Monday, 11th June 2012

Plyometrics are a great way of training, but all depending on your goals.

Plyometrics involve jumping of all kinds, and the spring you have in your muscles and joints is important for health and overall performance.

Children in particular love plyometrics, and will often benefit from jumping exercises in their programme. This will only add to their development and move them on several levels, and allow them to perform in sports far better, increasing their performance significantly!

Then you have individuals who practice plyometrics in their sports training.

Professional athletes in particular become very good with their plyometric training, which produce increases in dynamic performance, ability to jump, become faster, stronger and more resilient to injury.

The problem starts when plyometrics are applied to all sorts of people, no matter if they have issues with their joints, or a bad knee, or a bad back or ankles, or all of these!

I have heard many horror stories with fiftysomethings being made to jump off boxes of different heights, causing massive stress on their back and knees, and ending up needing hospital treatment because of it!

What about jumping up and down with weights in your arms, they can be destructive for your joints if you have a weakness of any kind. Again, i am talking about those with a prior condition or weakness to this type of training.

The bottom line is to be careful with your training, try and avoid high stress to the joints movements, keep it impact free when possible and this will make sure you train for the rest of your life with little or no injury.

Trainers who preach plyometrics for everyone can be dangerous individuals, who can cause significant harm and injury to unsuspecting trainees. A little knowledge in the wrong hands can be highly dangerous!

Friday, 8th June

I’m excited about the progress everyone i train has made this week. Almost without exception, there have been superior performances across the board.

If you get individuals to train safely, and with good intensity, then of course you will achieve big things.

I always love non-impact exercises too. Anything that doesn’t put great stress on your joints is going to be a huge positive for anyone i train, and means even if they are just 18 years old, their knees, hips and back should be in good shape when they get to 70 years old! Depending if they keep their training up of course!

Variation remains pretty close to the top of your list of training requirements in my research.

The days of working on one machine for an entire training session, or even an entire week is unacceptable in my book, in terms of pure boredom and pure results.

I met a girl this week who trained in a local gym and all she did every session was the stepping machine, and wouldnt come off until she reached 100o calories!!! Surely this form of training vanished in the 80’s and 90’s, but apparently not according to what she said!! This timewarp had to stop and be put into the history books for good!!

I’m happy to say that she’s now on a far more productive course, and spending her energy far more wisely and more importantly, efficiently!!

In fact, after taking over my father’s gym, i have got rid of all the stepper’s and other pieces of equipment that i don’t regard as necessary anymore, especially when compared with much more cutting edge training methods, that will bring you treble theesults in around a third of the time.

So this why i’m so excited at the end of the week, a great set of results for people and most importantly, will last them a lifetime as long as they commit to be active and eat well.

Thursday, 7th June

Please let’s not hear that excuse about it being too “wet” and damp to exercise, because if you are committed to truly exceptional results, then you know deep down that this is not going to wash when it comes to questioning why you are not achieving your goals.

This is exactly when variety of exercise comes into it, to cut out these so called excuses so you’re not caught up worrying about what the weather is doing all the time.

If it is torrential rain outside, and you don’t fancy going for a run or cycle, or even a walk, then you should have the option of working out inside.

A simple circuit of the following would be very valuable, straight to the point and cut out your excuses not to exercise.

Press ups-10

Arm dips on chair-10

Sitting up and down on a chair-10

Sit ups-10

Alternate squat thrusts-20

Nobody can seriously tell me that five exercises are impossible to do!

Nobody can tell me that ten minutes is too hard “to fit in to your busy lifestyle”!

Most people will make up excuses not do any exercise, please take yourself out of that large group of the general population, or you will become one of the people in this country (the majority in fact) who are classed as overweight and obese.

It makes me laugh when I hear of all the sometimes complicated exercise programmes you hear of in magazines, which are adopted with limited success by the general public.

For most individuals who are just interested in getting fitter and healthier, a simple programme that takes 10-20 minutes three times a week can work surprisingly well.

In fact, I have seen people start off on a programme just like this and go on to achieve great things, such as take part in triathlons, race the London Marathon, go on to ultra-endurance challenges, etc etc.

The starting point can be as small as you want, but the road you take after that is entirely up to you as long as you show commitment and consistency, that’s all it takes!

Wednesday, 6th June 2012

The ultra-long weekend brings its own problems in terms of your health this week, and making sure you still manage to get a productive week in. Please do not waste another week in your development, because this week could easily turn into next week, the week after and maybe into a month before you know it!

Cut off that potential right on the downside right now, and turn your health into something that’s going forward, not fading back into obscurity!

Its Wednesday already and hopefully, this doesn’t mean the start of your exercise week. If it does and you rest every single bank holiday and maybe weekend, then you had better be in the mood for a big workout today at some stage!

It cannot be overstated how important regular exercise is in terms of feeling good, getting rid of persistent and niggling aches and pains, creating fresh energy for your body, making your immune system far more resilient to future illnesses and challenges to your health of all kinds.

This is why I write this thing most days, because of the need to stress to individuals that you need to become active not just because you want to look better, but more like because most people would kill just to FEEL better.

I write this to help people lay their foundation for health for the future, and all the massive benefits that come with all of this! This has to be and needs to become a priority right now for you, or you will suffer in silence for the rest of your life and sometimes in pain often due to ill health, which can be avoidable in many cases.

Most of us have the odd moan now and again they have to exercise when they may not feel like it, but you will be moaning far louder when the ill effects of not exercising/eating badly come through over the longer term.

Its early june and your chance to turn this thing all around, lets do it and make it happen right now!!!

Thursday, May 31st

You either move forward or you fall back, and this is true in everything you do. Standing still is not often possible, and certainly not desirable for most people.

In exercise terms, there has never been a more true statement.

When you start an exercise programme, its natural that you will progress over the short term, but what happens after all of those initial improvements end?

You have to keep moving forward, keep strengthening your mindset and focus on what is to come, rather than keep looking back to what has been and gone.

If you focus all the time on going through all the same exercises, at the same performance level, for the same amount of time, then this is the perfect recipe for mediocrity in your training, and of course overall results.

If you are on the right programme to start with, then you should be looking forward to new challenges that require you to improve your skills, agility, strength, endurance, this is the way it should be.

If you are on the right programme, you should be guided gently and cautiously to these new levels, and your self-confidence will grow and grow all the time.

One of the biggest reasons to be excited about your training is that all the new exercises you will be able to do, will bring the most important factor of all to you-big time results!

If when you start training, your capacity is going to be naturally quite low. If you are on the right programme, that capacity will naturally go up quickly and can easily continue if you keep showing up for workouts, you keep shopping well for good food and cut down on the rubbish, you don’t drink more than once week in terms of alcohol.

A lot of people don’t believe that they can constantly improve their health and fitness. This shows they haven’t been on the right programme, and this has caused them usually to give up in their quest to look and feel their best.

I’m here to tell you there IS another way, all you need to do is take action and make it work for you, and having a commitment to being more active is your first most important step!