Wednesday, 5th June

I see all of you as individuals but I also see us all as a team. Our team fills me with immense pride, and continuously has my brain working overdrive.

We have members who show up all the time and do great things. They love their training, their progress and how it has changed their life.

We have members who come and go, thinking you can train for a bit, change a bit and it will last forever. They realise eventually that this approach NEVER works and exercising is for life, and not for a month or two. They soon realise that short term thinking is an awful strategy, and eventually knuckle down and work hard.

We have members who are deeply supportive, doing an amazing amount of work for all of us by lifting us up, giving invaluable advice even when we don’t want to hear it, and in general making and helping us live much better lives.

Now and again, we have the odd negative member who no matter how much you help, they won’t apply themselves and think they know better. They approach life with the view that nothing is their fault, and everyone else is at fault, and its “someone else’s” fault they aren’t in shape (nothing to do with the 3-4 takeaways or bottles of wine per week though). We let these people follow their own path, because they need to find out out for themselves how destructive their choices are in all areas of their lives.

Our team gives me pride, I’m always on at everyone to do better because we have endless examples of members who are doing super great things. We are always building a great team, and I want our coaches to continue to develop and become better because NONE of us are perfect.

Our programmes are always evolving, and for me we are a BRAND NEW gym every 3 weeks because we put it on the line that often, confident that great programmes bring great results.

You know our values, you know what our standards are, and we really want you to continue to be part of our warm hearted, super supportive team that’s constantly evolving into something better.

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