Wednesday, 13th March

Be always prepared to make unpopular decisions, I usually have at least one a day, sometimes more.

But at the heart of those decisions are strong principles. Your progress, the future of your health, is something we both need to take very seriously.

I have seen an enormous amount of you do literally amazing things, but I have also seen too many waste their talent, waste their true ability and squander their opportunity to have outstanding health.

If I don’t think you are doing your best, I will suggest that is the case often in strong terms. The truth always works best, it saves time and makes or breaks you, and gives you strong choices for your future. I will never give you a choice that you can’t do, it’s down to you.

If I think you are doing well, I will tell you and praise you to the hilt, and you always have incredibly supportive members to lift you out-we are blessed to have so many supportive, outstanding people as members.

All of you joined the gym to do great things, to be inspired to lift yourself to another level or even several levels. But what comes with this is a price, and we ALL need a self-honesty moment whether we decide we are prepared to work or not.

That price is you digging deep after your “honeymoon” period after your first couple of weeks in the gym. You may realise after your first measurement, that you may not have the commitment in you to keep going.

This is when it takes grit, determination and a decisive moment deep inside you when you realise THIS IS IT. No other chances, no more excuses, no more walking away from challenges, you say to yourself “I’m good enough to do those incredible things too, and this time I WILL stick it out no matter what”!!!!

I’m fully prepared to make difficult choices and ask tough questions out of you. The time has come for you to step up and be a champion or go on the sidelines and watch life pass you by wondering where all time went.

Face your moments of truth and be honest how you want your life to turn out.

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