Thursday, January 10th

I meet inspiring, and often remarkable people at the gym daily. They set new boundaries for my coaching, make me work hard behind the scenes, and turn my days into often incredible adventures.

The kind of people ought not to be at the gym if you listen to the general public. They should be “resting on the settee”, their active life is “finished” and people often “sympathise” with, in other words feel sorry for.

They simply “have a go”.

Once you have a go, then your own mental boundaries get expanded in to often mind-bending possibilities.

Anyone reading this who has been through that process of rehab from a dark place knows that I am conservative, but with a series of often many steps, then full mobility, full strength, and full capacity can often be reached again.

The body can come back, but the mind is the main driver. The mind can knock you down, or drag you through kicking and screaming to a new life full of endless possibility and excitement.

Whatever tough time in your life that’s hitting you right now, you need to realise that we have plenty of members who care about you, who have been through the same levels of difficulty or worse, and are dying to tell you the arduous story they went through, not to emphasise how much of a hero they were, but the heroic life that awaits you once you emerge from your darkest hours.

Thursday tomorrow, let’s get ready to work.

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