Thursday, 10th January

So moving along, assuming you have got your diet right, you are building up your exercise schedule at a nice steady rate, then its definitely time to start thinking about exercise targets.

Improving your exercise performance is the easiest way to improve everything about your health.

For example, if you are able to do 3 press ups when you first start off, then it shouldn’t be too hard to imagine you doing 20 press ups within 6-8 weeks. When you are able to do 20 press ups, then it should stand to reason that you are able to perform better and therefore be in a lot better physical condition!

If you are able to work for 10 mins on a stationery bike at a very low intensity to start with, then within that same 6-8 week period, you should be able to work for at least 20 mins on a much higher intensity.

These assumptions assume that you are still eating well, that you are not over-indulging in alcohol, and that you are sleeping well!!

These are simple assumptions, but as you may know, they are not always so easy to keep up, leave along do well, so you can be sure that im always going to preach the importance of doing the basics well.

The most successful individuals i train are always the ones who keep it simple, they eat simple but well, they exercise in a straightforward manner but always at a higher intensity, and they are pretty religious about getting a wonderful sleep, especially in the week!!!

So rather than trying to get you on some kind of complicated plan that you are unlikely to keep up, i like to introduce people to plans that they CAN KEEP UP!!!

The keep it simple principle has never been so important and results-orientated, so we’re going to concentrate hugely on this during the year!!!

Wednesday, 9th January

So we’re in the first proper week of the year regarding exercise, and its vital you keep doing the right thing at the right time.

So assuming you’re still full of enthusiasm and you’re still in the stage of “this time i’m really going to do it”, then you need to stop looking far ahead and go through your training sessions in a more methodical way.

One common mistake to start with is trying to over-complicate your workout, you try to do too much too soon and these factors often lead to injury and frustration.

If you haven’t exercised for some time, please remember that a professional athlete for example, every week they have off from training, it will take them 1-2 weeks to get back to normal. So if they have had 6 weeks off training, then it could possibly take them 12 weeks to get completely back to normal-and this is a pro athlete!!!

If you have had a year or two off for example, then it doesn’t take a genius to work out that it’s going to take you a good while before you approach anywhere near your former levels!

This is not a piece to put you off, its urging you to seek professional help when beginning a new exercise programme, and also urging you to proceed with caution, giving your body time to adjust to your new schedule is of paramount importance.

This is why you should take one step at a time, take one week of training at a time, and set your goals by the week.

It shouldn’t be too hard to improve BY THE WEEK if you have a good plan. If you allow your body to adjust slowly, then you are still capable of improving greatly in 6 weeks, and very impressively in 12 weeks!!!

Hopefully, you are now engaged in a solid plan, just focus on showing up for your workouts and executing them well. Then look forward to getting good results on a weekly basis, if you are not then please look again at the programme you are on and are you really getting good advice?

New Year’s Eve, 2012!

Exactly the time today to make new year’s resolutions!! Not the kind that everyone breaks or that are unrealistic of course, but ones that are absolutely sustainable and will work!!

Committing yourself to eat as much food that is fresh and natural, and plain without artificial sugar added has to be a worthwhile goal. I tuly believe that would be a major worthwhile new year’s resolution for you!!

Comitting yourself to being MORE active would be as much as most of you can realistically do. The time for setting olympic records may be over for most people, but fitting in an extra workout per week is not really that difficult to do surely?

Committing yourself to being better this time next year is something i have always aimed at doing, and it tends to work. This way you tend to do the little things each day, each week, each year to get yourself better, stronger, healthier and fittter, and it can really pay BIG dividends for you trust me!!!

Commit yourself to doing less of things that are bad for you, and you know which things they are by now surely?
Drink a little less alcohol, drop one day of alcohol consumption and no more binge drinking!!! How about eating less junk in the week, and serving a wholesome meal EVERY evening after work and really treating your body as something special and important to you.

These four commitments will be exactly what you should be looking at over the next twelve months, and ensure you WILL be better all over this time NEXT year!!!

Don’t fall for the fads and scam merchants, and please save your money and invest it on things that are really going to help you and your health!!!

Have a great new year’s eve, enjoy yourselves and get ready to hit it big in 2013!!!

Friday, 28th December

Glad to be right back into it all and get a great couple of workouts in yesterday, and some today too!!!

The great energy that these bring can be fantastic, and being back in routine again will make you realise all of the energy you have been missing, especially when you were not training, and eating badly.

For all of you who are back on track, or at least partially so, will know what i am talking about!

For those of you who are yet to get into it, i strongly encourage you to do so. The new year is going to hit you like a truck otherwise. The last thing you will feel like is making a flying start to the new year when you feel all groggy and sluggish. Feeling this way can give you a major disadvantage in anything you want to do.

Just think of what job you have? You have to give effort to make a living, and if you have no energy, that’s going to be a challenge.

The prospect also of losing the body fat and weight in general can be daunting. That’s why once you decide to muster up all of that effort, it’s important to make the right choices!!

They were talking on the radio this morning about the latest seaweed diet! Apparently Victoria beckham is an endorser, as well as Brittany Spears. Seaweed is a superfood but relying on seafood to drop all your weight and feel better has to be one of the most desperate measures you can undertake?!!!

What’s wrong with eating sensible natural food, in moderation? What’s wrong with drinking enough water at regular intervals throughout the day? What’s wong with getting enough sleep and not drinking too much alcohol? What happened to these reliable common sense methods that really work ALL of the time?!!!

I urge to avoid the faddy diets, the weight loss clubs who only help for a very short period, then they pile all your weight back on (plus 5% more according to reliable research). You should know by now that these products make me feel sick, and they should be exposed for the frauds they are, and the long term misery they create.

Lighter life, herbalife etc? The ultimate waste of money and con artists! Save your money now and use your common sense this year to avoid these disgusting products!!

Friday, 21st December

It looks as if the world didn’t in fact end today, although there are still a few hours to go!

It hasn’t been the end of the world for most people i train this year if they have made a lot of mistakes in their diet and exercising either!

Through explaining to everyone i train that they don’t have to totally blow their diet if they go off the rails now and again, this has resulted in my largest number of people training right up to the last friday before christmas. Not only that but we have record numbers scheduled to train christmas eve, the gym in burry port will see a surprising number on christmas day and especially boxing day!

The message really seemed to have worked better than ever before this year, and i would like to thank everyone for continuing to show so much dedication right up until the end of the year. The encouraging fact is that these are the people who would normally throw the towel in during early december.

So after persuading everyone to train all the way up to christmas or more or less, its heartening now to already have people tell me already how much better they are feeling in themselves, how much money they are saving by not buying all of the junk food that they normally do, how much they are saving by not buying sometimes vast quantities of alcohol etc etc, and how great its going to be NOT to wear the baggy jumpers at this time of year, because most are keen to show their new found bodies!!

I am hearing better sleeping experiences, and a wide variety of people are reporting one of their best measurements THIS WEEK!! We all try not to put on much in december, but to actually lose quite a lot of body fat and shave off 3 inches off your waist is sensational. Again, i have to say that this a big benefit of being measured regularly!

Thanks again for the huge effort, and let’s see what happens next week!!!!!!!