Friday 3rd January

Your starting point this year must be firmly established.

Most likely, you have put on weight this Christmas, your chest may be wheezing and things you used to find easy, you may now find a challenge.

Whatever gets you into positive territory compared to your starting point is a plus. No point being a hero and cutting everything out straight away because that’s not going to last.

Starting by making your workouts a priority is a start. If you aren’t with us 3 times a week, then your health and your progress will struggle no doubt. So if it’s one hour or half hour, anything is better than nothing.

Lots of you will be getting a new shop in this weekend, an ideal opportunity to make a statement about how you want your health to be this year.

If you want to continue having low energy and pain in your body, shop for ready meals, white bread, pop, alcohol, biscuits, crisps, chocolate-your misery will continue.

If you want high energy, pain to leave your body, your body get tighter again, feel good full stop, then please shop for fresh food when possible, shop for leaner produce, wholegrain everything, more fruit and vegetables, frozen fruit for your smoothies, drink more water and get to be earlier.

Remember today must be a line in the sand where you either move forward or fall back on a slippery slope.

Choices are things we all have every day, up to you which direction you want your life to go.

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