Wednesday 6th April part 2

If we stop too much and think, then we usually go in neutral and don’t do anything at all. If all we do is think, then we tend to over-analyse things and often go in reverse gear. This is especially true when life may not be going as well as we hope it does, negative things happen all the time, and dealing with them in best as way as possible is absolutely vital. Here’s why trying to function healthily WILL ONLY HELP BIG TIME!!!

Here’s my true thoughts before doing something really tough. Take the tyre for instance, i start doing some stretches but really hate the idea of pulling that tyre across the car park!! The reason i do it? Because it makes me feel alive, gets me out of my slumber and suddenly i feel on fire and absolutely ANYTHING is possible. That moment i complete it is completely priceless, like no other feeling i know!

The thought of walking the dogs? Not amazingly excited but i know they love their exercise, they LOVE IT!! So i always include a hill, or half way up a mountain more like!! I find the first 100 yards tough, but after that the fresh air gets in my lungs, it gives me thinking time, i start becoming more positive on how i am going to attack the day, on the way down from the mountain i am starting to buzz and plan my day, how i can do it better. By the time i get home, i’m pretty fired up and it’s the key to getting fresh momentum in my day. This part is VITAL to me for my day!! I strongly you to encourage you to have this time to start the day! Plus i’m always listening to a great book all the way round!!

Here’s what i think about eating similar healthy food all week long. I know i am going to be hitting porridge for breakfast most days, with some nuts and berries sometimes. Do i get bored of it? That passed a long time ago, now i see it just as fuel and setting my day up right. My energy levels start rising and i love that slow energy rise that lasts for at least 3 hours, invaluable to me!!! The effect is gives far outweighs any blandness!!

Do i get bored with eating fruit and veg? Is it tough? Apart from all the nutrients we get from fruit, there’s one simple thing it gives me. I simply FEEL better with it, i function better, i perform better, my body works better and it’s great to have the deep down feeling you are doing your best for yourself!!

Have you noticed if you get used to healthy eating, then start eating rubbish as a one off for a couple of days? Your energy levels crash, you may go to the toilet more, you will be in a constant haze of zero energy and negative ambition, and often get much more irritable that you don’t want to do anything constructive!! Plus it’s not exciting to eat junk food anyway, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! Have you ever found anyone more fun and exciting just because they eat junk or bacon and eggs for breakfast? Thought not!!

The message is that we all go through ups and downs, some more than others. Making that worse with an unhealthy lifestyle of bad diet and not moving very much is guaranteed to make it worse. We all have to smash out of it, hit it out of the park DAILY or or life of just thinking and no action or moving all day will get a grip on us in a bad way!!

Moving more, taking on challenges at maybe 90% of the time you don’t want to even do, will give you an energy shot of biblical proportions and can JOLT your day back into life and take you to that place you may have been craving for, but forgotten how to get to it!!!

Give yourself a massive jolt, get that aggression and fight going again, who knows it may even become CONTAGIOUS for you again and get you back to the inspirational level you want and NEED to be at again!!!!! Total belief in you!!!!!

Wednesday, 6th April

Doing your best every day makes you alive. A new personal best sends electric shocks through your body and you feel more alive than ever before. Realising that age, background, how much money you have, who you know has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with you reaching your personal best is empowering, gets you fired up like never before, gets you inspired to whole new levels and gives you that massive shove, boost, dig on to the next level you are wholly capable of going to again.

This all starts by bringing your best “game” to town today, lifting more than you ever have, running harder than you have ever done, biked it harder than ever.

Those aspirations as a kid you once had? DO you still have them? Are you still dreaming big or have you “settled” for mediocrity and somehow “settled” for second best and a life just “drifting through”?

WHAT choices are you going to make today? Is your lunch choice going to come out of a convenience store or petrol station full of fat and sugar? Or are you going to prepare a nutritious meal you can take with you?

Are you going to train big today? Or are you going to write ANOTHER workout off and tell yourself it’s somehow ok?!!!

All of you have the choices in front of you today we all have. I find the most committed are the ones who achieve unbelievable things full stop. Getting fully committed doesn’t happen overnight, it’s a series of every day small steps that allow you to commit more and more to the healthy lifestyle you need.

Which side of the fence are you on today?!!

Tuesday, 5th April

Listening to an author this morning made me realise an important point for all of us. He was talking about the time he just spoke to 12,000 people in a speech and just had a standing ovation. He felt on top of the world.

Then that night he got home, amongst all of the highly positive social media comments, he saw one hugely negative review from a critic, as if he didn’t know what he was talking about and he didn’t have nothing new to offer on the subject, and the speech was a disaster.

