Thursday, 30th May

We live in a society where we are continuously judged.
I know many of you are questioned why you exercise, why you don’t have a bottle of wine and a takeaway instead, why you don’t “stop” once you have lost a certain amount of body fat as carrying on would be “pointless”. They don’t really get it though do they?
To many, it matters what car we drive, which house we live in, what phone we have, what clothes we wear and what hotel we go on holiday to, and how many photos we can take of it in one go and get them immediately on social media.
If we continuously live like this long enough, it can give us serious doubt of our self-worth, serious doubt of what our priorities are and make us wonder why the heck we have let “other people” rule our lives, how we make decisions and how we value ourselves as human beings.
We teach our kids to be themselves, to dream big, take action and we try to make sure they get the best support to make sure they get a great foundation for their lives to come.
When did the stage come when we forgot about ourselves?
When did we let “others” dictate our lives?
We know scientifically without a shadow of a doubt that exercising and eating healthy will do us ENORMOUS good, and change our lives very much for the better.
It’s time to accept the “judging” by those who never exercise themselves will always happen, but it should never affect our positive thoughts and actions.
Once you start doing things for YOU to feel and live better, your self-worth will instantly improve.
Every day do what’s really going to give you a strong foundation for life, going to lift you up in terms of energy as well as spiritually, and make you realise that anyone judging doesn’t deserve any of your time, thoughts or any part of your life.
You are in control, you can dictate your own future and not only you will benefit, but those closest to you too, who you value the most in life.

Wednesday, 25th May


You have two versions of reality to accept in your life. The truth and someone else’s version of your circumstances and options in life.

To me, all of you have every opportunity to do incredible things, DAILY. Most of you now believe that you can do things that you previously thought impossible, your confidence has grown and many of you have become great and wonderful examples to others at the gym on what can be done if you apply yourself and put your mind to it.

The other version of your possibilities in your current and future life is usually from someone else who hasn’t got your best interests at heart.

If your circle of friends/work colleagues is full of people who aren’t doing much with their lives, who are afraid to better themselves, and it maybe they rubbish anyone who wants to do great things, then they will STRONGLY influence you and obviously not for the better.

Who you spend your time with most, who you take your advice from will ultimately dictate your future, dictate your future efforts and happiness, and will have a big influence on whether you quit at the first hurdle or you go on to achieve great things at your chosen goal which will give you long term happiness and peace.

I passionately believe that if you apply yourself very day, keep learning new things, learn from your mistakes (We ALL make them), and give your best every day serving others as best you can, then you will achieve things FAR BEYOND your perceived current limits.

One victory today will lead to two successes tomorrow.

Momentum comes when small victories happen and they give you the confidence to take new challenges on.

Confidence counts for a lot in life and confidence only comes from having taken a series of small steps that takes you closer to where you want to be.

I urge you to believe the truth about yourself, your great possibilities that lie within you, and never blink when your next opportunity comes because they come EVERY day so make sure you jump at them and give them your all.

Tuesday, 28th May

Great turnout this morning considering it’s holiday time and some of you can’t make it so often due to the kids. We are very thankful, we never take your presence for granted and thank you for hitting this programme so hard, and with so much enthusiasm.

Alex Ferguson talks in his books about the importance of a great attitude, showing up no matter what, and a willingness to do your best every time.

He valued players who showed these traits often over players with more talent. The players with huge talent would show up great for a few matches, but he would continuously win the league more or less each year with players who could tough it out, prepare better, do the little things better and show an attitude that constantly made them want to improve.

These traits are in so many of you, and this is what makes our gym special. If you have a large group of people continuously trying to get the best out of themselves, then you develop an atmosphere of positivity, great support and ultimately success.

When the person next to you is leading by a great example, it’s hard not to get inspired.

When the person next to you is coming back from a serious injury and is ALWAYS showing up, then you tend to stop making your own excuses and you will automatically up to your game, and you are able to put your own challenges in perspective.

Our culture is all important, and we are always looking to improve it. Our gym is no place for big egos, negativity or running people down.

It’s about hope, taking action, being humble, supporting everyone and being your best and stopping at nothing to achieve it.

Day one of the week has started outstandingly well, let’s get ready to get stuck in and get even more out of yourself!!

Saturday, 25th May

We all have an appreciation that it is bank holiday weekend. It is time off for most of us, but not all, as some of you are working throughout the weekend, and even through the night.

The birds in the morning say it all right now, when they make the biggest noise of all, appreciating each and every day when dawn first starts to appear, or even just before. It is a true blessing for them, and they love telling us how much exactly.

We can appreciate our technology. We can order pretty much anything in under 5 seconds, and it be delivered the next day, we appreciate the people who make that happen too who are often not mentioned but play an amazing part on our too busy roads, battling against conditions we would go crazy at, if we had to deal with that madness for 12 hours a day.

The amazing power that lies within us though is the most incredible. The power of positive action and the power to influence others. Every day we can lift someone up who may be struggling, every day can be a true opportunity to put everything right in our world.

When we exercise today or whenever you are next, we change our bodies, our minds and automatically our ability to see our world differently. A bottle of coke, beer or wine has the ability to see our world in a unique way too, but doesn’t hold anywhere near the power that our own body does and what goes on inside of it, plus those drinks can and will give us a massive low afterwards, which takes some recovering from.

Your positive power will always crush negativity if practiced daily. The love you show people will always crush the hate going on in the world and sometimes around you too. Your positive actions always have the potential to inspire those directly around you, and make better lives for everyone who comes into contact with you.

It’s your responsibility today and every day to show your amazing gifts, to keep changing your own life for the better and to show leadership to others who lack direction, for those who are seeking a lifestyle that they can thrive in and change lives themselves.

Thursday, 23rd May

I encourage you to JUMP and not be pushed. To jump is to GO FOR IT and to take charge of your health and future.

Once you jump at one thing, you will like attempt a whole host of things. Jumping means turning hope into faith that your decision is going to pay massive dividends for your future. Jump means actions speak louder than words.

To be pushed means you means you HAVE to do something about your health right now.

I get many messages from people wanting to join who are struggling big time with their health. Their doctor has usually told them they have to do something immediately, or they may be recovering from “an event”, and then they must exercise cautiously to start with, to make a better life for themselves and a better future.

I love these people’s spirit and attitude because they may have hit a serious low but are DESPERATE to go for it again and get their life back on track and feeling good again.

Once you hit desperation, that can be a GOOD thing because you are really keen to turn your life around and the only way is up.

To jump though must be the better option though surely.

When you take a leap like you are doing right now training with us, you are trusting a process that will ultimately make you a champion with your health if you stick at it. It’s not easy but its tried and tested to bring outstanding and life-changing results.

Once you start believing in yourself through your great results, then its guaranteed and natural to try other great things in your life, I’ve seen it countless times. The discipline and self-belief you have now developed will make you 100 times more likely to succeed too.

So be brave, keep making the jump, no matter what negativity hits you some days, KEEP jumping, keep believing, know that positivity will get you through the toughest of circumstances and makes you come out the other side a different person, that’s positively ready for anything.