bat and have a good swing at life.

This lady called Kay Owen, 80 at the end of the year, give me inspiration today just before her week long trip to Paris.

She said her husband had booked a hotel in Paris, but kay asked why there was no gym there? Her husband Paul said “can’t you miss the gym for a week?”. She came back with a “of course not, what do you think!”.

Paul booked another hotel with a gym, at a cost of 15 euros a week, but she knows its so worth it for her health. She is the lady who arrived who couldn’t breathe properly without 4 pumps don’t forget. She is a true hero and inspiration in my view.

I DO get doubts now and again myself but know I must RUN at them and face them head on and smash them with a flamethrower full of energy and fight.

Anything you take on that is big is going to make you feel nervous but it wouldn’t be worthwhile otherwise. Feeling nervous also means we always give a gargantuan effort to make us succeed.

Needless to say, Kay has given me all the resourcefulness I need to push on and get this thing done by early October in its entirety.

It’s great to have amazing people like Kay and many others who are greatly valued by myself and my family, and we are deeply grateful for that kind support.

You all have people in your corner at the gym, so make sure you come out swinging with your plans, ideas and dreams, and make sure you absolutely NEVER give up on them until you make them happen.

Thanks Kay.

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Monday, 12th August

A member tonight very kindly that she was humbled when I gave her the first red gym t-shirt, and she didn’t have to pay for it. She didn’t expect it, and saw it instantly as an investment I was happy to make in her, without evening knowing her. She thought this was unique.

I see it like that too. We make investments each and every day, whatever your situation, however a good or bad situation you start off on, because we have strong evidence that anyone can come back from whatever setback has hit them in life.

When you train with us, you are making an emotional and time investment with us too, and we take that seriously, and we try to get every inch of effort out of you.

Those closest to you are expecting big things too. They sincerely hope you’re not wasting time in the gym. they hope you are taking it seriously and are shopping and eating good food too, multiplying your rate of progress.

They hope you will be consistent, those closest hope they will see an emotional lift in you, you will become more pleasant to be around and you will have a lot more energy.

We take all these responsibilities serious and it’s a non-stop investment case from us, but you have to remember your end of the deal when you first started. You promised to show up three times a week minimum, you promised to eat better, and you promised never to quit when the going got tough.

The red t-shirt means we trust you to find your inner talents, your inner strength and finally reach your potential. You are absolutely capable of doing great things.

Trust is a two-way street and you need to take your responsibilities seriously, keep believing, keep inching forward bit by bit and most of all, never ever quit no matter what.

Thursday, August 8th

A blow in life can lead to a lack of confidence. If you don’t deal with that blow with a little bit of action immediately, it can turn into a slump. A slump can turn into a whole new lifestyle, and not one of your choosing.

When I was growing up, I was taught to respect my elders. I have seen some of those great people retire and lose some or a lot of their confidence through various events.

The incredible effect of exercise on these people is incredible if they come to the gym after years of thinking about it. Exercise can be a “magic mojo” that suddenly invades their body and turn the clock back often at least 20 years.

Confidence is anyone makes a huge impact. I’m not talking about arrogance, I’m talking about the self-belief it gives you.

I have seen members launch businesses from nothing. have seen them complain they have no clients, so what, we all started there including me of course.

Once they start to master their bodies through self-discipline and hard work, they then automatically apply that to their business efforts, and they start to develop into a powerful force.

Confidence is the exact time when you stop apologising for doing well, you stop apologising for letting your true personality and talent coming out, confidence is when you finally realise you WERE good enough all along, and you need to spend the rest of your life making other lives better too.

The more people I/we can infect with positivity and confidence, the more powerful an army we can build of fire-breathing dragons destined to do incredible things in life.

I know its a big step for many of you to step up and believe in your capabilities way more, but the sooner you do it, the richer your life gets in all sorts of ways and I’m not only talking about money.

You are truly only rich when you have gratitude for everything in your life, start today and appreciate your unique opportunities that are clearly there right now.

Wednesday, August 7th

One of the best football managers in the world, Pep Guardiola, when he first took over at Barcelona became a keen watcher of players on the substitute bench when his team was playing.

When Barcelona scored, he noticed those who continually did not celebrate, did not say well done, and never cheered their team on.

He saw these players as only out from themselves and therefore never team players. He made an effort at the end of the season to get rid of them for the good of the team, despite uproar at the time.

He realised the more players onboard with the teams philosophy and thinking, the better. The team became much stronger without the so-called superstars and the team when onto unrivalled success afterwards.

There were numerous other factors towards their success but creating the right culture was imperative in his thinking, and created a much stronger long term future with strong foundations.

I am very aware aware at our gym that right nowwe have an all time high number of members wanting others to do well. I am seeing an everyday positivity level that is smashing previous records, and this coincides with our results being at an all time high too.

You, the members, have created huge momentum for the gym by showing such strong character every day, helping each other along the way, and making us a strong positive force in the community.

We are proud to wear red, we are proud to represent such a strong community, and we are immensely proud of not only where we are, but where we are going.

Our culture is everything, and allows us to scale new heights and achieve seemingly impossible goals.

I thank you, our members thank you for your incredible support and we move forward together incredibly stronger ready to take on any new challenge knowing absolutely anything is possible.