Monday 3rd June

Here’s the value of the kids class I saw tonight and over the last couple of months.

Every child should have the opportunity to exercise, that should be a right. With the kids sessions we do, you know your child will get a first-class session every time. It’s never go to be going through the motions, it’s all about learning new things and developing each child’s ability each and every time.

They are learning to socialise with others with all sorts of personalities, learning to work on their weaknesses as well as their strengths, and learning the value of hard work and the pride that can be attained from overcoming challenges along the way.

From the class that Jamie is running, and the same goes for Lee Stone, I have seen dramatic progress from the kids. I have seen lots more energy from them, I have seen confidence improved as well as self-esteem, and renewed enthusiasm for exercise and most of the kids are excited to see how much they can do each week.

The kids want to show the parents what they have done, and I even saw and heard an army style bootcamp song on the way back tonight, sung by the kids carrying the huge rope between them.

Learning to work as a team, fit into a team, overcoming the nerves to join in the first place are valuable assets your child is learning and will only help them in life in all areas.

New science on kids exercising, and being proven to learn much quicker in school with their new found fitness is hugely exciting.

Concentration levels, moods, and happiness are all boosted hugely from exercise and this will only get better from week to week.

To all the parents, thanks for bringing them and thanks to Jamie and Lee for doing such a great job as coaches.

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