Sunday, 24th March

Every day has a significant moment.

Today I set out on my usual Sunday run. I planned to go to the cemetery, with possibly Graig hill on the way back.

The cemetery as many of you know is straight uphill and goes on for a while. 90% there and I was close on abandoning my second hill convincing myself this was enough, after all I had ran well yesterday and that hill never feels good.

On the way back down, I bumped into someone in his 60’s. After a brief conversation, he said “you’re getting older mind, better be careful”. I responded that this was the very best way of fighting off old age but he ignited something in me, I was the worst person to tell that.

I suggested he do the same, I was joking but only HALF joking, I really thought he should.

Then this give me a bit of a kick inside. The doubts were still there on my way back home, but like a couple of weeks ago, I felt I needed to attempt at least some of the mountain on the way back I was prepared to skip.

Thoughts came into my head of why I was doing this run, and why I was intent on pushing a little bit more. I thought of my family, and how long I wanted to stay full of energy, and I want many years to do important memorable things in life.

Looking up the hill again, I knew it would again give me a moment of truth and ask some hard questions out of me, and how strong my desire really was.

The deeper I thought of what I really wanted in life, the smooth my running became, my stride became stronger and after halfway, I never thought of quitting.

To be honest, that moment is there with me on EVERY run, I’m always tempted to quit but I really want that feeling of accomplishing something too, which outweighs anything.

We went swimming as a family afterwards, played football before and after the Wales football game this afternoon, and did a little gardening.

Then the Sunday evening run comes up, I’m the one usually nagging but tonight the kids did. So we went and took advantage of the light nights and great weather.

We all felt incredible after appreciating great views up the mountain and to be honest, now I feel incredible and ready for a new week.

What you do always has a cost and reward. The more you push, the more you get. It’s not always fun especially after a few Guinness”s in the party friday night!,. it’s never easy but in deep times of discomfort.

You have to decide whether you want to fight for what you really want in life, or you throw the towel in and laze on the settee and be too tired, which has it’s own consequences on your body AND mind.

Vital moments every day, choose your battles wisely and you have it in you to win every single one of them!

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