Tuesday, 19th November

Heading into Christmas is a sign to switch off for most people. This is the biggest mistake you can make for many reasons.

If you sink into this slumber before Christmas, imagine how hard it’s going to be getting rid of the Christmas excess?!!

One big attitude difference can be to work extra hard on your training before Christmas. If you’re going to be taking in extra calories, why not use them as a positive and see them as extra energy for more training, or more energy for more intense training.

Set higher targets and goals, aim to get out there more and be more active. Just don’t fall into the trap of doing less and less exercise coming up to Christmas and eating more food! This is a sure way of putting more weight on, and then compounding it by all the Christmas excesses. This is what MANY people do and it’s always painful to watch!

Motivation can seem to be better too if you have a plan. You know you’re going to have to train more in the next few weeks so plan for it, and don’t let it take you by surprise.

You know that its hard to train hard straight after Christmas, so don’t get into that horrible situation and simply be much more consistent from now on in the run in.

Your body fat will be better and you will fit into your clothes much better, your performances will be better in the gym and you’ll have the great feeling over being in control over everything before, during and after Christmas.

Remember that 80% of your success is simply showing up for your workouts, so getting your kit on in the first place will be the hardest thing you need to do, and the rest will be easy!


Friday, 15th November

Hitting a Friday for many people means hitting the alcohol, hitting a takeaway and totally NOT hitting any kind of workout. This can apply to those who exercise or those who never exercise at all.

The weekend for many last from Friday tea time all the way until sunday evening and there’s nothing that’s going to stop that!!!

There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a drink once a week, but when it comes to more than that, I have seen many, many people put on weight and not progress much at all. It can and will make that kind of a huge difference to you, and your performances usually, and when I do my usual monthly measurement, the results are usually not that impressive.

So once a week drinking alcohol should be your maximum IF you are committed to improving and progressing with your body full stop, no if’s and but’s!

If you are not eating well 80% of the time, as discussed in the past, then you are not going to be able to fuel your performances at the level required for fresh improvements. You need to change right now, and this is why eating badly all weekend (from Friday tea time until sunday night flat out) is NOT going to help you reduce body fat, build lean muscle tissue like you really wanted.

Always make a promise to yourself, if you drink and eat badly on Saturday night, then exercise first thing in the morning the very next day, this case a sunday morning. This will help enormously in getting the rubbish out of your body, and make you realize that eating badly ALL weekend won’t do anything good in terms of future results.

By all means have a bit of what you fancy, but there’s no need to trash it all weekend!!!

Thursday, 14th November

Its great too see so many of you are not tempted like a lot of people to take short cuts, and follow so many easy but non-productive ways to do things that will end up in failure.

I seriously think that the true hero’s are the ones who can train throughout the year, never miss a workout unless they are ill and always look for improvements and consistent progress, this is exactly the right philosophy to have!

These super-dedicated people ARE out there and you have proven the good effects that regular workouts and good food will have on your body.

I get questions all the time about the best training programme, whether the following fads like the power plate vibration system is any good, whether the masai based trainers with the big heel’s are truly the answer, whether the vibration belt’s you put across your stomach really work, whether the latest new gym opening is really going to work this time, whether the latest fitness dvd is any good, whether the 2 minutes a day workout can really change your life, whether the flimsy machines you see on the shopping channels are really any good?!!!!!!!!!!!!! You know how I am going to answer those.

These are the questions I always get and they get the same answers!

Forget all of those usual faddy false promises that faddy diets make too after Christmas, all they bring is long term misery because 97% of them fail and you put all the weight back on, and 5% more according to all leading scientific research into that “industry”!

If you show up 80% or more of the time for training, you WILL progress.

If you eat well and healthily 80% or more of the time, you WILL progress.

If you train with purpose 80% or more of the time, you WILL progress. You know this works and most of you have experienced great results.

Why look for questions and answers and try and re-invent the wheel when you know this will work very well for you-HARD WORK that is?!! There’s no way around it.

