Thursday, 6th June

“Thanks for today, was close to not coming but so glad I did. Really needed it today.”

This is a message I get almost every day, and they are DEEPLY appreciated. I know we created a state of mind change, as well as a physical change, and here’s one more big thing to think about.

Over one month, how much do those moments add up, when you made your sessions instead of getting a takeaway instead?

Over one month how much do the right food choices make? Flooding your body with the right nutrients is incredible for your body, can you imagine how you would truly benefit from that if done regularly?

Over one month, imagine if you didn’t have someone really negative in your ear all the time, telling you not to even try to better yourself. IMAGINE someone positive pushing to try more, to be more and to embrace your true talents?

I was talking about the power of consistency and habits to someone I have trained for 22 years this morning, as he poured a smoothie for him and his wife this morning, imagine the power of that shake I told him for all these years, all those early morning workouts and the great effects that he had felt in his body and never being in pain.

The value of that can never be measured, as quality of life is of paramount importance. Be sure your habits will create an incredible present and future for you, your choices will dictate everything and the sooner you take full responsibility for that, then everything you want becomes very much possible.

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