Monday, 6th January

Put down a list of must do’s this year, do it right now.

Then work out which one’s are not possible or likely to be achieved without good health.

Chances are that the entire list will be destroyed. It’s a fact of life that without your health and without feeling good, the whole pack of cards collapses in a heap.

Many of you realise this and you get stuck in when nobody expects you to make it. You get stuck in when it was very easy to go straight home from work and sit in the chair and have food.

Your “must do’s” are on your list because you care deeply about them, they are on your mind all the time and you would be thrilled to get one or more of them.

Having your health, developing outstanding energy, being regularly in an outstandingly positive environment will give you a massive push to what you really want in life, you do know it, and all you need is some massive action more or less every day to bring great things into your life.

Nobody can make it happen for you UNLESS you enter the game yourself and you give yourself a fighting chance.

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