Monday, 4th March

I’m ALL in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
But I’m all in when you’re not looking too, and YOU must learn to be too.
I face a constant battle of the mind JUST like YOU when it comes to daily decisions.
Should I skip breakfast, eat rubbish or eat a good one that’s going to set me up for the rest of the day?
Should I let a negative/nasty comment upset my day, or get into battle mode and destroy any negativity?
Should I keep throwing myself into trying to inspire people and getting them to believe they can do incredible things, or “slack off” and “coast?
Your decisions are similar, and you know by now the moment you do slack off or think you can coast, your impact is going to diluted, your efforts are going to be way less effective and your life is not going to be anywhere near as fulfilling, exciting and rewarding.
This is why your routines are vital. I like sprinting all week and having two days off the weekend. This allows me adequate rest and allows me to hit Monday all fired up and desperate to make a huge positive impact.
This is why monday to friday we should all be ALL in and excited incredibly about the opportunities that we have RIGHT NOW.
4 days left, lets get stuck in and give it EVERYTHING.

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