Then the next day, as if angry from this one review, he went on to book reviews everywhere on his 30 books written so far, most had 5 star reviews, for an average of 4.5 (which is very good). He saw a few one star reviews and spent a long time reading the negative reviews.

He wondered why they wrote these awful things, and how they could come to such conclusions. He thought about trying to achieve piece with these people even, and all of this consumed him for weeks. He was unable to write during this period, he became highly negative and his doubt of his own ability started to run his life.

Then one thing changed him in an instant. When he started writing, not everyone liked his work but he kept writing because he believed so much in his work. He remembered not everyone WILL like his work, and the bigger he got and the bigger the audience, the more critics he would get in numbers, it was pointless chasing everyone down just because they didn’t like his work! Instantly, he got back to writing, he wrote for HIS audience, what he believed in and instantly his creativity came back, and a lot more on top!!!

How about the critics that you let run your life? The people who put you off, the people who say you can’t do it, you will never amount to anything, the people who never even gave you the chance, the people who say you may have done well but you’ve “done well enough now, stop now”, the people who pigeon hole you, the people who doubt you can be a success etc etc.

You are committed to being a success or you wouldn’t be even on this page, start and keep believing what you do is right, because i completely believe in you and your massive potential!!!

You DON’T NEED negative critics, all you need is to mix with the people who support you, who look out for you, who encourage you, who push you onto to further heights, who want you to succeed and even give you the resources to do so. Mix and play with YOUR AUDIENCE and BELIEVE in what you do at ALL TIMES, and realise those who support you most are vital to your success now and in the future and never take them for granted.

Monday, 4th April

Lots of people start things, and getting fit and healthy is a big thing that most people want to start at one time or another. It’s exciting to start new and exciting things whatever they are.

Starting is the easy part, finishing is the hard part!

It is the finishing that separates those with passion from those without it.

Most meaningful things in life require some suffering and sacrifice along the way, otherwise everyone would find big achievements really easy.

The problem starts if you get used to starting something all the time, then never finishing it and never seeing things through. This leads to feeling unfulfilled and eventually you don’t really believe you can accomplish anything because you can never see things through all the way, it becomes a very bad habit and trait until you actually conquer it.

When you fulfil the tasks put in front of you, you will take several steps forward each time to realising your dreams. When you see things through, the personal self-satisfaction will be huge and long-lasting. This can become a great habit too, and see you go on to completing many others things in life.

If you have passion for something, then you will see it through. When you don’t have passion, you will likely say you will “try” often building in an excuse even as you say it. If you start but don’t finish you can always say “at least i tried”.

The big difference is when you say you WILL DO. This is likely to lead to you finishing NO MATTER WHAT.

There is nothing more fulfilling than taking a dream, a goal or an aspiration-no matter how difficult-and completing it. We have many individuals doing this exact thing right now, and i see the personal pride it is giving them every day.

Whatever you goals and aspirations, the time IS NOW to see it through and feel the inner pride from doing it ALL THE WAY this time!!

Friday, 1st April 2016

In everyone’s life, at some time, our inner fire goes out. It is then burst into flame by an encounter with another human being. I am proud to see so many of you inspiring others at the gym, we have so many now that it makes my job a lot simpler.

Becoming a leader is not becoming the person who shouts the loudest, shows off the most or throws his/her weight around. It is the person who leads by example, picks individuals off the floor who are emotionally spent, its the person who has very often been down the bottom themselves, often many times, and is well aware of how hard the journey out that deep hole is.

They will also realise what it feels like to come out of that hole, how it feels to make themselves a success again in their chosen field in life, and anyone who has been through that challenging journey will usually want to give back and help as many others as they can who need to help to believe in themselves again.

It’s vital to get everyone to finally believe that it really is up to THEMSELVES what they accomplish, it really is. You should never a accept an outcome that SOMEONE ELSE prescribes for you.

You should never listen to any critics, don’t pay attention to any apparent reason on why you can’t achieve your goals, concentrate on your strengths and not your weaknesses, it really is YOUR call.

Many people will tell you that achieving big things is impossible, all YOU need to remember is that the so called “impossible” just takes a little longer.

What i find is that many people have preconceived ideas of how you should do it when you want to get fit and healthy. The idea that you just walk/run on treadmill, maybe hit a couple of machines, and even worse never shown how to do it properly, is a thing of the past, it should never exist now. There are so many more options that are far more attractive, more fun and most importantly backed up by science.

When someone shows you things things you thought impossible, your view of exercise soon brightens up and you soon realise that your possibilities are endless, and all of sudden you are shown horizons you didn’t know existed.

The word inspire means to “breathe life into”. When we breathe life into another, we inspire their hopes, goals and dreams. That’s what we should all be doing whenever we get the chance!