Thursday, May 17th

We go to war again on the new programme tomorrow, and it depends if you want to be considered a warrior or not. Here’s what I mean.

A warrior is someone who wants to get every last drop out of their talent and ability. When the warrior does this, they let go of any negativity, and frustration they have in their life at not being the best they can be.

When you don’t try in life, and make excuses for not making the best of what you have, it secretly makes you frustrated and frustration means unhappiness. Don’t pretend otherwise and don’t talk yourself out of doing great things.

The warrior inside of you will smash all the anxiety that has been boiling up inside of you, all the sitting on the sidelines in life and all that brings with it will disappear.

All the hurt and scars you may have experienced in life needs to be harnessed and can be used as weapons to help you in ah hugely positive way.

All that life experience when you have been written off can be used to smash all those thoughts of negative people who used to write you off, and destroy any annoying thoughts from those who thought you wouldn’t amount to much.

Being a true warrior means you are happy and you have achieved peace and joy within your soul, you speak the truth and say it as it is, you get stuck in and you are willing to try new things, you are willing to tell yourself that anything you may not be able to do today, I WILL do BETTER tomorrow, and the day after UNTIL I get it right.

Big day tomorrow, come in with a great attitude and let’s go to WAR!!!

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