Tuesday, 11th June

The value of having someone in your corner.

Anyone and everyone who has someone trying to help them in life benefits. If you have kids or grandkids in School, you hope they don’t get “lost in the system” and someone looks out for them.

Someone who gives them guidance and makes them better, and they learn almost on a daily basis. You want a better life for them, and you want more for them than even you had.

What happened when that conversation comes to you?

Who is battling your corner? Do you thrive on being in our environment when people look out for you, lift you up regularly and are willing to have a laugh with you and make you smile in every session?

How important is this in your life?

You may think I’m a pain messaging you sometimes to get your behind to the gym, but isn’t that much better than nobody looking out for you in any other gym or in life in general. I’m very keen indeed to see you maximise your unique talents.

Everyone wants to feel wanted, everyone wants to feel significant and whether we want to admit or not, we want to know that people around us care.

Loneliness is one of the most cruel diseases. Sometimes all it takes is to let people lift you up. Let people support you and come along for the ride.

Then when you discover that you’re actually not finished, you DO have some real talent and spark left, and you can create a brand new life full of possibility again that is actually fun and pain free, then your mood will lift and you will wonder why you didn’t exercise and look after yourself so well much earlier in life.

Appreciate you have lots of us in you corner, wanting you to succeed and be happy every step of the way.

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