Thursday, 13th June

Here’s the standards we set at the gym, we support everyone but anyone who wants solid and impressive results better knuckle down to these rules.

Showing up with a great attitude is number one. If your attitude sucks and you act if the world owes you a living, then nothing’s going to work for you. There’s an old saying “hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard”. Bang on, and be prepared to work or hide behind an endless array of excuses that fools nobody but yourself.

Forget one miracle workout, you better be putting 3 in a week no matter what. Stop pretending that one workout a week is enough because its not. You’d better be lifting weights too if you want to change your shape, get your body hard and healthy, and protect yourself against injury and keep your bones strong.

ANYONE who tells you otherwise doesn’t have your best interests at heart, is likely a cowboy or doesn’t do this for a living or ALL THREE.

You don’t cheat yourself. Don’t pretend that not doing every rep counts because it matters BIG TIME. Whatever you put into your workouts at the gym, you are rewarded with big time results, and we are with your every step of the way to make sure incredible things happen for you.

Don’t complain that you aren’t getting results if you are having takeaways in the week, drinking bottles of wine in the week, grabbing breakfast on the go, eating rubbish for snacks and not preparing your food before going to work. If you rely on petrol stations and convenience stores for food on the go, then your results are doomed.

You will NEVER out-train a bad diet, nobody in history has yet, and you’re not going to shock the world by pulling it off. If you’re eating rubbish, then there’s no way in the world you feel like training in the first place on zero nutrients and energy coming in.

OWN your actions, don’t make excuses for what you know is wrong. REMEMBER we have very high standards and we want to make sure you keep them too, so you are ultimately happier, more at peace with your body and mind and feeling incredible every day.

There’s no substitute for hard work, following a great plan based on science, nourishing yourself properly and seeing your body adapt to an ever-increasing workload.

THAT is when the magic happens, save yourself some time and knuckle down and hit this thing as hard as you can!!

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