Wednesday, 6th March

I deeply respect all of you who are willing to grind.
You have discovered nothing comes easy.
Your progress could be described as like the stock market.
Nothing goes up in a straight line. With every positive step forward you will experience a negative doubt come into your mind. There WILL be zig zags along your journey, more highs than lows and I can’t wait to see how all of your exciting stories develop.
With every notable achievement you will experience some people trying to chop you down, we won’t be that person, we want to keep backing you when times get tough and times when you doubt yourself.
The more you rise from obscurity, often the higher the doubt, and are you going to keep on grinding or not? I want you to show your heart and soul, along with your aggression and fire because you’re going to need it.
Social media has become a fertile ground for “superstars” and the “new me” like stories. Everyone wants overnight success, but the truth it doesn’t exist and never has.
I see people all the time getting the courage to launch their new careers. a new business, a new health and fitness journey, a new life in many cases, and to be honest, I get excited every time I hear a new story because I was there once myself, when hardly anyone believed in me too.
I get even more excited though when that person just like YOU right now is taking a big risky plunge in life. It’s risky to trust a gym to help you when you may have had numerous false dawns before.
We consider a privilege to have you at the gym every day, it’s a wonderful opportunity for us to drill into your mind that you actually are full of ability and confidence deep down, and it’s up to us to get it out, and help you do incredible things.
Please accept that fact though that you need to grind, you need to show up when it’s freezing and wet, you need to show up when you’ve had a terrible day at work, and accept good things in life DO NOT come easy, and your mind will be tested along the way.
Your body will never hold you back, but your mind often will. This is why your workouts can conquer your inner deep down doubts that maybe are holding you back right now.
Learn it’s all about you and the effort you’re prepared to give for the rest of your life. What you put in, you will get out-a simple formula.
It’s a lot of work but the rewards can and will be incredible and life-changing.
Your call.

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