Tuesday, 10th April

Great to be back after the long weekend off, and already it seems as if the people i have dealt with today are firing on all cylinders.

Despite the indifferent weather, and plain dreadful weather yesterday in particular, it seems as if most people i train have been very active most of the weekend. When you are fitter and healthier, you WANT and sometimes NEED to be more active. Having all weekend off and doing absolutely nothing doesn’t wash very well for most if not all of my clients!

Good energy levels don’t somehow “just happen”, they develop and grow by the investment in exercise and good food you have made over the years. There is a direct relation!

When your energy levels are high, you want things to happen in your life. Your enthusiasm is likely to be very high to and this enables you to plan to be active in life, its all a knock on effect when you think about it!

So if you feel a bit low and lethargic today, it may have been because of the “lack” of activity you had the weekend?!

Moving from the lethargy you may experience now and fairly regular, to a life of high energy and drive you really want and need, is really down to the lifestyle you HAVE to lead. There’s no “beating the system” with being healthy, there is no magic pills or injections to make you suddenly fit and healthy, common sense tell you that this can’t happen and deep down you know it!!!

So the big question is how you workout this tuesday? Have you got the plan in place to hit everything hard today?

Have you got a good supermarket shop in? No leaving eating to chance or you will simply pick up fast food or snack on rubbish?

Are you hitting the sack early this week? Or are you going to rely on the madness and bad side effects of dodgy energy drinks?

Keep it simple and reach the lifestyle you want with ease!!

Thursday, 29th December

If you got into your workouts gently yesterday, then today is a day to step up the ante.

You have to face reality that your first “proper” workout will hurt a little bit, and it will be a little uncomfortable, due to the high likelihood of your eating too much and drinking too much maybe. Throw in some lack of sleep and you have the perfect combination for inferior workouts!

The great thing about getting through a good workout today is that you are bound to feel better from it. It may be painful to get through at times, but after you have managed to get your blood flow going, the aches and pains will slowly go and you will leave the scene of your workout in much higher spirits than when you first started!

Another neglected part of Christmas for most people is the lack of water consumed.

Water is the most important part of feeling and looking food. Without it and its not going to happen for you full stop. Your internal workings and your vital organs wont function properly if you don’t hydrate yourself adequately every day. Water is vital to human life, so lets make every effort to get something that is so fundamental to your health 100% right now.

I was guilty of it myself over Christmas, drinking too much tea and coffee, and in a matter of days, realising your energy levels have gone so far south, you don’t have the inclination to exercise, and even if you have, your performance is unlikely to be anywhere near your normal levels.

I guarantee that if you get a good workout in today, and you sip water throughout the day and especially in your workout, you will feel 100% better and as close to your normal self as is humanly possible.

After all, the sooner you feel better, the sooner you are going to perform better and eat well too. A lot of people I know don’t feel they have the incentive to eat well unless they have trained.

It all starts with today’s workout, don’t follow the crowd and wait until the new year, hit it today and lets get the feeling good process moving right now!!!

Your option to decide

So here we are at the start of yet another week, and believe it or not, im still excited about what i do!

I look forward to going to work, in fact i don’t call it  “work” anymore and have a problem calling it that.

I enjoy what i do and how many people can say that? I used to have jobs where i totally DID NOT like what i did, i found it unfulfilling, unrewarding, not mentally stimulating, all the negative adjectives you want to use, go for it and they could be possibly the right descriptions!

Then i changed it all round and to cut a long story short, i am here right now trying to inspire you to do something really important, valuable, hugely rewarding, fulfilling, enjoyable, fantastic for your health. There can be no denying that this statement is true so hopefully more than a few of you are going to take the offer up and change your lives very much for the better.

If you say you’re too old, my oldest client is 84 and started training at 75 years of age, so no excuses there please.

If you think you have gone “too far” the other way and your belly is too much to reduce, then i have had many, many clients lose over 10 inches off their waists, so that excuse will not wash with me either!

If you say “im going to try and do a bit on my own first” or “i can do it myself”, then fantastic, please do!!! However, if you’ve been making these statements year in year out since you left school, college, work, whatever, then obviously YOU ARE NOT GETTING IT DONE all by yourself, and you’re not moving around quite enough are you?!!

