Getting the message (if a little extreme)!

There is the old story about the famous preacher who joined one of america’s most select community’s, and how his unconventional ways converted a church full of people, who always turned up to church but never listened.

The first day the preacher showed up, he gave a rousing one hour lecture, and for the first time in that church’s history, got a standing ovation. The elder’s were thrilled and confirmed that they had made the right choice in their new preacher.

The second Sunday came and the preacher made exactly the same speech, more or less word for word for one hour again, and still got applause, although many had questioned its content, as it was the same as the week before.

The third week came, and the same thing happened, word for word and exactly for 60 minutes, the same message was broadcast and this time the elders were questioning the preacher’s one message theme, was this a joke or did he just one speech or was he just forgetful and forgot to change the lecture?

The next week comes and guess what? The same speech again, and this time as unrest starts amongst the congregation, the elders pull him to one side and ask him what the heck is going on? He then goes back out to the congregation and tells them, and the elders, that as long as the community acts the way it is, he will keep giving the same message until they actually “get it”, and apply his all encompassing message into their lives, and take the double standards out of their lives, no point showing up for church if they were committing sins all week long! We all know of such places don’t we? His methods may have been extreme, but hopefully you get the point!

Anyway, the point is that if you keep getting the message of doing 2-3 resistance workouts per week, 2-3 cardiovascular workouts per week, eating plenty of fresh fruit and veg, lean proteins, good carbs, sleep well, drink enough water and do things in moderation, you are bound to do well short and long term. How many of you know what to do, but never get around to doing it, actions speak louder than words so let’s forget all the excuses and compromises, let’s do it!


The magnetism of empty calories

Let’s be honest, we are all tempted over christmas, and all of us will have something we fancy, and sugary and fatty. How much of it will dictate how we feel, how hard it will be  in the new year to get it off, and how long it will take to get our taste buds back to normal again.

Cyril made an interesting post but one thing came shing through from all of what he said and we should learn from him. It was why he was making bad choices again. He was struggling because he wasn’t taking action on his bad food choices, he was talking about it but wasn’t doing anything about it despite trying hard.  Cyril will get back on track straight away but the great positive is that he knows where he is going wrong. How many of us know where we are going wrong in life? Most of us follow blind alleys at times, and don’t know where going wrong until obviously the result is not what we want, then we clearly must change to achieve a result we have been searching for.

The empty calories we have all around us, the mince pies, the beer, the wine, the cakes, the party food, the sugar coated anything, the pastries etc etc, they are all there to be eaten and they act as magnets in our times of weakness. Then one bad day leads to another and before we know it, the weight has piled on, we feel like garbage and we have the energy of a sloth, and a tight chest for some reason and the thought of exercising again sounds better “next week”!

My advice over christmas would be try to do something most days, even a nice walk would be fantastic, just to keep those lungs in shape. Some of you will do more, and well done on that, you will feel better and start 2010 with a bang! The magnetism of those empty calories can be very strong, so start as you mean to go on, keep eating plenty of the lowest fat meat out there in turkey, eat lots of veggies, have something of what you fancy as its christmas after all, and make a genuine promise to yourself that you’re not going to pile all of that weight on this year again, because it could easily be march before you get it off! Most diets end on valentine’s day and if you do your indulgence in moderation, you won’t need any faddy diet that’s doomed for failure again.

We have plenty of eating and traing stuff coming up so let’s really understand why this year is going to be different for you all, and you’re far more in control of it than you think!


Making the connection!

Making the connection between feeling good through exercise and eating better, is critical to your long term success in following a sound health and fitness plan. If you keep on complaining everything is hard, you make excuses not to exercise, you complain all the time that healthy food is boring, and life is not worth living without all those sauces on top to flavour them, then you are clearly arenot “making the connection”.

