Monday,18th February

Great results simply do not “just happen”, they are well earned and always come from a lot of blood, sweat and tears!

When i hear results happening for people, it really brightens up my day,whether that would be first thing on a monday morning or sunday evening, results are happening everywhere for people at the moment and nothing pleases me more.

This is why new people coming into the programme always wonder whether it can happen for them? Absolutely i always tell them! The reason is that i have seen an awful lot of people travel down this great path and succeed, often against the odds!!!

What i am here for is to give you the right path, the right exercises and the correct way to do them, but there’s a lot, lot more!

I am here to direct you on the right eating path, to steer you away from faddy diets and slimming clubs, to steer you away from shakes and bars diets, to encourage you to eat naturally and fresh when possible.

There has never been a better time to eat well, especially with the current supermakret horsemeat scandal. I’m betting that there is plenty more to come in this story, and i am also betting that other chemically enhanced foods are going to be dragged into this scandal of our generation!! You can eat well simply by avoiding this cheap rubbish, i have been on a million times about ready meals, this if your final chance to get away from them!!!

I am also here to listen to the problems when things never go to plan. This may be the right path, but the path is never completely smooth! There will be ups and downs, but i am here to get you through them, to pick you up sometimes when all you are thinking about is giving up.

It’s monday, the perfect time to change your life and make sure you start the week off on a hugely positive note!

Thursday, 14th February

Vaentines day and a big day for some, but the person you should be looking after the most (in a HEALTH RELATED way) is yourself!

If you look after your health, you instantly become more attractive to others and here’s why.

If you exercise regularly, then you ought to now have much more energy than when you didn’t train. This helps you to do MORE things in the day, accomplish more AND HELP OTHERS who are the most important people in your life.

If you eat well, you will be helping that energy booting process along tenfold!! If your diet if full of natural foods, then you will be more alert, ready to take any challenge on during the day, and helping yourself recover from exerting yourself all day, again making you more energetic and more ready to help others. You will be less likely to fall ill, and when you are healthy you will be considered the one that peopl can depend on, because of your seemingly endless energy.

If you drink more water, you know you will perform better and be on the top of your game. People will also find you a lot more attractive because your skin is likely to be a lot better, you will have a certain healthy glow about you, and in general if you are well hydrated, then you are very likely not to suffer from mood swings, which is VERY ATTRACTIVE!!!

If you follow these simple things every day, then you are already likely to be fit and therefore far more attractive than if you were some kind of “couch potato” who eats junk all day, and drinks too much alcohol, this is pretty much a CERTAINTY!!!

Spending all the money on flowers and chocolates wont get you that far today, compared to all that effort you have put into looking after yourself which is the best way to attract others on all sorts of levels!!

Wednesday, 13th February

If you feel a bit run over by the weather lately, then my advice is to strike back and do the very opposite of what you are feeling!

There has been a vicious wind this week, along with a fair amount of sleet and heavy rain, while at the same time remaining brutally cold.

The natural reaction to all of this is to stay curled up on the settee, feel sorr for yourself and spoil yourself with tea and biscuits, which seems to go on and on, until the spring comes!!

Here’s the bad news-carry on like that and you have a serious problem!! You are very likely to end up like the michelin man by easter, and feel like you need an oxygen mask just to walk up the road!!

The very thing you need to do is to get out in the fresh air, don’t worry about the wet and cold (you’re going to shower after the workout anyway!!), and train like you normally do. Get some gloves on to save your hands from freezing and you’re all set.

I have done numerous outside workouts this week with numerous variations of running, strength, speed and endurance workouts. Everyone has said without fail, that although the first 5 minutes in the rain or sleet was not pleasant, that the workout soon got more fun and everyone felt enormous satisfaction when the workout was done.

The other thing was that they felt their body temperature rise and keep steady for the rest of the day. They found that actually “being out” meant that for the rest of the day, there was NO shivering for the rest of the day, NO laying down on the settee, they got far more work done the rest of the day and generally the experience was highly positive.

The main point here is to use this weather to your advantage, show your strength of character and take your determination and guts to a brand new level!!

Tuesday, 12th February

We were talking yesterday about foods that can raise our moods, stop us feeling down and in general make us feel better.

That statement needs to be taken much stronger than you think.

Our moods affect EVERTHING we do, and i see that every day when i deal with people.

If we are in a good mood, we tend to undertake positive activities. We will be keen to do things that benefit us, we will be keener to take on challenges and we will be far more likely to enjoy the process that much more!

If we are in a bad mood for most of the time, then the opposite is true. We tend to go into our shell and not do anything worthwhile. We tend not to want to take on any new challenges, and things become a chore in life, meaning we are less likely to keep those things up.

Moods as you know will be only boosted if you exercise regularly, so exercising should be now an absolute must in your life!

Moods will be boosted greatly with your food selections. Eat more natural foods, fresh when possible, and avoid all of those foods that are highly processed, and you will create a natural buzz in your day, purely from what you put into your mouth!

Moods can be initially boosted by alcohol, BUT will lead to an inevitable crash and alcohol can classed as a depressant. The more you rely on alcohol, the more downward a spiral your life will become.

One forgotten element is sleep, if you do not sleep well, then bad moods are sure to come thick and fast!!

So apart from just “thinking positively”, there are many things you can do to change your mood for the better, leading to a far better result in all areas of your life!!

Friday, 8th February

A funny thing happens when you start exercising.

For example, if you went for a bike ride, a run, a weights session or just a tough hilly walk, then a funny thing happens just as you end your exercise session.

You should know by now that you feel better straight away after exercise. You have a feeling of wellbeing like never before, and this is one of the reasons why you exercise in the first place.

The funny thing that happens is when you eat or drink after exercise.

You may well feel like a big plate of fish and chips afterwards, or alcoholic drink afterwards. Have you actually tried doing this in practice?

Most people i speak to feel like absolute rubbish afterwards, due to the stodge, fat and chemicals in those products i just mentioned.

So you have just done something REALLY GOOD for you in the exercise session, and your body will soon notice that the chips or alcohol, or both rally do not agree with it! Your body is really craving GOOD food, in order to repair itself from all of your hard work!!!

You must realise by now that all of that hot and sweaty work done in your workout deserves good food afterwards, or a lot of that hard work WILL be wasted. Most of us want a good reward for our efforts so try listening to your body, don’t fight your natural instincts and really look after your body interally.

The time for having any alcohol is usually once a week and usually the weekend.

The time for having the fish and chips is a one off and again, most people choose to do it as a treat at the weekend.

This is not a piece about telling you what to do, its about allowing you to make the best choices to complement your workouts, and enable you ultimately to get your best results!!!