Sunday, 5th January

New Years resolutions are great but they are 99% of the time broken by February. If there’s one thing you can promise to do this year though is keep “having a go no matter what”.

There will be times when you succeed, times when you will fail, and times you won’t feel like having a go at all.

I accept that many things I try won’t have the desired outcome initially, but with some resilience and finding the right approach, I’m going to get where I want to be if I keep having a go.

There’s strong evidence though if you keep having a go, keep REFINING your approach when something isn’t working, then you will eventually get it right. Nobody is good at anything first time, but with experience we can get good at anything and there WILL be mistakes, failures and disappointment along the way.

Listen to people who are rooting for you. Get rid of the people who don’t want you to succeed.

So this week if you have to miss a session, prioritise the very next day because you need to tell those around how important your health is, if they don’t know that already.

If something is important to you, and you TELL people CLOSE TO YOU how vital it is, then they will respect your decision which can bring you a lot of happiness and satisfaction in helping you to succeed.

This week is the start of a year again you dream of changing your life. You won’t get it right first time, but NEVER let a day go by without picking yourself up, and getting back and doing your best again.

Most people give up because one or two things go wrong. Those wanting you NOT to succeed are hoping you quit early to tell you “I told you so”.

Is this going to be the year of incredible change and you nail it once and for all, OR will quit at the first sign of hardship?

This is your first year of NEVER quitting, and doing what it takes to make 3 sessions a week, filling your shopping trolley with good nutritious food that’s going to help you, and finally choosing the friends and family that are really right behind you and push you through any moments of doubt that will surely come.

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