Monday, 12th August

After experiencing a camping weekend, it’s then you realize how important fresh air is and how important it is for a number of your body’s functions.

Anyone who has spent the weekend in a tent will first of all realize that it makes you feel more tired than usual. You tend to be more active and you tend to do a lot more walking and running around.

The fresh air will have a great effect on your sleep, and you will feel in general on top of the world after the whole experience.

This is why it’s important to workout outside and inside. If you combine the both, then you will have all the benefits.

With our climate, its natural to assume we will be training a lot inside during much of the year. Therefore, its vital to get out and about in terms of everything, working out or anything you do, just GET OUTSIDE!!

Studies done on individuals who get a lot of outside time tend to be more optimistic in their outlook too, as well as usually being a lot healthier due their activities outside.

It’s august 12th, and although we are still in summer, you know its not going to be that long before the nights draw in and its gets a lot colder and wetter!

Make the most of the excellent conditions right now and you will be automatically feeling better by the end of the day even!

Thursday, 8th August

Training without a certain level of commitment will not work if you’re interested in really progressing and hitting our monthly targets.

For example, if I think an individual needs to train three times a week and do one run without me, so they end up doing four sessions every week, then they should definitely improve AS LONG as they do the workouts requested at a certain level of performance.

I am happy to say that this indeed DOES happen very much most of the time.

Then now and again, you have the individuals who struggle to do some or most of the workouts without me.

Then the downward spiral starts.

When I usually measure people every 28 days, the measurements start getting worse. If that person stops losing body fat completely and starts putting weight on, then I have to confront the individual involved and ask them what’s going on.

After an initial denying that they are missing workouts or eating badly, then the truth comes out. All sorts of reasons are usually to blame, but the facts remain that they are not getting the progress they want.

Usually we can find a way out of it and get the individual back on track, but occasionally its worth asking the person involved if they really want to get fit and healthy, and is anything I can do going to work at this particular time?

As I said, 99% of people knuckle down and start hitting it hard again, but the odd person needs to reassess and get their priorities straight again.

This is why constant measuring is vital in keeping the individual in the right place physically AND mentally.

Wednesday, 7th August

If you’re stuck in the same routine for the last few months, even last few years, then chances are that your results have come to a crashing halt some years ago, and your gym visits now are little more than going through the motions and nothing to get excited about anymore.

The fault is both with yourself and the people trying to help you at the gym. If you have been doing the same thing for years, then you have probably experienced extended absences from the gym, and exercise full stop.

You may stop and start regularly, always going back to what you know and never finding any kind of a good result.

You must change and you must change now if the following are NOT HAPPENING!!!

1 Your body is not improving at all.

2 You find the gym boring and have little incentive to go.

3 you have stopped eating well because you feel “what’s the point”!!

4 you don’t use your gym membership properly because your attendance is poor and
you get no help when you are there.

5 others comment on the weight you have put on

6 you get out of breath walking upstairs

7 you only do your “favourite” exercises

8 you can’t fit into your clothes anymore.

These are all signs things need to change RIGHT NOW and quit whatever you are doing, wherever you are doing it because nobody is caring a damn about you and your programme, meaning nobody is caring about your progress and your body and mind’s future wellness.

Change is as good as a rest too and you may find the change of scenery very empowering!

Please don’t treat your body as a second rate citizen, put it to the top of your list and stop putting up with gyms that frankly don’t give a damn!!

Tuesday, 6th August

Assuming you had a good Monday after following the advice to make sure you were well and truly back on track with your eating, then Tuesday should be looking even better for you.

The positivity after a good Monday can create a huge performance on Tuesday for you. Tuesday on average is the best performance of the week for many people I train. Traditionally Tuesday along with Monday is the busiest night of the week when it comes to gyms.

Tuesday traditionally may be considered “boring” when it comes to having fun and partying, but it is everything BUT in training terms and getting a massive performance out of yourself!

Tuesday is a pivotal day in deciding your physical fate for the week. Assuming you have had a great Monday, and then Tuesday is likely to be even better. Once you get a big Monday and Tuesday in, then the rest of the week can flow very well indeed!

Most people I know who train hard eat well too, or at least are inspired to eat well due to the effort they put into their training. Eating well and healthily goes hand in hand with good quality training and one without the other is not much good.

Put them together and you have double the results!

You must have certain standards or records you have in certain exercises you do, or running or cycling or whatever you do. Tuesday is the perfect day to get a big performance out of yourself. Whenever you set new records or standards for yourself, then your body will always be a big beneficiary and the big physical changes that come with it can happen in a shorter time than you think, AS LONG as you are eating well of course!

Tuesday has never looked so positive so try and make your own big impression on it today!

Monday, 5th August

Monday is the day when most people get really back into their eating, and by that I mean eating good healthy clean food every meal.

At the weekend, your food choices are likely to be haphazard with the word “treat” creeping into your conversation!

So it’s Monday today, the day you are truly 100% committed to eating healthily.

You will notice the difference in performance you have today when you eat well.

At the weekend when your food is not so good, you will usually feel far more lethargic and you will want to nap and sleep more in general. This is due to feeding your body foods and drink that don’t go through your body well, in other words you don’t and cannot digest inferior foods that are very low on nutrients.

Foods low on nutrients are not meant for people who want to exercise well, who want to stay healthy, who want to feel good and feel the benefits of being healthy. Those foods do not fit the bill AT ALL!

This is why today is ultra-important. You want to be on track today and be able to deliver for your body in the way it looks and you want to feel as energetic as possible surely?

This is not a time to gamble with your health, or settle for mediocre results.

This week and today is the start of another big week for you and you MUST eat well every meal today, and most of the week to get the best out of yourself! Drink enough water, get energized and the workouts will take care of themselves as you will be bouncing with lots of energy to get through your week!

Make it happen today!!!