Friday, May 11th

Another week of outstanding work, and this message came shining through to me.

Our culture is outstanding, and it’s not just me saying it. Gaynor Daniels, 73 asked a group of us this morning “is there any where else where we laugh so much, the time goes so quickly and we meet so many new nice people?”. That summed it up for me, and we are always protecting these precious principles.

The kids classes this week were outstanding and tonight too, strong numbers in the classes but more importantly, the culture of both classes is growing by the week.

Kids with all different personalities training together, getting on together and working as a team. Skills they absolutely need in later life but they are already developing them so well now.

Emma’s class has always loyal, hard working, strong principled participants. They know they are in for a tough one, but that’s what they love. They know every session will not only make them look physically better, but get a tougher mindset which applies to their everyday life too. They have learned that sticking at it brings great things into their lives.

Great life lessons we can all benefit from in every single session of the week at the gym.

We know that not every person who comes to the gym is perfectly going to fit in. Our positive, all welcoming attitude won’t work for every single person. Some people are energy vampires (trying to suck positivity out of others), but inevitably they never last with us because we never support a negative agenda. We support anyone who is prepared to work, treat people fairly and be part of our red army.

We welcome everyone on our bus, and it can and has changed lives. Thanks to all of you creating our hugely positive environment because you are all a part of it. We all have a common goal of making our lives better, and living in peace and with great joy, that must be the desired outcome over time.

Get your health right and you get your mind right. Don’t worry about the past, don’t worry about what might happen in the future, give every day your best effort and see how great things can turn out.

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