Monday ,June 10th

Yesterday I did something stupid. I played football for the “dad’s” team in my son’s penalty shootout day. I was called on with no time for a warm up, and to be honest I felt good.

Most were walking around but a couple like Lee Stone were running everywhere. I bumped into literally an old adversary on the field who recalled I used to smash him when I played rugby, now he was intent on having his “own back”! He was only half joking I think judging by the way he played.

In the second half, a ball was passed through to me, and my competitive spirit got the better of me and I sprinted flat out to get it. I promptly pulled my hamstring. I knew instantly that serious pain was coming (a hamstring pull is like being shot in the leg), I have had way worse pulls but this still didn’t feel good and I wasn’t 21 anymore.

As soon as I got home, having barely being able to walk, I knew I had to get ice on it for 30 minutes every couple of hours. I iced it 4 times from 230pm Sunday, and then today a couple of times today. I also knew that an early night would only help speed my recovery.

Thoughts went through my mind that I would struggle to teach today. The reality was though that with each icing, the pain eased just a tiny amount, but there was progress.

This morning felt better again, and it eased throughout the day, the more I moved within reason.

This is a great example of dealing with injuries properly and quickly. My business depends me being fit and ready to perform at a high level each and every day, so strategies I have learned over the years I am eager to pass on to you. The fitter and healthier you are, the better our gym becomes.

Those of you live in pain have proved that exercise solves a lot of issues, and moving more can ONLY IMPROVE and LESSEN THE PAIN IN YOUR BODY.

I knew the very worst thing I can do today was not doing a thing. Gradual movement became my friend AND EVERYTHING SLOWLY began to ease.

I guarantee if you don’t move much, if you don’t exercise at all then your pain will only get WORSE. Not only your body but your mind too creating a massive deep rut that can be awful to get out of, until you get in a vicious circle of talking yourself into believing that you must REST all the time which only makes your pain worse.

I haven’t met one person yet who’s life wasn’t deeply enhanced by exercise, both in their body AND mind. You won’t get anywhere unless you continuously take action, continuously seek to get better and keep active, no matter how little you can do that day when you are in pain.

Movement is medicine, never forget it.

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