Wednesday, June 4th

Being an underdog is something we can relate to very much. 

We know the power of an underdog, when nobody thinks you can do meaningful things, when everyone writes you off, when someone doesn’t believe in you that much, then it’s time for your REAL underdog power to be unleashed. When it gets lets loose, your recovery from deep adversity can be staggering.

Before people start with us, sometimes they think how would an “outsider” fit in with us. 

Yes, most of us know each other well after being in the gym for a while and most of us are always in red t-shirts, but we know what it’s like to be an outsider, someone left out of the “clique” or someone who has lost out to favouritism at certain times in our lives. 

In my experience, an “outsider” always does well with us because when you give anyone EQUAL opportunity, they usually do great things without fail. The so called outsider is no more, that individual become part of us, and benefits immensely from our culture of positivity, learns never to give up, and becomes a true fighter themselves like so many of the members we have on a mission to do great things.

We have lots of independent thinkers and creative spirits with us, lots of incredibly diverse personalities who make our culture much richer. 

The more opinions and creative minds, the more people who say out loud what they think if they are passionate in what they believe in, creates a culture of honesty, tolerance and broadens all of our minds to believe in a better future for everyone.

These people I talk about, the underdogs, outsiders, creative spirits and independent thinkers are engrained in our culture at the gym. We know everyone is different, and with time through hard work and patience, these individuals will turn into the unique, inspiring success stories and true believers in what we do.

I passionately believe that if you coach anyone constantly every session, and they show up at least three times a week for 3 months, they will feel so incredibly better, and will start to realise suddenly all the incredible things that they an accomplish. 

If they keep showing consistently for a year, their progress can be staggering both in the bodies and mind. In a year you can embed in someone’s mind habits they can create a radically different, and much more exciting future than perhaps they were prepared to “settle for before they started to exercise.

We encourage you to be different, not giving up on the dreams you had as a kid, is to be very much welcomed, and achieving great things some people thought you couldn’t should be greatly celebrated.

This is what we can all do with enough support.

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