Monday, 5th May

Anyone who has gone fishing for crabs could probably never guess that this story could be related to getting into great shape, but here goes!

When fishermen go out trapping crabs, they bring them back to shore, and put them all in a big bucket of water.

All the crabs surprisingly stay in the bucket even though they could climb out as there is usually no top on the bucket.

The crabs are usually then left in an open bucket all night.

If one crab tries to get out of the bucket, the other crabs would pull him back down, and if he kept trying then the other crabs would pull one of his legs off so he would be made to stay in the bucket.

You would think that the other crabs once they see that one of the crabs can get out, they would want to get out too, but this is not the case. They were more interested in keeping everyone in the bucket.

This story relates very closely to human nature.

When anyone is doing something to improve themselves like exercising or eating healthy, there will always be those who want to drag that person back down and stop from them being successful.

Think of the times you are out when people give you a hard time for not having a few drinks, or they give you a hard time for eating healthy or they want you to do anything else apart from train? There are people within your circle who won’t want you to succeed, and you have to break out of this.

If you are trying now to make a drastic change for the better in your life, then you are probably experiencing these scenarios right now. Just think that you are one of the crabs trying to get out the bucket, but some of your friends will do anything to keep you stuck in there just like them!

It’s important to surround yourself with people who are going to support you no matter what, this is a key element for being successful.

I have seen it many times, someone I am training is really keen to change their body, but someone in their immediate circle is intent on stopping them adopting the habits that are going to let them be successful.

It could be not supporting them eat healthy by continuously eat junk in front of them, it could be putting them off making their exercise sessions by constantly giving them other options and saying things like “missing workouts here and there won’t matter”, or a general lack of support or kind words, even when that person may be doing amazing things! This lack of support WILL drag you down.

Ask which people are supporting you, and which ones are sucking the life and motivation out of you?

So you have to decide which one you are, the one trying to change everything and escape mediocrity or the one who really wants to stay with the rest of the crabs as the fisherman story goes!

Be conscious about the time you spend with negative people, if those people are giving you constant negative thoughts, then see these people as poison to your chances of being successful.

Surround yourself with as many positive supportive people as possible, it will make all the difference.

Thursday, 1st May

Everyone when they first start questions really hard whether they can really get into great shape.

They say that when they see great results happening at the gym, they admire all of those individuals, but somehow don’t really believe that they can do it as they have failed so many times before, and how would this time be different?

I can tell people 500 times that they can do it, I know it, deep down they know it, everyone knows it by now but until they actually make a commitment, get their kit on and schedule that very first appointment, they will still be as far as ever from their ultimate goal.

Actually doing it instead of talking about it is the big difference that will transform your life.

Then when they get into their programme and complete a few sessions, it’s then that the confidence starts, it’s then that the belief starts to build, and the feeling of “maybe I can actually DO this” starts to enter your mind on a daily basis.

Then before we know it we are at the measurement stage, and then it’s the ultimate truth moment!

How well have you been eating?

How well and regular have you been training?

Have you really been doing your best, or have you been kidding yourself?

All of our members go through this, and this is a huge assessment of how you are doing, and a sign that you are willing to make yourself fully accountable at all times in terms of your physical performance.

It’s at this stage that the doubt starts to disappear, confidence starts to rise rapidly, and a sense of accomplishment soon
becomes a regular feature of your daily life.

Making that first start is the biggest step of all.

Monday, 28th April

The lunch time to evening workout period in terms of food is an area many of you slip up on in sometime alarming numbers.

The problems that are created by not taking on enough food and fluids during these times can make all the difference.

Let’s assume you manage to eat breakfast daily, snack healthily and then have a decent lunch, if you don’t eat for the next few hours until you train at let’s say 530pm, what will happen is a dramatic period of low energy just as you need it most.

Then a low level performance is bound to happen, and in general a lot more people than you think can occasionally feel a little dizzy and light headed, DESPITE not training any harder than usual, quite often less in some cases.

You have to put regular fuel in the tank or you are not going to be able to put regular good performances in, simple as that.

We try to run a professional programme, and the idea is that you improve rapidly but safely.

So we put all that effort in programme design, we try to get the intensity of the workouts just right, and we try to make sure you don’t do exactly the same thing every day.

So the missing link for many of you has to be the afternoon sleepy time of day, when two things go through your head.

Either you think that “if I eat before training I will feel sick” or “there’s no point in eating this afternoon because I need to cut my calories to lose weight”!


Take your fuel on board regularly and hit your training with an abundance of energy, then you will have a great performance and you will never have a light-headed experience again!

Monday, 28th April

For most of you who join our gym initially, the way we do things is 99.9% different to anywhere else you have been, to treat people as individuals is the only thing we know and it works best. We don’t do classes, we don’t give you a sheet to follow that has been photocopied hundreds of times, that never changes and you get bored of, and was never designed for you in the first place.

Everyone has a purpose, and has a unique capability of achieving it.

For many of you, you have begun lifting things you never thought possible, and running and moving in all sorts of different ways.

When you saw what went on outside of our place, and heard what went on inside, you maybe really wanted to try it, but never thought that you could possibly do it, or you didn’t want to be embarrassed when you eventually tried it.

That sense of confidence that many of you now possess cannot be bought, and the sense of a swagger in your step only comes from overcoming challenges that you thought impossible.

The best part about it all is that it doesn’t stop there, it continues and continues and never stops.

Overcoming and changing your body so much opens doors that you never thought existed.

You find that once you hit certain levels that you see others reaching, you not only want to go on and achieve much more, but you become an inspiration to others too.

Your family will view you as much more of an athlete and respect your achievements, you will go on to inspire others at the gym too who are only just starting out on their journey, and you will begin to set new horizons for yourself in all areas of achievement in your life.

Sunday 27th April

Best bit of advice I ever had was to make sure you get some sort of exercise in on the Sunday morning after a few drinks the night before.

If you don’t, you are likely to feel like rubbish all day on Sunday, and you don’t really recover until the Wednesday as the booze and excess food will sit on your stomach for a couple of days.

You may try to train it off on a Monday but in all likelihood you will still be feeling rough, be able to put in only a light session if at all, because you will want to hit the sack early after your first day back in work as your tiredness will hit a peak!

Then Tuesday you will want to put a big session in, you still feel exhausted but you do your best, and then have an early night, so it’s Wednesday before you are actually 100% again!

Starting your week mid-way through is always going to put you on the backfoot, so this morning is an ideal time to try and make up for a Saturday of excess. Monday then can be a great productive session and you are all set up to get a quality week’s training in!

Sunday should be your version of going to church for your body, feeling much better immediately and getting all the rubbish out of it.