Tuesday, February 6th

I hate asthma, its side-effects and it brings back bad childhood memories. It’s why I hate the smell of hospitals, doctor surgeries and anything to do with being in an ambulance (no offence to all the great NHS workers at the gym).

I had as a child pretty bad, and I was often in hospital in the middle of the night, and could never sleep with it. I was short of breath all day today, and the cold weather often brings it on.

Standing still is worse for me. Exercising of any kinds helps me enormously, and then it passes a couple of days later.

Many of you have asthma, many of you struggle with it big time on occasions, so I fully sympathise with you.

Your airways are all important. That feeling of not being able to breathe properly is tedious at best, and scary at worst.

Night time is always worst for me. It is colder, and I pray I can get some sleep to wake up feeling rested in the morning.

What is more scary than ALL of this is feeling like this ALL of the time. This can easily be achieved by never exercising, eating rubbish, and not often experiencing fresh air very often.

Struggling to breathe is a basic human need denied, and I’m glad I don’t have it very often. Breathing issues of any kind are hideous, and we should all be glad of the power of exercise to let us emerge from this darkness.

Tomorrow is another day, I know I have only had one day off in 30 years, and that was a half day. First thing I know in need fresh air, I need to listen to a good book, and I know by 9am when I arrive at the gym, I will be VERY fired up.

See you soon,

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