Friday, January 25th

Your mental capacity is usually a huge amount more than you are using. If most humans get to beyond 40% of your brain capacity, then you are usually classed as a super freak according to new research.

We are usually very good at running ourselves down, and accepting the opinions of others, who are not at all interested in us, and definitely do not share our dreams and ambitions.

When someone first comes to the gym, I can praise them on the start they are making, but prior to coming to us, they may have not been used to much praise. They may answer regularly “yes thanks, but I wasn’t very good at that other exercise”. There is always a negative “put myself down comment” to follow my very positive praise.

Some of you may have become conditioned to putting yourself down. Used to not recognising your previous achievements in life, and accepting negative criticism as somehow your new version of reality.

What if you started believing the factual evidence?

All of you who come 3 times a week show a remarkable improvement over a few months. You surprise yourself, and deep down are starting to show some pride in your new found strength and endurance.

Once you start to believe in yourself FULLY, then a vast array of opportunities appear for you to take advantage of. Pride and recognition of ability in your fitness carries over in your workplace and also all your relationships. Your performance should naturally go up in all areas of your life.

So you realise you have this ability, and your next step is to leave your negativity behind ,and put into the past those awful non-factual comments and stories you allowed to other so called friends or colleagues to inflict on you.

Don’t work this hard, building yourself up to get sidelined by negativity, you MUST leave them behind and this time for good.

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