What you should be certain about today though is that you have the same OPTION TO DECIDE your fate this week just like everyone else reading this today, the 6th of september 2010. Either you make the same old excuses that you know are absolute rubbish or you decide to devote the rest of the year to discovering that you can actually get into shape again!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whether its the first time since school, the first time since you gave birth, the first time since you lost your job, the first time since you got divorced, the first time since you got married, the first time since you bought a house, the first time since you suffered rejection in your life and you havent been able to recover etc etc! Whatever the situation, you have this option right now to decide to change your life today and forever.

All of us have this choice and people do it every day, or they put up with mediocrity.

Are you are “do’er” or just a “talker”?!

Commit “to do” and you will be shocked how much everything in your life improves.

Getting it?

Okay, a big welcome back to cyril, who has obviously been very busy, but has fallen off some of his excellent habits. Doing the stuff in the garden though remains a very tough job which burns lots of calories and works different muscles so well done on that cyril.

The facts don’t change when you want to keep measuring your progress and keeping yourself on an even keel, or even progressing.

So if im looking at my week, i look at it and ask myself have i done my all over weights workout twice a week?

I then look have a done some cardiovascular work and for me that includes cycling and running, for you it may include walking, swimming or anything that gets your heart rate up for an extended period.

I then look at my weekly eating, has it been quite tight with a good structure or have pizza’s and alcohol slipped in there somewhere, after all it was the world cup wasn’t it?

So if i indeed manage to do all of these then thats great, i am at least staying healthy and probably improving my health.

So what’s your story? Do you have week’s like these and if you don’t, what do you do the following week? Do you start exercising again or do you lose motivation already and by mid-week promise to start “next week” or “next month?

All of you tell me that you feel like death warmed up when you dont do your workouts, when you dont eat properly, and when you have poor night’s sleep. or you start drinking in the week and more than you should.

This seems like the eternal battle, is it going to be the good, well structured week or the bad, haphazard week’s that can lead to a pretty hefty downward spiral for some of you?

When this “eternal battle” ends, and you make working out and eating well totally part of your lifestyle, and exercise an absolute must in your life, THIS IS TOTALLY WHEN YOU GET IT!

Like yesterday’s post, “showing up” is 80% of the equation when you want to be successful so the minute you start analysing your week’s honestly and ask yourself how committed you truly are, that is exactly the time you progress.

Moments of change

It only takes a moment to change the way you are looking at your health.

How on earth could jean go from more or less giving up to going on a one hour 15 minute bike ride? Thats quite a reversal and turnaround!

Thats why i get annoyed when some people think about starting an exercise programme, they do exactly that only, THINK about it and usually never get started.

This usually involves going around all the shops to get the perfect workout gear, that looks all fancy as this time you’re really going to do this BIG STYLE!

Then you may think how you’re going to get fit. Do you go to a gym, and if so which one?

Do you buy one of those exercise dvd’s? If so, which one?

Do you buy the really expensive training shoes or the cheap ones?

Do you start your diet straight away or do you just start exercising and then change your diet “gradually”?

All valid questions but shouldn’t you follow someone like jean, who has more experience than most people i know. She JUST DID IT!

She didnt think about it too much, she just got on the bike and went for it. Tell me, is that such a ground-breaking thing to do? Is it rocket science or do you have to study nuclear physics to do such a thing?

I have seen lots of individuals change their lives around by taking on such an attitude.

The power of saying “im not going to take this crap anymore, this time no matter what im going to do it” is amazing! This is extremely powerful and if you do get in bit of a rage with yourself over the way you’ve let yourself slip, then that GREAT, use it as a motivational tool to get more out of yourself in your workouts!

My best workouts are usually when im pretty steamed about something, and i take it out on the weights or a run or  a cycle.

Being fed up may actually get you to do something.

Forget about prancing around fancy clothes shops, forget about talking a good game, change it around right now and get off your behind to make a massive difference to yourself.

Its not too warm, its not too humid, if it is then get out there early tomorrow morning and JUST DO IT!!!

Your moment of change is right here, time for action!