Monday, 6th May

The way you set yourself up for a week can be the difference between having momentum and dreading the first day of the week.

An amazing weekend for me set me up nicely. Hanging out with hugely positive people, plenty of cycling with the family, nice food out that wasn’t frozen and was home made, plenty of sport with the family, and enjoying plenty of fresh air everywhere, and our beautiful countryside and trails which are truly magical.

This has my soul singing and I’m ON FIRE.

My soul sings when I get results for people and whoever stands in my way had better watch out. I don’t try to ever crush people, I win my argument and my case by giving everyone everyone the truth on what works, and I want to get everyone on our positive bus and loving life.

Your soul will sing if you know you are getting fitter. Your self-esteem will sing loudly if you realise that you are highly capable after all and are seeing results. Your confidence will only go sky high once you realise that you are capable of sticking this for the long term, and it’s the only way to feel incredible in health terms.

Do the things that make your soul sing every day, and get RID of the stuff that causes you anxiety and stress.


Those of you who can’t drink alcohol anymore (even though you enjoy it initially) because of the anxiety and worrisome feelings it gives you.

Those of you who have had their courage to leave “friends” behind because they undermined everything you did that was getting you somewhere in life. The happiness and relief on your face now is incredible.

Those of you who have gone back to college to pursue something that gets your soul singing, I was one myself many years ago.

My soul sings because I do every day what I enjoy, take on what gets me fired up and when when I’m fire, i’m capable of doing things at my maximum ability and sometimes even a bit better than that.

Work out what makes you happy, gets your soul singing and I sincerely hope you are very fired up and ready to go tomorrow with all guns blazing.

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