Friday, 28th September

Training at the weekend can seem foreign and never happen for most people.

There are a couple of big advantages though for weekend training.

First of all, it can be a great time to play catch-up.

If you have missed a session or two in the week, then making up for it at the weekend is not only important, its vital for those of you who are after serious results.

Then there are those of us who train well in the week, and then still want to train Saturday or Sunday anyway! I always recommend having at least one day off a week, I personally take a Saturday off, but make  sure that  I really get a good workout in on Sunday to get myself going again and feel great.

The “feeling great” part of it is the most important part not only for myself, but for everyone else I speak to.

Hopefully you can relate to this.

If you have a weekend of overeating and bingeing on everything, have a few drinks and generally slob around, then undoubtedly you are not going to feel that great by the time Monday comes along!!! Most of us can relate to that!

This is when the importance of a Saturday or Sunday workout comes into it, and I find outside workouts in particular great at getting rid of an excesses of the weekend.

We all feel better when we rid our bodies of the toxins that have invaded our bodies at the weekend!

It makes sense if we get back to eating and exercising well as soon as possible!

So if we do this to feel better, then we know we will also benefit from losing body fat too. You can be sure if we binge all weekend without any exercise, the body fat will come on thick and fast, and we will face Monday morning with a bit of a mountain to climb!!!

You can see it makes a lot of sense to take advantage of the weekend to put your trainers on and workout!!!

Wednesday, 26th September

As time goes by, technology allows us to do everything faster, more conveniently, and achieve a lot more in a record amount of time!

This has been proved to me yet again by two completely different training clients this week.

One is a 16 year old boy, who has already been training 5 years with me, and has gone from a very overweight young man, hating sport, to someone who has become very accomplished in exercise terms, is now very lean and pacy, and has reached national level in one of  his chosen sports, he plays three different sports now, and none of them rugby or foootball!!!

He has become very organised now, and now keeps training diaries and records of everything he does.

He told me the other day that he finds this whole process fascinating, purely because of the staggering progress he has made over the 5 years. He was shocked to see how he is training now, compared to the light and basic programme he had to start! He now realises that he can get in shape in a very quick period of time! He trains 5 times a week for 25 mins a time, and that’s it!!

This is how technology can work for you!

Then the other individual is someone who used to be fit and healthy, but now has several issues with his health and life in general.

He tried to get fit on his own, doing the same things he did when he was 20. It turns out he can’t do any of those things anymore, and he came to me in desperation, realising  even at 45 years of age, his body couldn’t move in any way like he used to, and he panicked about it!!

Six weeks on, he feels alive again! He is moving better, stronger, leaner and finally getting control of his diet, realising that whatever goes into his body will have a direct effect on the way he looks and feels!!

Best of all he says, exercising 4 times a week for 40 mins a time suits his lifestyle, and all the new moves and exercises are a tiny sacrifice to get him feeling young and healthy again.

Exercise doesn’t have to be all grunt, using your brain can make the whole process a lot more enjoyable and dramatically speed up your process!!!

Wednesday, 19th September

Not falling over in your programme can be the thing that differentiates you from most people who try to get into great shape.

By falling over I mean just keeping on training and eating well, and sometimes when you don’t even feel like it.

How many times have you got home from work, and its been freezing and wet outside, and you haven’t even got out of the chair because the thought of getting out and training in that weather seems so uninviting.

If you had only made that effort, then within 5 minutes of actually exercising, you would have been glad you did.

This is an example of not falling over!

If you are fully intending to eat well, especially in the week, then sometimes you can let a pizza night on a Tuesday throw you off good eating for the rest of the week.

There is no reason to do this, and getting back to good eating immediately on Wednesday morning would be the best thing to do, so many people though fall over and just write off the rest of the week!

A pizza occasionally can be good for you, helps keep your sanity and helps make you feel that you are not on some kind of ultra-strict diet, but you can still have a bit of what you fancy, its just that these days you are a bit more sensible when it comes to overdoing it in terms of portion size!

Another way to “fall over” in terms of progress is letting others put you off. You will always have comments off other people deriding what you are doing, and why don’t you be lazy and overeat/over drink instead?

Not falling over would involve you sticking to your guns, knowing that the path that you are on is the right one, no matter what negative people say, and you are going to see it through no matter what!!

These situations can happen any time and on multiple occasions, staying strong when you have a supposed reason to quit is the difference between successful and failing.

Tuesday, 18th September

We talk all the time about making huge performance gains, and how you can enable yourself to reach impressive levels of fitness, but sometimes its all too easy to forget where we first started.

It is usually a nervous time when you first start exercising, and we all remember that particular period of our lives.

You may or not be surprised that there is an increasing number of individuals who start training who have blood pressure problems, heart disease, diabetes and bone/joint problems, i personally have seen this trend go up sharply over the last 17 years.

This shows that the starting point for everyone can be remarkably different.

So if you are just nervous about beginning to exercise, imagine how hard it is to start the health and fitness journey with a known disease?!!! Some people never overcome this mental hurdle of actually making a start, and this is a shame. I call it a shame because i have so many people who have started with various ailments, and have gone on to achieve some pretty special things.

If you think its impossible for someone in her fifties to do triathlons after high blood pressure worries when she first started, then think again!

If you think its impossible for someone classed as physically disabled to learn how to run for the first time, then guess again.

If you think its not just possible for someone with deep breathing problems to run a full marathon in 8 months, then you’re going to be wrong because with the right training, the right eating and right guidance, it can be done!!

So you can see that the so called “starting point” is very much different for everybody, and wherever you are right now, there is absolutely nothing that should put you off!!!

Monday, 17th September

First of all, a big shout out to all of those cyclists who took part in the Gower bike ride on sunday, some found it harder than others and the overall feeling was that it went very well. Another message of support to the lady who has knocked down by a car on the Mayals Road, let’s hope she is okay after being airlifted from the scene. This hammers home the dangers of road cycling and how aware we need to be.

Cycling in general is matter of simply “doing it” !

When you first start learning to ride a bike, you simply do that, you learn how to handle your bike, the ups and downs, the fall offs, the twists and turns, and eventually you move on to using gears, and you finally discover how to go up hills, as well as the fun part of going downhills!

Then when we cut a very long story short, and you can do all of the things necessary to have full confidence to ride on your own, we then move on how to actually improve your performance, to get stronger and faster on a bike and how to last for longer.

This is a journey that can last a lifetime, and one thing you learn for sure as you get older is to ride “smarter!”.

Selecting the appropriate gears, hitting the right revolutions per minute (i always like 80 rpm), and learning how to use “drafting” to benefit in terms of work you have to do, using the wind to your advantage and benefitting from other cyclists in front of you, or even cars sometimes!

We can talk about all of these techniques and ins and outs of cycling, but the actual DOING IT is how you really develop, how you really learn how to handle a bike, and how you can end up doing such fulfilling charity rides such as the Gower bike ride yesterday, move on to triathlons maybe, or just set your own individual goals, such as your first century as one of my clients did the other day, all for his own personal satisfaction.

Don’t waste a moment and enjoy your ride, it’s all a matter of getting out there!!!