Thursday, 2nd June

One thing I have realised as I have trained many, many individuals over the years of all backgrounds. When you have your health, you can imagine many great things happening in your life and there’s no rush on anything.

I have also seen people who haven’t worked on their health and let it slip away from them. Once your health goes, then you only have ONE battle, only one thing on your mind and that is to live, to feel well and get out of the awful situation you find yourself in.

The best strategy, and this comes from people I have trained, whether you have 10 million in the bank or you are 50k in debt, WORK ON YOUR HEALTH while you still have the power, it’s MUCH easier that way.

Most of you have plenty of options with your health right now, please don’t waste them. Appreciate the incredible gifts you have and you can still use them.

Your health is a true gift, please only build upon that great gift.

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