Successful………..but happy?

How many people do you know that have climbed the ladder of success, but they have found out that when they have got to the top, they have been climbing the wrong wall. I have met a few, and they have been some of the unhappiest people i have ever met.

There was the story about the millionnaire business owner sitting in a restaurant with his protege, who became very successful himself. He had a large home, a parking place close the front door, and a brass nameplate on his office door. As they were back slapping each other on how well they had done, the business owner asked his protege “how he would define successs”? He replied he couldn’t really answer. Then, the business owner told him that being successful for most people was achieving and having the things that were important to them.

The protege then started to list all the things that were important to him and made him happy, he never mentioned his job. The boss then asked “well, you’re happy right?”, “well no” came the reply. And then the boss asked “well, you’re successful right?”, he didn’t have a reply. The protege just sat there thinking.

To cut a long story short, the protege quit his job two months later. The boss begged him to stay, but there was nothing he could do. He reminded his boss of the conversation he had, and thanked him for pushing him into doing something with his life that he actually loved, and was important to him.

He used to be in telecommunications, he now has a roofing company! He always loved working with wood and now he’s hammering shingles on roofs and building porches and guess what? He’s happy.

I have a post way back called Your drving force, look it up and you will be asked to list those things that really get you out of bed in the morning, those things that are really important to you and drive you on to achieve great things. Once you make a list, you will realise that being fit, strong and healthy is a major part of you achieving all of those things, and most importantly, being happy. It’s a good idea to fill it in, as the 12 week challenge starts next monday, and this will help you keep motivated and strong.

Give it a go,


Care for yourself

If you look after others, and most of us do in some way or another, you need to look after yourself to begin with. Family and friends, people you work with may rely on you more than you ever thought. When it all hits the fan, you’re bound to be in demand and how much energy you have will be crucial.

Your ability to look after, and help others will be helped a great deal by your own fitness and health, if you’re not fit and healthy and have some energy in reserve, how are you expected to look after others? If you don’t exercise, then you’re nowhere near the help you can be. If you eat badly and carrying around extra weight, are you going to struggle to do as much as you’re needed to do? You may let others down unless you have drive and determination to spare.

If you do train hard, you do eat well, and you don’t drink to excess, you have lots of energy and drive in the bank and you will be able to dig deep and give those who rely on you a much needed helping hand. You should look at doing this programme not only for yourself, but for those who rely on you too. Being fit and healthy means you are ready for anything, so let’s keep active and don’t let the snow become the latest excuse in your life.


Snow energy!

I would never recommend this to others but i did get a run in down the coastal path this morning, and thinking it may have been milder this morning, i was wrong and it was all ice and snow, with the prospect of steady snow sunday and monday!

I can’t tell you how great i feel this morning after it though, i truly have tons and tons of energy after it and i’m fired up to post this early in the morning! It is sometimes hard to remember how good you feel after a workout when the weather is like what it is this week and last. It can sap your energy in a strange kind of way. The old saying that you can be more tired sometimes doing nothing is never more true! The dogs appreciated it too with me this morning, and from their point of view, their daily exercise too is essential and can seriously affect their mood and feeling of wellbeing.

Cyril posted today that he may be going out with the kids and sledge later, and that’s all good too. Let’s face it, if you tried cycling or running off road in these conditions, you are seriously risking some big injuries. The bottom line this week is that the week shouldn’t become a write off. The inside workouts can be taken to new levels, nothing wrong with going for a walk at all, as long as it’s safe of course and take your time.

This weather is also no excuse to eat badly, but if you do, put it behind you and start the next day as a new day, and you’re going to put it right. Like exercise, good food will do simply that, make you FEEL better and it’s been tried and tested. The healthy foods we all know about now are available in every supermarket in the land, there’s nothing stopping them come into the country and don’t buy into this rubbish that sugary and fatty food keeps you warm! I thought central heating did that?!!

And today, after a good shower and breakfast, i actually feel warmer and need less clothes for now. Snow doesn’t have to drain your energy away and make you eat a lorry load of chocolate and mince pies, it really doesn’t have to do that!!! Cyril, i want to hear how much energy you had after you came back from being out in the snow?!!!


Sticker or quitter?

Not being repetitive here, but noting from some of your comments/emails etc, many of you are falling for this old chestnut time after time!

Here’s a big tip that works, every time!

STICK WITH YOUR PLAN LONG ENOUGH TO ALLOW THE CHANGES YOU’RE BRINGING INTO YOUR LIFE TO COME INTO EFFECT. Simply throwing the towel in is not acceptable, and then blaming other people for it is really not acceptable! If making excuses is a way of life for you, then you need to stop right now or things will happen in your life that you’re not comfortable with, and change will not happen, that’s for sure!

Stop hammering/tearing yourself down for what you didn’t do and start praising yourself on what YOU DID DO!

If you remember one thing out of this post tonight, this is the one.

If you have just come off your good eating habits, what good is feeling sorry and crying about it going to do, you know you should be developing to tools, mental and physical to come from there by now. This site is about building yourself up and giving yourself credit. Appreciate that you’re doing something, or a lot of things to improve yourself, and if you start the challenge on the 17th January, then you be testing your mental and physical strength for a longer period than maybe you have ever done before, see it as exciting and not daunting!

This is the time to get it right and really look after yourself, to develop habits that can and will last a lifetime, it’s always best to make things simple, so not tearing into yourself for eating badly for one day is going to help. Praising yourself for making good progress is very helpful, nobody’s perfect all the time or even most of the time. It’s about doing your best and that should always be good enough. If you can honestly look in the mirror and say most day’s you’ve done your best, then how can you beat that? Nothing wrong with treats either, as long as they are in moderation of course and not every day. Learn to love food, and don’t see it as “i’m either dieting”, or “i’m flat out bingeing”!

The in between state of moderation is your key to long term success, so if you go off the rails, who cares, just get back to normal the next day and really appreciate the fact that healthy food makes you feel good, perform well and as long as you give it some time, will make you proud of your achievements!

To train with asthma or not? Turning back the clock!

Simon, a new member now living in Chicago, has joined because he wants to get back into shape again, after many years of focusing on his career, and his family, having three children now, he wishes to return to the fitness of his youth. At 41 years young, he feels out of it, and in his own words, more than a little scared about taking the plunge into the commitment of being fit and healthy again.

Through his years of inactivity, he has increased his issues with asthma, and was wondering whether it was possible again to get into shape with this seemingly threatening condition (it is for many people). I suffered with this condition myself and have offered him some words of reassurance. If it wasn’t for exercise, my asthma would be still holding me back, and stop me doing a lot of things. When you cannot do things most people consider normal, your self-confidence is shot to bits, your self-esteem is crushed and a “limited” life of activity is no fun and very bad for morale. I now train many people with asthma, and they feel the same as me, if they DON’T exercise, they get the wheezing back and feel terrible, their workouts and good food are now the best medicine they can take, and there are no limitations left in their lives any more, even on the cold days like now!!

Simon is also wondering whether he can really do it again, he is 41 now and how will his body react? I have reasured him again and i have had individuals start training at 70 years of age, so he has a major headstart! He will be doing the 12 week challenge, and i will advise him to begin slowly, let his tendons and ligaments get used to exercise again, and give it time to adjust again. Then he can propel himself the former heights with a sound diet too. The lack of confidence he has now will disappear through the things he will accomplish, the self-esteem will come back and his children will have a great role model to look up to. He has two choices, either get into great shape or face the slow decline into old age, with the so called “limitations” that many people face in life.

 He wants an active life for himself and his kids, see how he gets on and watch for his posts, i know he needs encouragement and hopefully, he will help everyone else out too!