Thursday, 9th January

If you want to get more out of your life, you need to fly higher and there’s plenty of “eagles” who fly high at our gym.

If you mix with people who have deep aspirations to want more out of life, then of course it will rub off on you, you will desire and seek out more, and aim higher because the confidence and self-belief of others can rub off on you.

The members in Emma Williams‘s class are known to be resilient, even after tonights incredibly demanding session tested them to the max. If you join that group, then you are BOUND to achieve great things because the combined spirit and self-belief will lift you up and take you to places you though impossible.

When you walk in the gym door rather than stay in the house and get “cosy” watching TV, then you are already getting your mind in a better place, and the physical benefits are immense too of course.

Think of the 5 people you hang out with most, and that will usually determine the direction you are going in life.

The company you keep is everything, and will give you the opportunity to go to places that you would unlikely achieve only on your own.

Always stronger together.

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