A week off can turn to a month off, and this can turn into a huge break. Lets not go there especially with Christmas coming up, NOW is the time to make the big physical improvements, and not after Christmas when you can hardly breathe because of the cold air and all the weight you have put on!

That’s why you can be a 52 week hero, that person who achieves that (allowing for the odd cold/illness, holiday etc) really is a hero in my book. When you think about it, how many people do you actually know who make that kind of commitment in their life to anything?

Someone who achieves this deserves all the benefits they get, because they quietly work at achieving at being the best they can be.

The time for talking a good game is over, its time to go for it for the next six weeks and do your best no matter what.

Monday, 11th November

Another big start to a Monday is needed if you need to get fired up for a big start to the week!

If you’re training hard, and trying to do that for maximum gains, then you had better be prepared to take your eating a lot more seriously.

Pro athletes consider it a cardinal sin to miss meals, to eat foods that are lacking nutrients and a routine of eating nutrient-packed food is vital for them every 3-4 hours. This is why they are professionals, they are prepared to perform better for longer, and are more consistent in what they do for longer than anyone thought possible.

It all starts at breakfast, when they make sure they eat well and nourish their body for the demands of the day ahead.

There are no rubbish cereals like crunchy nut corn flakes or most cereal in bright colourful boxes, when they have breakfast it is food in its natural state. Weetabix, shredded wheat, porridge are great examples.

Poached/scrambled eggs are great on wholemeal toast without any kind of spread on the toast. Toast with banana spread on it can work very well for energy.

A glass of water is needed first thing to clean your system out, and hydrate you so your energy levels start climbing already after a long night’s sleep.

If you’re having orange juice, make sure you dilute it heavily as you don’t want too much refined sugar.

Breakfast is classed as what you eat within ONE HOUR of getting up.

Mid-morning is a time when you may be hungry if involved in heavy training, so two pieces of fruit will work fine. Cottage cheese plain or with flavourings such as onion and chives can work well on wholemeal toast, again with no spread.

When it comes to lunch time, then you had better make sure you get good nutrients in your body.

Ideally, you need to put protein in your meal (white meat, any kind of fish without batter or sauce, cottage cheese is fine etc).

Your carbs need to be away from white flour, all sorts of dangerous chemicals and this means white bread, white pasta etc is off the menu!

Replace with sweet, new, jacket potatoes, wholegrain pasta, brown rice etc. This will give you proper fuel to give you longer lasting energy.

Always underrated are vegetables. They give your internal health vitality, and keep everything working inside very well, and give your body all the vital nutrients it need. Tomatoes, broccoli, carrots etc need to be in most meals. If you are having sandwiches, try wholemeal bread or wholemeal wraps/pitta bread.

So you should be flying by this stage? Then it comes to mid-afternoon when many people feel really tired, then is when you need a couple pieces of fruit, or even a bowl of porridge if you’re hitting some training around 4pm, which can provide you with vital energy at a time when you need it.

After training, your evening meal is critical! First of all, you will notice how full you are compared to normal? Eating regularly throughout the day will make sure you have a steady supply of energy, and you’re not as likely to make poor choices at this time, such as grabbing a cheese sandwich because you have been starving yourself all day and you need something right now!

So lets follow a good example meal in the evening.

A good protein source such as salmon, tuna, trout, mackerel etc, or a white meat, and combine with good carbs such as new potatoes, wholegrain pasta, brown rice etc, and make sure again you have an array of vegetables, to make sure you are being nourished properly.

Training although very positive for you, can deplete your body of a lot of nutrients, so you need to replace them straight away, allowing yourself to recover quickly from exercise, and when you eventually go to bed, you will be fully relaxed and its at this time your body fully recovers, builds up broken down muscle tissue and gets you ready for the next day and your next day. If you do not do this, then you will always struggle!

Follow these guidelines and everything will pick up considerably for you.