healthy snacks

Snacks-calorie breakdown
Snacks are vitally important, to keep energy levels up, and to keep important nutrients coming in throughout the day

Fresh fruit for energy-100g usually
Kiwi fruit-29

Dried fruit-to cure a sweet tooth and good for you

Low-fat yoghurts-provide calcium and nice desserts
Natural low-fat-56
Whole milk-79
Low-fat fruit-90
Low fat fromage frais-58

Nuts-50g-for essential fats
Pumpkin seeds-57
Mixed nuts chopped-304

lunch/evening ideas

Lunch and dinner choices often mix so here’s some options
Making the time for lunch is essential, so no skimping on time and take time out for yourself!

Chicken breast with 100g pitta bread, add a serving of salsa and a serving of lettuce
489 calories

A chicken breast, a serving of lettuce, 100g of boiled potatoes, 100g asparagus, plus 2 dates to finish
437 calories

A generous piece of salmon, a sweet potato, 100g of spinach, 10g of peas and a nectarine to finish
423 calories

A piece of turkey, 50g of brown rice, 100g of broccoli, 100g of carrots and an orange to finish
402 calories

125g lean roast chicken without skin, 225g of new potatoes and 100g butternut squash, brushed in tsp olive oil and baked, 60g peas, 100g dark leafy greens, 50g home made rice, apricot and nut stuffing, 5 tsp pan juices made into a sauce with a little wine and cornflour
631.5 calories, 21g of total fat, 4g saturated fat, 45.7 protein, 68.5g of carbs

Thinly sliced naked turkey breast, one tablespoon of cranberry sauce in a small bowl for around 30 seconds. Poor sauce over turjey breast. Serve with a portion of brown rice and broccoli.
455 calories

Grill a lean cut of steak until it’s to your liking. Squeeze the juice from half a lime over the meat and sprinkle with pepper and garlic powder. Then slice and serve with brown rice and salsa.
396 calories

Grill any fish with a selection of steamed vegetables-around 100 calories and that’s plenty of veg!
100g haddock-81, mackerel-220, canned salmon-153 etc
Lemon chicken and potato
Smother a grilled, skinless chicken breast with a freshly squeezed lemon, either a jacket potato or boiled potatoes with it.
303 calories

Brown rice salad with beans and asparagus
263 calories

In a small saucepan, mix one can of chicken broth, a sliced, grilled chicken breast, a 50g portion of cooked barley and a handful of your favourite mixed vegetables and frozen ones can work just as well. Heat for around 5 minutes and you’re ready to go.
400 calories

Tuna salad
Drain a can of tuna in brine, place tuna in bowl and mix one tablespoon of very light mayonnaise and some juice from a lemon. Pile tuna on top of lettuce and serve with a portion of fruit. This is a light meal with plenty of good stuff throughout the meal.

Pasta and tuna salad
50g of wholemeal pasta, 100g of carrotes, 100g of tomatoes, 100g of cucumber, a can of tuna in brine and an apple to finish
373 calories

I medium baked potato or sweet potato with 100g cottage cheese and tomato and cucumber
160 calories

I medium wholemeal roll, 100g tomato, a good slice of 100g turkey breast plus some strawberries and low-fat natural youghurt.
393 calories

rule number 2

write down what you really want!
Writing down your goals is proven to be 80% more successful than just talking about it. When you find out what you really want, go after it with a passion, and then do something immediately to make sure you are on your way and actually doing it, for example buy your new trainers, exercise gear, go for a light walk/run, make a healthy supermarket list, decide not to drink so much alcohol, take steps to give up smoking, anything!!!

rule number 1

be consistent! Whatever you do, whatever method you choose to be fit and healthy, practice it regularly and you will go a suprisingly long way, as long as that method is safe and well designed by a fitness professional