Thursday, 6th September

With the predicatability of the new school term starting as discussed this week, its absolutely no reason to be predictable and boring with your exercise programme.

You may have heard that one needs to change your programme every 12 weeks, but this is too limiting in my view.

You are only limited by your imagination when it comes to designing your workout, and what apparatus, if any, you end up using to reach your goals.

I love doing weight training but it doesn’t need to end there.

I like to throw in a lot of balance and instability work, meaning you really get to work your core in a very deep way, and this helps you get deep down into your muscle, and this is how you really get a strong stomach and back, which is absolutely needed to perform well in just about anything!!!

I love to do speed and agility work. Nothing worse and more boring than going on long, flat runs with no scenery to keep you interested. I love the short and sharper stuff, and getting more agile is what everyone should be interested in. The more agile you are, the better you perform in daily life, meaning less back pain, more core strength and power and you can create an unbelievable amount of energy into your life through this form of training too!!

If you have a look outside our gym by burry port railway station, you will see great big tractor tyres, which are excellent to flip, you will see sledghammers which are great to bash into tyres, you will see hurdles, cones and agility markers, you will see parachutes and harnesses, in fact all sorts of stuff to keep your variety at the very maximum, which also serves to keep interest at very good levels too.

There has never been a more exciting to train and get fit!!

Tuesday, 4th September

We talked about raising the bar with your exercise yesterday, and the absolute importance of not giving in to missing your workout just because it was first week of term!!!

This week already, I have trained many mothers who could have easily called off their training, but are aware of the hardship of missing a week or so when they get back.

Also, they tell me that their eating usually goes by the wayside when they don’t train. They miss the motivation to eat good healthy food when they do not exercise, and I can vouch for that myself.

Which brings me on to the eating side of things, are you going to stand there today accepting the fact that somehow you cannot eat well and healthy all week long? Of course you can still have a treat on the weekend, you can have a drink on the weekend as long as you don’t go bananas and you keep it to one night? Isn’t this a great example of compromise on both our part’s?

So the kids have started back school today, and hopefully you are back in the kind of schedule that is going to support a healthy lifestyle!

You have your supermarket shop in, at least 80% of it is healthy, and you will support your kids health very well by giving them healthy choices most of the time too.

Automatically when you eat healthy, you become much more energetic and much more feeling like doing some exercise. The opposite is true when you don’t eat well!

So with the word “routine” and “schedule” happening big time this week, and the kids finally going back to school, you have the perfect platform to launch your exercise programme and support your health and immune system with as many fresh, natural foods as possible?!!

What are you waiting for?!!! Let’s do it!

Thursday, 30th August

To follow on from all of the positivity yesterday, its vital you practice this each and every day, and after just a few days your life WILL change.

Let’s get one thing straight, EVERY SINGLE PERSON i know get their moment of doubt in what they are doing, and sometimes different parts of every day.

The key is to try and keep crushing those doubts by carrying on with certainty in what you are doing. If you believe in what you are doing, then the key is to carry on with that belief until good things happen.

Those moments of doubt and indecision are the critical moments in deciding whether you’re ultimately going to be successful or not.

When i first started off in my career, there were countless times when i wondered whether i was doing was right, but the more practice and the more results i had, the more certain i became that what i was doing was going to work time and time again. This is what comes with plenty of experience, we all make mistakes sometimes but the more experience you develop, those mistakes should become less and less as long as you have done your research!

So if we trying to have a really big effect on our bodies through exercise and eating well, we had better start learning how to become positive every day. Exercise is one of the most positive things you can do, and if you are planning to do some form of exercise most days, then your chances of being a much more positive person should be pretty high.

So accept that you WILL get those moments of doubt and indecision, on whether you should show up for your workout, whether you should eat that high fat meal or not, whether you should have another heavy night on alcohol or not, whether you should go on a new faddy diet or not, whether you should listen to all of the magazines on how to get fit, all of these decisions and more will dictate on what kind of physical condition you get in!!!

Your future is shaped by everyday questions, what kind of future is dictated by your answers!

Wednesday, August 29th

The power of being positive about all areas of your life is probably the most productive thing you can do.

If you took this challenge on, and it is to be positive for the next seven days without fail, and ignore any negatives and if they do come up, then see the positive side of the situation! This is the big challenge!

If you do one or even three days, then this is not enough, you have to go the full seven days to see the biggest benefits, and to recondition yourself to a new way of looking at your life.

For example, you may have been on a diet in the past and done well initially, but when the first thing didnt go your way, you may have tended to get mad and panic, and go off on some king of eating binge, feeling sorry for yourself and seeing the very worst in the situation that came up.

This is common for lots of individuals who are trying to get into shape, and it can be quite a job to get that person’s mind straight and positive again after “falling off the wagon” so to speak. The good results are often ignored, instead the one blip is often magnified and highlighted, this is when confidence is totally lost.

If you can manage to have seven positive days and thoughts, then the negatives will be dealt with in their proper place, and not dwelled upon, this is the way it SHOULD be!! Most people spend far too much time “dwelling” and not enough time appreciating the positive situation with the training and their life, and conditioning your mind to seeing a different perspective is critical to becoming successful longer term.

Your mind is your most powerful muscle, and being far more positive will encourage you to take positive and decisive action which is always needed when you’re trying to make some major progress with your health and fitness!

Tuesday, 28th August

The great thing about doing my job is that I get to see progress on a daily basis, and some wonderful individual stories along the way!!

It could be from the individual who never thought they would be able to run ever in their life, and then starts developing the capacity to run all of a sudden, and its great to see their face when they achieve that!

It could be the lady who has dropped from size 24 all the way down to size 12, and has gone through an incredible journey to get there, and has developed so much as a person through all the courage and determination they have shown along the way.

It could be the person who contacts me in the first place, who says he or she has tried everything else and I am “his/her last resort”!!!

It could be the person who finally starts believing in themselves after years of lacking confidence in their ability, this is when outstanding progress can finally be reached because belief is such an important part in making all of this happen!!!

The stories are always moving fast and can often change on a daily basis, due to certain things happening in people’s lives all the time.

The key is how the individuals react and that’s what im there for, to help them through not only the good “lets celebrate the success” times to the rough times that could be very much classed as “stormy waters!”.

I like to be all about the big progress in terms of losing inches off your waist and hips, regulating blood pressure and strengthening one’s heart greatly, to paying attention to the seemingly “little things” that in the end contribute to this big picture more than anything else.

It’s the sum of the little things that will pull it all around for you, and make those great big goals you made when you first started finally happen!!!

Another productive week of opportunity has started for you so lets make it happen again!