Tuesday, 7th January

Every day you should be grateful of what you have going for you. I have a gratitude moment or a few moments every day.

I loved my opportunities today with all of you, and my goal is to keep everyone happy, but only through telling the truth, because there’s no point telling you that you are doing amazing when you’re not.

BUT I am, and ALL OF US at the gym are the first to praise you when you are doing well, and the first to pick you up when you are thinking about quitting because you can’t make the gym for whatever reason.

We had a great morning, some of you are still suffering from stiffness after christmas, but you are pushing through it. It is a short term discomfort but the greater good is achieved when you are in good to great shape from all the great work you will have put in.

We had an amazing evening too, emma’s class was on fire, and everyone came to do battle tonight, everyone came ready for action and everyone got the job done.

This isn’t just a true optimist piece I’m writing, I am just seeing enormous opportunities every day.

I get excited when you walk through the door sometimes in a bad mood, because I know your mind is about to turned on its head, and you will soon end up smiling and laughing very soon.

If you can buy a pill that makes you laugh every day, it will be a best seller, but this is what we guarantee you.

Everyone needs banter, everyone needs support, everyone needs to feel significant, everyone needs to feel wanted and everyone needs to feel they have a daily opportunity to improve their life in some small way, because its the series of “Small wins” that eventually makes you a champion.

Tomorrow is another day, let’s be grateful of the great opportunity we have again to get better, and most of all be happy.

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