Monday, 15th April

Most people with us have TWO environments.

Environment number is one is usually a supportive family one. Then sometimes when you leave that to work, or just live every day life, then that can change from supportive to one where you are too afraid to do new ambitious things, like change your body and get fitter, because you may feel some “friends” feel uncomfortable because you want something better in your life.

Environment number TWO is our gym. It is well-documented to be ultra-supportive, being focused on getting the very best out of you, and really developing you so you max out your potential. Negativity is destroyed in our place at source, as good things happen daily, and we try to live in possibility and hope every day.

Your environment is VITAL, and will ultimately dictate how your life turns out.

I have seen so many of you LET GO of past negative influences in your life, and your life has exploded in a positive way with nothing to hold you back anymore. I see those of you who do this as HUGE ASSETS to our gym and your incredible success is deeply inspirational to all of our members.

All of us can thrive in a very positive environment when everyone is rooting for us. It becomes natural to want good things for those around us.

Back to environment number one. Isn’t it time you did something about that? Who you hang out with every day is mostly your choice, whose opinions you let flood your mind is your choice, who you let put you off going for great things is YOUR choice.

The thoughts you let into your mind will either making you incredibly positive and resourceful, or shut down all that ambition and talent within you immediately, it’s that powerful.

Don’t let ANYONE stop you becoming all you can be.

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