Wednesday 29th May

Just to recognise melanie bowen for her excellent post the other day, and the very positive reaction from you, here is her blog address.

I am sure she has a big future in front of her.

Melanie is currently a Master’s student with a passion that stems from her grandmother’s cancer diagnosis. She often highlights the great benefits of alternative nutritional, emotional, and physical treatments on those diagnosed with cancer or other serious illness. To read more from Melanie, visit her blog for the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance. In her spare time, you can find Melanie trying new vegan recipes, on her yoga mat, or spending time with her family.

Wednesday, 29th May

Internal changes to your body are the true measures of success, without these changes your body would not be able to perform in the way you would like.

If your heart is not functioning properly, then there is no way you can perform in the way you would want. You couldn’t test yourself in any sort of way, and you will always be worrying about what could go wrong with you body, instead of what was going right!

There’s nothing worse than admitting defeat with your body, and claiming that you can never even train hard anymore! Worse than this, there is something worse-telling yourself that you can’t even train anymore AT ALL!!

These things tend to happen when you don’t look after yourself, and this is why internal health is vital, even though you cannot see it on the outside!!

I have met an awful lot of people who have had their lives curtailed by their health, some through no falt of their own.

If you can do something about it though, you had better get on it straight away and go through some tests.

Cholesterol tests, blood pressure, resting heart rate tests are all things you can sort out very quickly.

Please do it today and treat your internal health as an absolute priority, this way the way you look and feel will change almost immediately with a sensible eating and exercise plan.

Tuesday, 28th May

Setting yourself targets is important in your overall development.

The targets in terms of numbers will change all the time, depending of course on exactly how much you keep on improving.

A good more general target you can set yourself every year is just as important, and sets up your mindset to achieve bigger things.

I try to get individuals to improve each and every year.

This is a big target i set myself and as long as i improve, even in a small way, i will know that i have been successful in that year’s progress.

Let’s it another way that may surpise you, like it did with me the very first time i heard it.

Let’s say an individual can run for 2 miles, and can cycle 5 miles sometimes, and does a little weight training twice a week with the same weights all the time. Let’s say this happens every week, and has done for the last 5 years.

The vital thing to take out of this example is that this fitness programme is the SAME all the time. It never changes one bit, the intensity never changes, an even the weights are always the same.

I have to say right now that the very fact that this individual is exercising, and this is a MASSIVE POSITIVE in health terms, and i encourage these habits very strongly!

However, this is an example of someone who never improves, who goes through the motions too much, and has remained in the same state of fitness for 5 whole years, when if he/she changed his/her programme much more regularly, then the physical improvements would have been drastically more impressive.

You can easily change your programme every 6 weeks, at the latest every 12 weeks, and really benefit from those even subtle changes you could make.

Time to re-evaluate what you are doing, study what could improve, and aim to improve each and every year, no matter how small that improvement would be. This is a simple goal for you every year, and one guaranteed to bring a level of success that you wouldn’t have otherwise.

Thursday, 23rd May

Great things happen when you actually “get it”!

Once you REALISE that there are no side-stepping issues, there is no ducking out of the fact that you will need to eat good natural foods, you will need to exercise 3-4 times a week, you will not be able to lose body fat at a good rate if you are not willing to give up drinking alcohol most nights (alcohol needs to come back down to one night a week only).

You have to be prepared to use up your energy stores every day through exercise,creating an calorie or energy deficit so you are actually burning body fat, instead of steadily putting it on.

You need to forget the saying that you can eat “whatever you want” just because you’re training! Its more important than ever to eat well when you train hard because you body needs all the good nutrients even more. Your body needs to recover quickly from the last session, and i take it you actually want to improve in the way you look and feel, rather than go through the motions?!!

You need to commit yourself and develop a mindset that you need to exercise for a lifetime, and not do it a month here, a month there! This will be a sure fire way to swim in mediocrity, and constantly disappoint yourself.

These are the things you need to do if you are serious about the way you want to look and feel, to have outstanding health, and to finally achieve the big goals you promised yourself probably a very long time ago.

Time is precious so do not waste it!

Wednesday, 22nd May

A guest post today from a lady called Melanie Bowen, see what you think. It’s high quality and i am sure you will find it fascinating.

Regaining Physical Health and Fighting Cancer

Fitness is extremely important at any time, but can be especially vital for people who have been diagnosed with cancer. Exercise and breathing techniques can help with relaxation. Physical fitness has been shown to increase the immune system and makes treating cancer easier. Each stage of cancer has different fitness techniques that be more appropriate than others. From light to advanced exercise, these fitness techniques can help to alleviate cancer symptoms and make treatment run more smoothly.

Breathing Exercises

This lighter form of exercise is great for improving lung function. It increases blood circulation in the body, reduces fatigue and is a primary form of self-care. Individuals who have lung cancer may find it difficult to do even simple forms of exercise, but breathing techniques can still help. Prolonged, slow breathing can increase oxygen flow and make it easier to stay active while at home. Those with mesothelioma prognosis or other lung-related cancers need to increase their breathing abilities through simple, daily techniques. The goal at this point of treatment is to gradually increase fitness levels at home. Breathing techniques help this by making the patient slowly increase their physical activity levels.

Water Aerobics

As cancer patients enter the recovery process, they can begin to transition from light exercise to moderate fitness programs. Water aerobics is a great moderate fitness routine because it helps to build cardiovascular endurance and increase the circulation in the body. Since it is performed in the water, it is easier on the joints and reduces stress to the body’s limbs. Water typically has 12 to 14 times the resistance levels of land-based exercises. This factor helps water aerobics to increase the patient’s flexibility and strength. In addition, water aerobics helps with weight maintenance. Since the patient is submerged in water, they can easily control their body temperature and prevent overheating during exercise.

Weight Training

When patients have entered the later stages of recovery, they need to focus on returning the body to good health and maintaining it. One excellent exercise for this vigorous level of activity is weight training. By lifting weights, patients can increase their muscular endurance and improve their cardiovascular system. Weight training is also great because it naturally boosts energy levels. The NCI actually recommends using weight training during the later stages of cancer because it can help regain muscle tone.

Patients who have developed more fat tissue during their treatment process can begin to decrease the fat tissue naturally with weight training. Cancer of the prostate, stomach, head and neck are all known to decrease the amount of muscle mass in the body. In order to battle cancer, patients have to regain their muscle mass and increase their fitness levels.

There are different physical activities for each stage of cancer. Patients need to start slowly with light fitness programs as they try to regain muscle mass. Through consistent work, cancer survivors can increase their blood circulation, regain muscle mass and improve their cardiovascular system. All of these factors make it easier to regain physical health and boost energy levels. In the battle against cancer, exercise is key to returning to good health.