Tuesday, 9th December

Getting fit and healthy on “your own terms” is vital, and will form the foundation to you ultimately being successful for a lifetime with your health. Taking control is vital, and following others blindly never works.

Getting rid of the “clutter” and damaging habits in your life is a good first step.

Things that hold you back every day need to be sorted out, or you will be forever going back and forth sorting them out.

If there’s someone else shopping for you in the household, and filling the house with fast food and junk, then you will always fall down because there will always be fatty and sugary foods in the house, which you’re eventually going to eat no matter what.

Taking control of the shopping is a must if you want to be successful-right now.

Quite often, many individuals try to get fit to impress others quickly and are always fearful of what “others” say about them if they fail or if they succeed.

This is why many go for “quick fixes” on the advice of others such as rapid weight loss shakes and bars, places that change their exercise philosophy every 5 minutes and spend all their efforts and money on advertising, and other gimmicks that have little or no foundation, and usually lead to misery because they always take you back to square and even further back from there due to their total lack of short and long term support.

Research what you should be doing before you start, whether the programme is tailored for you or not, or are you are doing mindless exercises with a “one size fits all” approach?

It’s amazing how many people still regard exercise as something you should be sore every time you do it, you have to take painkillers just to get through it, or even continue when they know they are injured. This attitude and people who practice it never last long in the fitness industry.

You have all the resources to get into shape, and there’s always a pain free, sensible and sustainable way to achieve it.

Sunday, 7th December

Those indecisive times that come in your life when you feel like you can’t exercise due to work commitments, it’s not “convenient” any more, you’re having a holiday or time off, you just can’t make it, etc .

These are called your “HOLY MOMENTS”.

These are the exact moments you either just do it, you stay with your programme or you just “don’t” do it!

I learnt this off many individuals over the years, those times when you know that something you eat will be bad for you, you know that missing your workout will not do you any good, and you can totally justify it, as you’re so busy.

If you make the RIGHT decision to not eat the junk and actually train instead of skipping your workout, then you had a “holy moment” because at that exact moment you did the “right thing” even when there was a million reasons not to.

Making the right decisions are never easy, they are very tough normally, but you have to keep making them to keep your momentum going, the progress coming and your feel good factor turned right up as high as it will go.

These decisions will define you and separate you totally from those who have “average” results. If you think about the average level of fitness in this country then you know they are not that impressive, if you think the average dietary habits, then you know by looking at others’ supermarket trolley then that’s not usually that good.

Lifting yourself up to another level and leaving “average” behind requires lots of holy moments.

Often your best workouts are the ones you didn’t even feel like doing in the first place, but are always the most important.

So when you’re stuck for time next time, your day or week may not be going for you, it’s then you have to make it happen, you better just get your kit on and go training, it WILL be worth making a much healthier meal, and you will DEFINITELY feel better right after it all-YOUR HOLY MOMENT doing the “right thing”.

Saturday, 6th December

Sometimes the biggest inspiration you can get is people telling you, you can’t.

That you aren’t “good enough”.

That it’s not “possible” for you.

That success isn’t “really you”.

Don’t let anyone else tell you what your strengths and weaknesses are, and what you are not good at, because usually that just isn’t true. I see individuals proving people wrong every single day, and going on to achieve things considered “impossible” just a few weeks before.

Many people don’t like to see others achieving and don’t have the guts and determination to leave their comfort zone themselves. Leaving your very own comfort zone is tough, but your achievements and things you will be proud of only begin at that exact moment when you really give things a go, and promise this time to finally see it through to the end.

If you listen to everyone’s opinions, especially the negative people, then the chances of you really reaching your deep down goals (the ones you really care about), are going to derailed or at least slowed down a lot.

Once you realise that you are biggest contributor to creating your own destiny, then you will move forward quickly and real-life meaningful changes will happen for you.

Once you start overcoming obstacles/reaching and beating targets you set yourself, you will develop momentum and developing the necessary habits to be successful will become totally natural and something you do every single day without even thinking about it.

Your beliefs about your true ability are crucial, and please never let others “decide” what that ability actually is, because chances are that they are holding you back getting the big things that really matter to you.

Monday, 1st December

All the individuals we have training right now are ones highly motivated to make yet another change in themselves in the last month of the year. December is just as important as any month to us, we have never been a “January gym”, we always look

longer term and cater for those who want sustainable and long lasting results and health benefits.

These are the people who know that constantly good performances are key to raising themselves for one more measurement this year.

They know the benchmarks that they have set themselves against, and the ones they really want to overcome.

Instead of feeling sorry for themselves, because maybe a lot of people they know don’t exercise at this time of year, they are striving for more because they see so many inspirational people training next to them in the gym all the time, and encourages them to push further even sometimes they don’t even feel like it.

Nothing worth achieving was ever attained by “run of the mill” efforts, or “going through the motions”. Everyone knows now that you only get out of this what you put in.

The more you come out of your comfort zone, the more likely you are to deliver consistent, impressive and staggering results you will be proud of.

We are proud to be in a programme you never stay still, you always want more out of and when you reach one level then there’s always going to be an even better more fulfilling one again.

The first of the month is an excellent time to think big again, dig deeper and really explore what your body is capable of again, and finish the year off with a massive high.

Wednesday, 26th November

Pain is a sign from your body that you need to stop what you are doing, do things differently and plan how you are going to still achieve your goals, whilst still feeling good and pain-free.

Individuals come to me all the time with aches and pains before they start.

I see lots of back problems, knee issues, and joint weakness.

As you get older, you need to relent on the movements that put unnecessary strain through your body.

If you are doing movements that you know are painful for your back and knees, then you need to stop immediately. Anyone who tells you to work through pain is frankly a fool and very dangerous to you-and has no place in the fitness industry.

I see many squash players for example in later years, developing knee problems from all the stop start nature of the game and years of wear and tear. If and when this develops, you need to develop a plan to still get really fit WITHOUT putting strain on your knees.

Many of you find it hard to change your mindset from a “run will solve everything” mentality, to training more sensibly if you have knee, back and hip injuries for example.

We have many members who once played a lot of squash or tennis, took part in triathlons, were distance runners, all the way through to people who have been inactive all their lives and now have week knees, backs and hips.

This is why everyone needs a different programme to suit their current situation.

With proper care and planning, everyone can get a stronger back again, more manageable knees and flexibility in their hips which is vital.

Many people in their 40’s feel as if they are finished. Life can really start gain if you rediscover how your body really
works, and the never ending array of options you actually have.