Friday, 26th October

October 26th is the day before the clocks go back, and automatically things get darker from now on, and you may have noticed a lot colder!!!

This is the true test for me on an individual’s hunger to show up and really get into shape. Its much easier in the summer when things are mostly bright and sunny, but the dark, wet, cold nights can be something else to get over.

If you look at the situation quite a bit closer though, there is absolutely no reason for you to miss sessions and snuggle up on the settee every night feeling sorry for yourself! You will feel a lot more sorry for yourself if you pile a lot of weight on, when your self-esteem goes down and you become one of those people who say “i used to be fit and healthy…………..once upon a time!!!!

This statement is one of the saddest you will ever hear so let’s turn it around right now and not fall into that trap for one second!!!

Look at it another way, there are 8 whole weeks to christmas and nobody wants to look overweight and sluggish christmas time, especially with all the drinking and eating yet to come!!!

Use the winter evenings as an excuse to train, to put in the hard work in your baggy clothes, knowing when it comes to wearing your christmas dress or christmas suit, you know you have the opportunity to look incredibly better than you do right now!!!!

These are the choices you have right now in front of you, if you really think of it there aren’t many reasons you could use as an excuse!!!

I have had this discussion with everyone i train who are struggling at the changing of the seasons, and all of them without exception have ramped up the pressure on themselves to put in such great performances in the run-up to christmas!!!

Tuesday, 23rd October

Unless you fully appreciate each stage off your development, and try to go from A-Z in record time, you are unlikely to achieve sustainable progress.

For example, we talked about some basic but very handy tips on your eating again.

The big question is do you practice all of these habits on a daily basis? If not, then perhaps you need to visit these again before moving on. How many of us have told ourselves that we know it all anyway, and we do not need to be reminded?

I have heard plenty of people use this attitude and guess what? They are always the ones who continually show LEAST progress!!

The ability to be a “sponge” and absorb every scrap of information you possibly can is always undervalued.

I often see the people with the least individual athletic ability over-achieve and better the results of so called more gifted athletes purely because they have applied themselves a lot more, and the same goes for every area in life.

The people who don’t take advice from a post such as yesterday are also the ones looking for some “magic” supplement that will somehow strip fat at a massively fast pace and somehow get you into your best shape, even without eating really well somehow!!!

Those of you who have been down such a route (and most of us have let’s admit it!), will relish the fact now that we don’t need to use such a complex and usually such an expensive route that is ultimately futile!!!

The tips yesterday will offer you stratagies that cost you absolutely nothing, but you will be able to keep up for a lifetime!

They offer you easy ways to get into shape, to speed your metabolism up, to help you make the right choices, and definitely put you on the road to feeling healthy and getting into the kind of shape you always wanted!!!

Wednesday, 17th October

Besides handling a lot of workouts from a lot of different individuals all week, one of the biggest challenges is handling all the different emotions that all of these different people experience on a daily basis, affecting their moods, affecting their workouts, and definitely the way i approach them in the workout.

If you have someone who is in a mightily bad mood, then you can be sure there will not be much conversation going on early in the workout! Then usually, because much of the stress is relieved during exercise, there tends to be a far happier person at the end of the session, both of us in fact!!!

If you have someone who is particularly jolly, then you know you are likely to achieve a huge amount that day, and its time to take advantage of the situation by trying to reach fresh highs in terms of workout performances, which will naturally bring on better results, which at the end of the day is something we are all looking for!!

Then you will get the individuals who are the “undecided” how they feel, their moods could go either way, they can be a litte up and a little down, these are the people who need the most emotional support that day!

I always point out the positives to these people on how far they have come, and by the end of the session, the mood usually is massively positive, because once you explain the details i have taken every 28 days for the individual, the blood pressure improvement, stronger heart rate, less body fat, tigher waist and hips etc, the evidence is overwhelming in dictating that this individual should be very pleased with their progress, after all the measuring equipment never lies!!!

So you can there are a lot of emotions to handle all day long, but thats what makes my job so great, and re-affirming an individual’s progress is always very powerful and gets that person well and truly back on track!!!

Thursday, 11th October

The subject of goal setting is often underestimated. In the workplace you have often over zealous managers doing their often boring, non-effective management speak telling you on your annual report that you need “to set goals” for the year ahead.

The result in practice is often that those so called goals never get reviewed until the next year, every 3 months at best. This is very inefficient at best!

I try to get everyone to set new goals every week at the most.

This sounds a bit over the top to many, but those who go through it always see the huge benefits of doing so.

Real meaningful goals that matter to individuals are always important to write down!!

I have found too that through my own research, that people often lose their focus on their original goals very quickly indeed.

Either that or they reach their initial goals quickly, and often just go through the motions after that, not raising their game because they do not know the next level that they want to get to!

When you think of life, most people’s lives change on a weekly basis, a daily basis and an hourly basis when you think how quickly events can change, so if you really want to improve you had better get used to reviewing your progress and changing it to suit how fast you are progressing!

Also, the reason why I get everyone writing their goals down is that automatically become more meaningful when you write them down!

A study by Harvard university showed that goals are 80% more likely to happen when you write them down, rather than just “talk about them”.

We have a white board in the gym for this very process, and its already very productive, helping everyone who want big changes for the better in their lives!!

Time to stop talking about it all, write it down and you will get there quicker!!

Wednesday, 10th October

Being optimistic about your progress is one of the most important habits you need to get into, or you will forever be like the economy, you will be going through “boom and bust” for the rest of your life, in health and fitness terms.

For example, you can do really well in your training, and be really pleased with your progress.

Then all of a sudden it may take one thing to doubt your progress.

You could have an illness, an injury or just go through a period of training when you’re not able to reach your previous highs in terms of performance in your training.

During all of these times, you still could be losing inches off your waist, losing body fat, and your heart rate may still be getting stronger all the time.

Despite all of this, you will doubt your progress somehow!!!

I have encountered many individuals like this, and I think it’s a human trait to doubt ourselves even when evidence suggests we should never doubt for one second!

This is when hard numbers have to take over!

If your waist measurement is coming down or already in healthy range, then you are DOING VERY WELL!!!

If your body fat is coming down or in a healthy range already, then you should be very pleased at your level of conditioning.

If you have a healthy strong heart rate 72 beats per minute or less, then you are doing everything right, and you are performing and recovering well from exercise.

Like I said, despite all of this overwhelming evidence, people sometimes still doubt themselves. This is exactly the time to change your mindset and start celebrating where you are, and be optimistic that not only can you sustain this progress, but you can actually improve it each month!!

Justified optimism is the one big thing that will take you forward, and keep doing so. Doubt is the only thing that can hold you back!!

Reinforcing your optimism on a daily basis is vital so get practicing right now!!!