Monday, 20th May

What’s the value of having someone in your corner?

As a society, we don’t seem to socialise so much anymore. Most people don’t go out the weekend, most people stay in and eat or drink or both, it’s a time when many of us in some streets don’t know our neighbours or anything much about them.

So in times of need, in times of doubt, in times of deciding shall we or shan’t we go for the next opportunity in life, shall we put up with a bad situation or make the leap into a more positive and exciting life situation, it’s tough to get advice from the latest “boxset” facing you every night.

Game of thrones won’t be in our corner, coronation street wont give us any answers and having a rant on social media complaining about our lot in life only makes fools of us in public, worsening our self-esteem and self-confidence.

I have experienced so many of you lifting other members up. I haven’t asked you to do it, nobody has told you to do it, you in your kindness of heart and often experience, have been willing to help individuals at the gym out of their dark place and into the light.

This is the true strength of having people around you who care, and we are very well blessed to have so many ENCOURAGERS at the gym, a term introduced by Kay Owen, but it’s a deeply important role many of your have.

If you walk in the gym and someone else can lift your spirit up and make you feel much better, that’s a side to our gym I am deeply proud of.

If you can walk into the gym, and someone next to our makes you do a couple of reps more when you wouldn’t have before, that’s going to be amazing or your long term progress, bringing even more pride and wellbeing into your life which is invaluable.

So next time you are wondering what to do with your problems, will they really get sorted watching endless tv shows on your own waiting for a miracle to happen and pop through the screen, will they get sorted laying on the settee for hours staring at the ceiling or trawling through facebook, or will you simply feel incredible by hitting the gym, slamming a great workout in, and getting inspired by all our encouragers at our place, who really ARE IN YOUR CORNER.

Decide your strategy to get through the trials of life, and make exercise the cornerstone of your plan for both your body AND YOUR MIND .

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