Wednesday, 22nd May

Positive energy is proven to have incredible effects on your health, your wellbeing and influencing your outcomes in life.

Numerous university studies are now showing that someone next to you can detect your energy, whether it’s positive or negative.

I have learned certainly to detect negative energy, to love positive energy and people and their value, and know that a complaining mindset wastes my time and others.

Positive thoughts can lift anyone up no matter how bad a day they are having, positive thoughts can help someone make a remarkable recovery, and a positive person is more likely to be a future leader.

Negative thoughts and energy often kills conversations, atmosphere and hopes. Negativity can stop a recovery before it’s even happened, it can kill businesses and it can turn promising futures into dead end existences.

Here’s a test, work out the stress in your life and its usually down to a couple of negative influences. You spend your life moaning about them, you have more worries about them than anything else, and you daren’t upset those people in case they “say something”, stopping yourself pursuing what you secretly want in life.

I urge you to leave those negative people go. Once you do that, 80% of you problems disappear, giving 80% more time to thrive in life, to let positive lights shine through you every day and just watch your current and future outcomes in life turn on their heads in a mind blowingly positive way.

Can happen quicker than you think, all it takes you to decide to do it and follow through on it.

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