Tuesday, 29th May

The encouragement of individuals to exercise has never been more important, and once they start, to encourage everyone to keep it up.

Its an absolutely massive step for most people to step into a gym, or even think seriously about being more active. Many gyms seem intimidating and many are full of people we would rather not socialise with, or so it seems at the start.

 The reality is often different but that “first time” nervousness needs to be overcome somehow, in order for an individual to become healthier, more active and on their journey to becoming a healthy adult or child.

Families and friends can play a vital role, and if you are an individual who is currently wrestling with the decision on whether to seek professional advice on how to start exercising, then having support from a family member or close friend can be crucial not only in getting started but in the longer term too.

This is why i believe in using as many tools as possible to keep that doubting (to start with) individual exercising. This will involve an exciting programme design full of different ideas but sound in fundamental terms.

This enables the person taking the plunge to experience a lot of fun whilst exercising. Perhaps the most important factor though will always be RESULTS!!!

This is why i measure everyone once a month, to make sure progress is constantly being achieved and after all, theres no better feeling than someone telling you that you’re looking so much better, or trying on clothes that you thought you would never get into again, and suddenly they fit easily again!!!

There have never been so many opportunities out there to get fit and healthy, deciding the right way can often be an issue for most people, and this is why results are so important.

Success with your health and fitness is waiting for you right now, so DECIDE to change your life and make it happen today!!!

Tuesday, 22nd May

The warm weather is back, or should make that it has actually STARTED after one of the worst April’s and May i can remember.

Please don’t use the excuse of “its too warm now”, please DO NOT use that because you should see this weather and light nights as an INVITATION TO GET FIT AND HEALTHY!!

Compare this with mid-november to mid-march and you are right in the best time of year now to really make a difference to your mind and body. Theres every opportunity now to get your body in great shape by simply enjoying the environment around us.

If you cant get out there on the bike in this sunshine, then you ought to question your commitment to yourself. Besides all of this commitment talk, its actually ENJOYABLE, thats definitely the best way to think about it rather than seeing it as some kind of chore!! Riding a bike in this weather with all the beautiful scenery is one of the best things you can experience full stop.

Get off the roads too when you walk too if possible, and avoid all the pollution. Get up mountains and enjoy the fresh air, and the air that most people don’t get to take in. Its good for you full stop, and the often steep gradients will lift your fitness levels to brand new levels.

There are plenty of people swimming, but i happen to know a few more people now who swim outside, enjoying the different challenges that this brings. Enjoying the more natural route is always a winner for your health and is so demanding that it will often trump your inside swimming sessions! Both are good though it must be said and depends on the individual.

Personally, as you can tell, i love being outside at this time of year, as well as inside sessions. Mix them both up and reap some pretty serious rewards!!!

Thursday, 10th May

Adjusting your eating in the first place to become a healthier, fitter person is one of the hardest, most uncomfortable processes we go through.

Although most of us show great enthusiasm when we say we will and want to change our lifestyle, the actual knuckling down to it all can be much harder than we thought.

Most people who are overweight and unhealthy exist on a diet of high refined sugars and high in saturated fat. This is the ultimate double whammy in becoming the most unhealthy version of yourself, and the bad news is that this way of eating can take a lo of getting used to.

Not only that but those of you who eat a lot of “bad” and “empty” calories (in terms of nutritional value), will usually be prone to drinking a lot of these worthless calories in too.

If you see someone carrying a big bottle of coke or pepsi down the road for instance, then its fairly reasonable to expect them to be overweight.

If you see someone who “calls for a pint” every night or every other night in the pub, then is usually guaranteed they will be overweight, and if not, certainly unhealthy inside which can be even worse.

Since most people who live this lifestyle have been on it most of their lives, then of course it is going to be very difficult indeed to get off this path.

The great news is though that once you leave the path of making yourself extremely unhealthy over the long term, the changes can start happening fairly quickly, and happen much quicker again when you start exercising properly, or just even moving around more.

As I said, the hardest decision is often to change your diet in the first place and get on the right road. I don’t consider the right road to be slimming clubs either, they are the quick path to yo-yo dieting and ultimate failure and self-confidence destruction (scientific studies say that 97% of dieters put the weight back on and 5% more).

Im talking about eating healthy, eating fresh when possible and eating foods as much in their natural state as possible. This is the right road that will eventually take you to ultimate health and a strong standard of fitness.

Wednesday, 9th May

Are you one of those who is feeling very tired after the long bank holiday weekend? If so, then you are not alone!!

Most people who have not exercised at the weekend will automatically feel more tired yesterday in particular, and maybe today too.

This shows that if you do not move around on a regular basis, then you are not helping your energy levels one bit. Some people think that if they sit around all day, somehow they will have more energy and that exercise is somehow “counter-productive” to their day. This is the ultimate in negative thinking and does by those who are usually way out of shape!

If you listen to the anecdotal evidence from those who exercise on a regular basis, then you will have heard energy only comes from exercising and eating fresh natural food. Most people who exercise regularly are more positive than their sedentary counterparts.

So if you have been one of the more inactive individuals at the weekend, then you should know what i am talking about.

Hopefully, you have got a great workout in over the last two days or even got two workouts in, chances are by now you feel 200% better by now!

Energy is earned by your body and not a god-given right!

Your body will look after itself if you look after it, this is always something to remember the next time you think you should “retire” from exercise. This lack of ambition will get you nowhere, and its time to make that  “SOMEDAY” happen today in terms of getting into shape, and dumping all that rubbish refined sugar loaded food straight into the black bags and head them straight over to the rubbish dump!!!

Actions speak louder than words so lets make sure you make it happen!!

Tuesday, May 8th

The revolution in training goes on and some remarkable changes have happened the last few years in particular.

The return of bodyweight training, and the rise and rise of functional training (exercises that have real life meaning) has been fantastic for me, because it what i have done for many, many years and its great to see a lot of people embracing this style of training!

I spoke to an equipment supplier last week and he told me what i already thought-that steppers, cross trainers, treadmills even were on the way out, and that steppers were totally out, and on the way to joining the dinosaurs!!! A lot of companies dont even make steppers anymore!!

I have been banging on for years that these machines should not form the foundation of your training. Steppers in particular don’t offer much value in terms of results, and are an example of a machine doing a lot of the work for you, plus wasting a lot of money.

Treadmills have their place if you are forced to exercise inside, but there are a million other options thats for sure!

If you’re fed up about me talking about  medicine balls, bosu balls, swiss balls etc, then tough! This is the way you should be training for all kinds of amazing results. If you want a strong back, then this is for you. If you want a strong tight stomach, then this way of training is for you, if you want great balance, then this way will work big time for you.

Bottom line is that if you want to be fitter, stronger, better balanced and healthier in every single way, then you have to learn how to handle your own bodyweight and really “find” your body again and its true source of power. This isnt some kind of mystical thing either, its entirely possible and its about time you made it happen!!!