Thursday, 7th March

A lady told me today that her hopes for the future was to breathe every day. A fairly simple goal, you may laugh, but to many of you, as you get older, it becomes a real issue if you have suffered ill health or battling back from something right now.

I have trained many people who have lost a significant other, and it’s heartbreaking. Then they suffer the inevitable loneliness and we do our very best to support everyone as much as possible at the gym. Our family at the gym is always highly welcoming, we take deep pride in this.

With all the laughter and joking we do every day, I see this side every day, and sometimes most hours every single day.

Picking up people and raising them up is part of what we do. Trust the process of exercise, because the chemicals released in your brain if you do it regular are literally changing you by the day.

Slow to start maybe, but again trust the process and you will become a much more positive person, soon to have a different outlook in life.

This is why our culture is so important. Walking into the gym is highly worrying for a beginner and even weeks after that. We realised the difficulty some of you have getting your kit on each day, getting your trainers on, getting into the car and driving to us.

We also know that MANY of you have done ALL of that and failed to get out of the car in the car park, because you just couldn’t do it. This is natural, and many of you have told me privately about this many times. All we can do is support you because you know once you get into the gym, your mind changes and you feel incredible once you leave.

Appreciate every day that you CAN breathe and breathe well at the gym and on your walks. Appreciate that you CAN exercise and you’re not stuck in some hospital bed or somewhere even worse that you can never come back from.

See everything as an opportunity, don’t waste and throw away even one day stuck on the settee all day, love your ability to exercise, and create a different and energetic future for yourself.

Remember when you wake up tomorrow how lucky you are to be breathing and go from there.

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