Let’s go over the same message once again, your body can take 12 weeks to get used to a more natural way of eating, with no artificial additives, no harmful sauces, no excess sugar, no excess fat that isn’t  needed, those are the facts and sometimes you have to face the facts, and stop making the same old lame excuses, if you want to be in shape, or at least get leaner and get more energy in your life, you’re going to have to eat better full stop, drink more water and exercise with purpose, although exercising at all would make a nice little start for some.

This is a big secret for some, but making that connection is vital and numero uno!! There are many ways to get it and enjoying your exercise would be a start, but sometimes that enjoyment doesn’t come until you get a few workouts under your belt, get a routine going and start to eat well, then the feeling better process really begins and things suddenly get “enjoyable” remarkably!

Most of us do things for a reason, to avoid pain and gain pleasure. Contrary to popular belief, exercise and eating well does bring us pleasure if we do it right, and for instance, when we get compliments on how well we are looking and maybe we have lost some weight, there’s nothing better than that feeling. The short-term discomfort of getting yourself into an exercise plan will soon be outweighed by about a thousand different benefits, let’s get out there and make the connection once and for all!

Inspiration and desperation!

Most people will actually get off their backsides for one of two reasons. It will be either be out of inspiration or out of desperation! How many of you have never applied for a job because  although you knew you had the ability to do the job, it would be “easier” to ignore it and stay in your “comfort zone”, even if being in that comfort zone didn’t make you particularly happy, you were worse off financially and emotionally.

You may be inspired to do things sometimes by seeing others battle and win against all the odds, and you will be encouraged to follow suit. It’s always great when others have shown you the way to do it, and will often give you the nudge to lift your game a level or two.

I certainly followed the desperation route, I remember working in a fairly mundane office job, having already passed my health and fitness qualifications, I saw an opening for a job in a new health club. Someone in the office questioned me loudly and doubted my ability to get that job (although secretly I was not prepared to settle for that job anyway, I wanted to work for myself). I was already fitness instructing 4 hours a day and decided I needed to do something big with my new qualifications.

My response was out of desperation and I wanted massive change in my life, the next step was I phoned the local paper to put myself on trial and train the chief reporter, and if she found me not that good-report it, if she found it good-report it, the results thankfully turned out very well and my one act of desperation allowed me to get real momentum in my career and encouraged me to keep taking action. I didn’t listen to the “you’ll never do it” brigade (and there were plenty), I just kept my head down and did it, and momentum became very powerful indeed, so much so that it became like second nature.

This piece is not to “big myself up”, its to encourage you to take action as it can become a habit, a very good one, and it was desperately hard for me to take the first step too!

If you keep on working hard, keep on doing good things often without receiving any credit, do things because you want to and help others, and you will be on the road to being more successful in your chosen field.

Worst to first

I don’t want to get up at 4am for work half the time, but my mind is soon changed and i am flattered that someone wants me training them at 5am.

Many clients say they didn’t really want to start, but so glad they did because they have achieved great things. This came about by doing things that they thought for the very worst thing in the world, running up hills, going out when it was freezing, wet, windy, and even snow! They tell me that initially eating foods that taste terrible could actually become very tasty given just a few weeks. Another of the “worst” things was allowing a photo to be taken of themsevlves, and actually admitting for the first time, they were in bad shape and needed to dig themselves out of the hole they were in. It was a incredible journey for some, and still is has they continue to face life’s challenges.

It’s like eating all your greens when you’re a kid, you don’t really want to do it and could be the worst thing in the world at the time, but you know you have to because it’s good for you, and after some practice, the greens become a lot more tasty somehow and i could lisr many examples with a lot of foods!!

Isn’t it funny if you keep on practicing things you may have considered horrible (linked to good health) to start with, your life changes for the better, you get lots and lots more energy, and you start looking and feeling better, the more you practice! The more you develop your weaknesses, the stronger you will become, and those weaknesses will soon become your strong points, and make you much more of an all rounder knowing you can attack any challenge.

Sometimes the last thing you think you need to do, or eat or train, should be the first thing you should do.