Tuesday, 24th July

If we are feeling sorry for ourselves training in the heat that is around us right now, you have to bow to the riders of the Tour De France over the last few weeks!

You can swap our 22-25 degress for 38-43 degrees at times, all done on some of the highest mountains known in world cycling. This is why these men are probably the toughest athletes on the planet, and anyone who has observed them up close will know how extremely hard they work!

They need up to 7000 calories a day to get through such monumental days, and when most are only around 9-10 stone, this feeding regime on its own is a big feat!!

So next time you consider this week if its too warm to exercise, stop feeling sorry for yourself and enjoy the relative heat, because we don’t get it very often!

Another thing the great Bradley Wiggins victory demonstrated was the ability to recover every day, dust yourself off and get up the next day and do it all over again!! Often a lot harder and many days!

This shows extremely conditioning but this is done with an extreme amount of practice too and attention to detail! Wiggins spent the early part of his winter going up the side of a volcano in tenerife, which simulated the very real challenges he would face in the Alps and Pyrannees!!!

Like anything in life, if you prepare really well, then everything is likely to go a lot smoother and better on the day, and so it proved. Not only Wiggins but he had a super team with him too, who all prepared ultra- well in their own disciplines to make sure nothing was left to chance, and they ended up the best and most dominate team in the tour.

This is why regular training is all-important and will lead to your best results if you keep putting your mind to it!!

Monday, 23rd July

We are right in the middle of the most popular period for people going away or just having time off work.

The big question is where do your workouts fit in during this time off, if at all?

Some people use this time off as time away from their workouts too. The more serious exercisers can be forgiven and even encouraged to be doing this, as measured time off from a tough exercise programme, can be very beneficial and often enables the individual to come back stronger after the time off.

For people who are just getting to grips with their exercise programme, time off may not be the best option, and consistency of exercise may be the most important thing right now.

If you are abroad on holiday, then swimming will serve as a very good exercise, especially when done with some intensity and purpose. Improving your swimming should be your goal, and 30-40 mins a day will help out enormously on both improvement and in terms of being a very good workout.

When it comes to running abroad, try and run in the cooler times, which means early morning and evening. This will make the conditions a lot more tolerable, and enable you to put in some decent efforts.

Try and avoid staying out too long in the sun full stop for all sorts of health reasons, please stay out of the danger zone in terms of over-heating your body.

When you exercise, try and make them shorter efforts, but having a real purpose will help an awful lot.

For example, if you had to do 10 thirty yard sprints up a steep hill, and that was it, then this is much more attractive than a 3 mile run in the intense heat, and probably far more beneficial.

These type of shorter, sharper workouts are more likely to get done and the best way to maintain your fitness.

Keeping an exercise programme up at this time of year, with increased heat and holidays happening is tough. In a couple of weeks time though, you will be very glad you did it!!

Tuesday, 17th July

Studies in perserverence are all around us every day.

You have the Olympic Games about to start in this country, you have the British doing so very well in the Tour de France for the first time ever (in such a high podium position) and we always do well in the Paralympics.

If you look at the human stories behind the headlines, you have athletes putting in untold amount of hours in, you have the sacrifice of parents sometimes not being at their children’s birthdays because they are in another country training, you have athletes going through absolute hell sometimes in recovering from career threatening injuries, above all you have inspiring stories of great sacrifice that most people cannot or do not want to understand.

On many different levels, i see studies in persererence each and every day.

I see individuals in sports all the time reaching new levels through increased effort in dedication.

I see dedication with individuals losing sometimes ten stone, and ten inches off someone’s waist is not uncommon.

The problem is that most of society does not realise how much work and effort goes into this, sheer hard work is not always appreciated but this is exactly what it takes!

This is why i try to get people away from purely shakes and bars diets, frankly they set people up for long term misery and i see they are doing the rounds around this area again. Quite how people fall for this sort of rubbish time and time again is beyond me, but unfortunately it keeps happening!!!

So no fads, no gimmicks, just hard work and results!!!

If you’re looking for an easy way out, then be prepared to be disappointed again so please make the right choice!!!

Take the inspiring examples of the athletes i mentioned at the start of this piece, and use their perserverence to inspire you to  new highs!

Monday, 16th July

Measuring yourself against others is often a very popular human trait, but doesn’t often get you anywhere in health and fitness terms.

There are too many variables between different individuals to get reliable comparisons, this is why its important to measure yourself against…………….you!

Competing with yourself is always healthy because you are then focusing on continually raising your standards.

If your waist is 40 inches, then getting it down to 32-34 inches is a significant achievement.

If your weight is 21 stone, and you want to get down to a much healthier 16 stone, then this will be an achievement to be proud of.

If you have developed a significant amount of more energy in your life, compared to the days when you didn’t exercise or eat well, then of course you are much healthier and likely to achieve much more in your life.

These are important factors to look at when deciding what you are getting out of your programme.

If you are doing the same programme, or not in a programme, or getting hurt in whatever programme you’re doing, then you need to stop right there and question what you are doing, and why you are doing it!!!

I consider it standard to measure an individual’s waist and hips, to take their body fat, to measure their heart strength and blood pressure, these are vital indicators for me, so i can formulate a programme to work for them.

Everyone has to start somewhere but its just as important to make THE RIGHT START!

Nothing worse than summoning up the courage to exercise, and then someone giving you a programme that is not well designed, or even worse one that they have taken off the internet! This is a sign of someone who doesn’t care about your goals, they don’t care how much you improve or if at all!

Take command today, make the most of your exercise efforts and try and have a big strong finish until the end of the summer!

Friday, 6th July

How you do you know if you have had a great workout or on the right kind of diet?

Well, you should just know if you are doing the right kind of workout FOR YOU! Same goes with the food side.

The sad truth is that there are many, many people trying to scam you out of your money with various ways of getting into shape.

Some of the biggest liars and scam merchants are the weight loss clubs, when will they learn that they need to stop helping people lose weight the wrong way.

Losing weight quickly (5 pounds a week on occasions) and in a totally UNSUSTAINABLE WAY, is not the right way to do things, I hope people will wake up to these charlatans!

97% of these people will pile all this weight back AND, get this FIVE PER CENT MORE on average when they come off this crazy way of eating.

Avoid them at all costs.

Then there is the charlatans of shakes and bars, you know the ones I am talking about, charging you a fortune to drink shakes and bars all day, then one meal in the evening.

Then you come off the diet soon enough, and then REALLY pile the weight on in double-quick time. The people peddling these crazy ways of eating ought to be locked up, and I really believe this due to the misery they cause on individuals desperate to finally get their excess weight off.

With these people I would throw in the people who advise you to exercise on a plate, and charge you a costly sum for doing this. They are backed by ZERO scientific evidence and the people who still fall for this marketing rubbish and downright lies really ought to know better by now surely!!!

Theres a million other exercise programmes out there, most of them trying to get your hard-earned money out of you seemingly all the time.

Its time to fight back and not let them con you anymore. I would name and shame them but for legal reasons I cannot, but I suspect many of you have been conned by them already.

The good news is that most of them DON’T stay in business for very long anyway. Longevity comes from doing the right thing all the time, or at least most of the time and this is why tried and tested ways back up by science will always work for you 100% of the time!!!

Put your trust in results, and ignore the con men of the health and fitness industry!!