Thursday, August 16th

Fat in your diet has always been the ultimate sin for many people, “avoid at all costs” is often shouted from the rooftops when it comes to losing body fat. Unfortunately, this statement is only partially true.

Saturated fat is the true baddie, with the potential to clog up your arteries and cause all sorts of health problems, and in particular raise your chances of having a heart attack markedly.

Saturated far can raise chances of contracting any serious disease, so it’s a great idea for you to eat red meat for instance, just once a week. Anything in moderation is okay, and common sense must be used with the foods that can cause you problems if consumed too often.

The “good fats” often termed essential fats, and plenty of them do exist, should play a major role in your diet.

If fish isn’t a major part of your diet, then you need to ask yourself why not, as it contains lots of important fats that your body needs to function properly in all areas.

If you don’t include nuts in their natural form in your diet, then you’re missing out again on a great source of essentials fats for your body, not only that but your immune system too.

So we have established fats are important for your diet and wellbeing, but this won’t mean so much UNLESS you get refined sugars out of your diet.

Putting sugar on top of your cereal or adding to your tea/coffee is something you need to eliminate straight away, the effect on your physical appearance will be dramatic given time, and will take that sweet tooth away for good.

If that sweet tooth is always there, then you’re always liable to come totally off your eating programme, because the temptation for excess sugar will always be there.

Taking saturated fat AND refined sugar out of your diet will have an overwhelmingly positive effect on the way you look and feel.

Tuesday, 14th August

The Olympics continue to make the headlines for all the right reasons, and when you delve into the successes some more, you can see why a lot  of these athletes have improved so much

Any athlete who wants to be at the top of his/her game, now has to work harder every day, every week, and every year if they want to become successful in the next Olympics in Rio in 2016.

If you apply the same level of detail to your own training as previously discussed, then of course you can reach new highs and fairly quickly.

For example, you don’t need to accept that just because you are getting older, then the famous, or make that infamous “middle aged spread” will definitely happen! This is not the case.

While it is indeed true that you cannot eat as much and as uncontrolled as you did when you were 18, with a bit of thought and a bit of control, you will be able to control new successful strategies in your life that will offer healthy low levels of body fat and increased workout performances.

This is true of ANY AGE, not only do I see it in the “middle aged spread” category, but I see it with teenagers and senior’s in the 70’s.

If your diet is all over the place at the moment and you lack direction, then its time you stopped putting up with this lack of strong mindset and re-programmed yourself for success.

You don’t have to be this incredible Olympian either to do it! All you have to do is start paying more attention to the way you live your daily life. Model yourself on those who are successful with their weight, their body fat levels and their performances.

Whilst Jessica ennis will likely be very, very strict on her diet, and has been for many years, you can create a stricter version of yourself which will automatically take you up several different levels if you give it some time to work.

Consistency of eating well and training hard and regular can never be underestimated and is the true secret of champions.

Monday, 13th August

The Olympics have ended which brings a big gap in TV viewing for most people over the next week or so! Most people have been addicted to it, and some more obscure sports have found plenty of new-found respect from the general public. If it encourages more people to exercise, then this will be the true lasting legacy for me.

The problem  comes from where to start for most people.

Most people don’t automatically run down to their local athletics track, and suddenly ask to become the next Mo Farah, unless they are usually 11-15 years of old and already a pretty good runner!

Many people feel that most athletic events are beyond them, especially when they may be 40-60 years of age, and perhaps they haven’t exercised since school!!! This is part of the important generation to get exercising again, the generation that may have totally given up on themselves, and without any major action now will become more prone to serious disease and ill health.

This is why starting an exercise programme should be done with caution and safety as the number one concern.

If one goes at it like a bull at a gate, then injury will surely follow. Most people will realise that they can’t do what they did when they were 16, but some don’t realise this and go at it so hard that they get injured, and then their ego gets so crushed that they never try and exercise every again. This is a sad situation but so true of many people i see.

If you listen to good solid advice, and do indeed start off slow with a good plan, then you are HIGHLY LIKELY to succeed if you give yourself enough time and set some short term goals that are attainable. 1-2 pounds a week would be realistic, instead of the 5-6 pounds a week that faddy diets often promise. Also, don’t make the scale your number one indicator, this is setting yourself up for failure.

A plan that is sustainable that develops all the time is what you need and we will talk about this the rest of the week!!!

Friday, 10th August

Another friday and a very good one because its 25 degrees and sunny-for a change!

Hope you’re not one of those to write off your workout for the day just because its warm? I’m all for slacking off a bit in performance terms during this weather, and cutting some time off your workouts, that’s only sensible advice, but cancelling all together is definitely not on in my book!! Especially if you’re after great results, this weather should be seen as part of the challenge and should be embraced!

Look on the positive side, if you lived in certain parts of australia for example, this would be a nice winter’s day!!! And what excuse would you make then?!!!

The positives are that a day like today requires very little warm up, your muscles are already warm and the workout will be over fairly quickly!

Another great way of working out in this weather is to combine it with your day out of beach/mountain activities.

Playing games on the beach is always fun, and all of that running around can be draining, but a great workout. All you have to do is make sure you take onboard plenty of water to make sure you don’t get dehydrated!

I know plenty of people this year who have been on tent or caravan holidays, and there are usually plenty of trails this time of year to trek on, full of ups and downs that can and will test you to the limit, whilst taking in some great sights along the way! Don’t forget the terrain under foot will also test you further, due to the soft sand in places and uneven surfaces, it also burns a lot more calories!

Another key tactic in this weather is do try and workout your hardest first thing in the morning, or in the evening obviously because its a lot cooler, this simple thing to remember will save you a lot in terms of feeling far more comfortable when you train.

All in all, no excuse to skip your programme, embrace the nice weather as another challenge on your journey to being in your best shape!!!

Thursday, 9th August

So if we are looking at 1% improvement in everything we do, then we need to examine what areas we need to look at, both to increase our performance and health in general.

First thing is quality of food.

Are you eating healthy at least 80% of the time?

Are you eating breakfast every day?

Do you have mid-morning snacks and mid-afternoon snacks?

Do you have a good nutrient-packed lunch each day?

Do you have a variety of vegetables with your lean proteins and good carbs in the evening?

Do you drink enough water throughout the day?

Do you sleep enough to recover both from your training and get up for the next day’s training?

Do you keep your portion sizes sensible to make sure you’re not overeating?

So after your weigh all of these things up and you have answered of all these questions honestly, how much in percentage terms do you think that you can improve in all of these areas, or at least most of them?

I will bet that most of you can improve hugely in percentage terms in most of them.

So imagine after i have made that statement, how much does it all add up for you? I will definitely bet with any of you that it adds up to MUCH MORE than 1%, that’s for sure!!!

There should be 10, 20, 30 or even 50% improvements in there if you really put your mind to it!!!

So when we set the original 1% goal, it must amaze you how much you’re not really doing at the moment to maximise your potential!!! It’s all a matter now of really putting your mind to it and executing a good game plan, designed to fully support your nutritional needs that a demanding training programme will absolutely need!!

This should be a daily and weekly list and a great reminder for you on how to eat well, and gear you up for putting in consistent performances and add huge percentages to your overall progress!!!