Monday, 29th April

Success is fleeting, and NEVER guaranteed to last.

Just when you think you are on top of the world, things get most dangerous. The temptation to stop working is very tempting, and the allure of not working super hard you think is a given because you have got this far already so you must be “invincible”?

Success will come to an ABRUPT HALT if you stop working.

Success will stop and you will fail if you stop doing what’s made you good at what you do.

You will become a shadow of your former self in a short period of time if you forget that “edge” that you have in your mind that made you climb so high.

Every start to the week must be made STRONG by your workout today. Your workout makes you sharper, makes your mind get going and fresh ambition starts to climb out of your sleepy body.

Most people are full of pride when success comes their way, but the ones who achieve long term success are the ones who are willing to put in the work when nobody else is looking.

They are willing to eat right when nobody is looking, they are willing to put their kit in their car ready for their workout when nobody is looking, they are pumping their mind full of positivity when nobody is looking, and they are fighting off the desire to slope off, take it easy and think life is easy.

Being successful over the long term takes you being OUTSTANDING every day by adopting tried and tested habits and strategies that give you outstanding energy, positivity and make you on a mission to get more of yourself and keep growing.

What’s your start to the week looking like?

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