healthy strategies

Eliminating junk food usually goes hand in hand with your exercise programme. You may know by now that fast food restaurants along with most pastries and processed foods contain high amounts of fat, salt and sugar, and usually bad sugars at that. If you’re looking for any kind of performance aims for the week, then you can forget about most of them if you ate a lot of the bad foods, because you’re not going to have much energy to play with, and you’re going to set your body up for putting on more body fat so keep on eating the good stuff.

Another way to get NO energy in your life, would be to avoid drinking water. 10 glasses of water will give MASSES of energy so your choice.

Don’t avoid high fibre foods. Not only does high fibre in your diet help in the reduction of cholesterol, it also makes fats less likely to be absorbed in your body.

Don’t avoid your strength work. The more lean muscle you have, the more your body burns calories, even at rest. Your muscles will become stronger, your bones become more dense, and your tendons and ligaments also become stronger.

You can’t reach the standard you expect of yourself unless you adopt these strategies full stop so let’s use them.


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healthy snacks

Snacks-calorie breakdown
Snacks are vitally important, to keep energy levels up, and to keep important nutrients coming in throughout the day

Fresh fruit for energy-100g usually
Kiwi fruit-29

Dried fruit-to cure a sweet tooth and good for you

Low-fat yoghurts-provide calcium and nice desserts
Natural low-fat-56
Whole milk-79
Low-fat fruit-90
Low fat fromage frais-58

Nuts-50g-for essential fats
Pumpkin seeds-57
Mixed nuts chopped-304

rule number 2

write down what you really want!
Writing down your goals is proven to be 80% more successful than just talking about it. When you find out what you really want, go after it with a passion, and then do something immediately to make sure you are on your way and actually doing it, for example buy your new trainers, exercise gear, go for a light walk/run, make a healthy supermarket list, decide not to drink so much alcohol, take steps to give up smoking, anything!!!